Our Toronto Farewell Tour continued last night at Ufficio Restaurant with Melissa O’Neil, Dark Matter’s kick-ass commander, TWO.  On this occasion, decidedly less ass-kick and plenty more discussing and dining was on the agenda.  A few of the dishes we killed –

May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss!

Giant Portuguese squid ink arancini, pomodoro & fried basil.

May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss!

Potato crema tortellini with smoked ramp butter & cured egg yolk.

May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss!

Grilled octopus, fingerling potatoes, romesco, salsa verde.

May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss!

Kawaii yo, as the Japanese would say.

May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss! May 20, 2016: Dinner With #2boss!

Our meal complete, leftovers in tow, Melissa jumped on her magical bike and rode off into the night.

13 thoughts on “May 20, 2016: Dinner with #2Boss!

  1. I’m not sure about the squid ink (or the octopus), but it does all look intriguing. I’d give it a try!

    TWO, er Melissa I guess now, is looking great. I hope she’s got some stuff to keep her busy in the “off” season. And Akemi is her normal charming self, of course!

    Keeping pretty busy here lately with planting my lawn for the new house, both front and rear. It’s about 7000 sq. ft. in total so it’s been a BIG job. Now I have to keep it watered since of course now we’re having an unusual dry spell. Rain on Sunday though so that should give it a good soaking.

  2. I got to say, that food looks awesome, but I wouldn’t eat it. Too weird. No one recognized Melissa… or Akemi?? What’s with you Canadians? I think in America someone in the group would be recognized. Looks like Melissa has her hair done for the off season. Pretty.

  3. Looks delicious though I’d be hard pressed to be that adventurous. Ate at a restaurant in Daytona tonight, Carribbean Jack’s. Tag line: You don’t know Jack. Food was delicious but rich. I had sautéed scallops and shrimp in lobster creme sauce topped with cheddar cheese. My friends had a Fish Reuben sandwich, crab cakes with jalapeño potatoes, & a crunchy coconut shrimp salad. It was all quite tasty but after a week of seafood, I’m ready for a good ole cheeseburger.

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Lovely dinner companion, and you are very generous Joe. Poor Melissa having to bike to and fro. Hope she can to well with that goody bag. Until next season then!

  5. I’ve seen them use squid ink on Food Network. Looks cool but does it have a taste or just add color?

  6. @Tam Squid ink has a salty flavor. To me it kinda tastes a little like a slightly saltier calamari. I’m not sure I would care for it served with rice balls in a tomato with olive oil sauce as Joe Mel and Akemi dined on but ya never know? I’ve tried variations that didn’t sound all that good at first but proved quite delicious.

    @Gary How was the refresher course? Get any good photos on this latest NH jaunt?

    Mel’s well suited in her pretty summer blonde curl look and its nice to see young folks taking the initiative to get around locally by bicycle. While I’ve been here in florida I pretty much ride my bike everywhere about town. It’s not only helpful for burning calories but also in mitigating carbon emission. 🙂

  7. I think your influence has gotten to me… I think I’d try almost anything other than intestines and eyeballs and brains. Sadly your love of hot stuff… something seriously wrong with my tongue last few years… sometimes even mouthwash feels like a blow torch. But the rest.. I’d try it.

  8. So, eating squid ink really is a thing. I was really creeped out by that aspect of Squid Girl. It’s still creepy the way she would pass out “condiments” in the restaurant, but at least now I know the townsfolk might have already had a taste for it.

  9. Looks like an intergalactic meal with those cool colors and shapes. Cured egg; gonna have to look that up. And romesco, arancini and pomodoro.

  10. The book club I used to attend regularly (and may actually be able to go this upcoming Sunday) had squid ink pasta once. I passed. 🙂

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