“Captain America is weakest.  He has only frisbee.  And the ugliest mask, and he knows it’s ugly – that’s why sometimes he doesn’t wear.”

– Akemi on Captain America

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

We’re two weeks away from boarding a plan back to Vancouver.  As you can see, Lulu and Bubba are ready to go…BUT will have to shave a little more weight before they’re deemed flight-worthy.  Despite the fact that we’re cutting down on their meal portions and treats, they remain decidedly chunk-monkeyesque.  I suggested we adopt an alternate weight loss plan: weigh them every morning and whoever’s heaviest doesn’t get to eat that day.  In response to my idea, Bubba game me THIS look:

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

NOT impressed.

Speaking of eating, my Goodbye Toronto Tour continues.  On Tuesday night, Akemi and I met up with fellow foodie and Dark Matter Social Media Czar Natalie Cooper for dinner at Piano Piano, home of our favorite pizza in town –

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

The Sweet Hornet: mozzarella, fior di latte, soppressata, black olive, honey n’ chilli.

Also two delicious pastas…

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Caccio e Pepe Agnolotti: ricotta, black pepper, parmigiano

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Pillowy potato gnocci with peas and asparagus.

And, for dessert, one of the chocolatiest chocolate desserts I’ve enjoyed in recent memory:

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Triple Coco Barry 70% Chocolate Cake Chocolate Ice Cream: almond, Maldon salt, caramel.

Today, Akemi and I were walking down the street when I heard someone say: “Hey, you’re Joseph Mallozzi.”  My initial reaction was: “Oh, shit.  They re-ran that episode of America’s Most Wanted.”  But no.  It turns out the spotter, Mike, is a longtime Stargate fan and reader/lurker of this blog.  Delighted, I invited him and his co-worker, Lovella, to Soma for a quick chocolate-tasting.  Their after-lunch office meeting could wait…

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Yep, that is one shocking selection!

Full of chocolate and goodwill, Akemi and I headed up to Queen Street West where we picked up some pork butt for tomorrow’s slow-roast…but not before stopping by Nugateau, Toronto’s premiere eclair-only patisserie for some desert…round 2!

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Left = The Mont Tremblant: 70% single origin dark chocolate mousse, whipped praline ganache, hazelnut praline grains (for me!).

Right = Raspberry Rose: whipped raspberry rose ganache and vanilla mascarpone, raspberry rose & lychee compote (for her!).

Our Goodbye Tour continues tonight as we head out with Dark Matter’s TWO, Melissa O’Neil!  Here are a couple of pictures of her cozying up to the enemy in some BTS shots from our season 1 finale:

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And Fun!

Head on over to @DarkMatter_show for all the behind the scenes visuals!




28 thoughts on “May 19, 2016: Dogs! Food! Fans! And fun!

  1. Well, Bubba and Lulu may be getting down to their flight weight, but the question is after eating all that (delicious) stuff, will *you* be?? 🙂

    Seriously, those are some fine looking desserts. It seems like ages ago that you and Akemi wound up in those first unfortunate accommodations that could be best described as “early milk crate”. I’m so glad you were able to quickly get back to your old/new digs.

  2. Aaw, that food looks so delicious! I can taste/ smell it over here. Need to go find something in my kitchen …. NOW!

    Just before I hunt for something – and talking of dogs, Syfy (UK) are premiering ‘Bitten’ tonight. There’s a ‘Mutt’ who looks mighty familiar…

    Now, what have I got in the kitchen? Ah, a tin of boiled potatoes! Nice … 😒

  3. Food looks delish! I hate goodbyes….memories of family in military. Doggies look ok to me but airlines rule. Speaking of airlines/TSA, glad I’m not traveling via not-so-friendly skies. 😉

  4. Doesn’t seem fair that the pups are dieting and you’re eating your way through Toronto. Just saying….. 😉

  5. Oh my. I think I need some chocolate and pastries. Those are lovely.

    Random update. I still have a wound vac attached. It still sucks, but my wound is much smaller, so making progress. Still have a home nurse three times a week to change the dressing. Appetite is improving, eating lots and lots of protein. I want to go swimming. I want to get up for a drink of water without unhooking a power cord and slinging a heavy little pack over my shoulder. I would love a hot bath. Soon, soon, soon.

  6. U R 2 cool Joe. And now thanks to you and Martin Wood”s and Peter Deluise’s Tweets earlier today I am really craving chocolate. @Akemi you’re too funny. @PBmom so sorry for your loss.

  7. Hmmm…the Sweet Hornet! I’m having a Naples flashback and craving a Diavola!

    And two weeks and back to Vancouver? Tempus fugit! This reminds me though, I really have to put together the menu for our Second Annual Dark Matter Premier Party on July 1st. I’m thinking of making some pizza on the grill and some pork bellies in the smoker (or maybe bacon ends if I can’t find pork bellies).

    Safe travels with the pups! Lulu had some cute grunts on those trans-Canada flights.

  8. I think you should offer yourself to some scientific research so they can find how you can eat so much and not be the size of the goodyear blimp. Wow, 2 weeks to go and back to your home. 🙂 Hopefully you can get the pups where they should weigh without them hating you!

  9. After your “Goodbye Toronto Tour”, you’d better make sure that [b]you’re[/b] not too heavy to fly!

    Incidentally, Barry Callebaut is one of my customers (Pennsauken, NJ and Eddystone, PA). One of our forklifts could have moved that chocolate. It’s a small world after all.

  10. Hilda @Pbmom Hugs. Remember your blog family is always here and will always listen if you need to talk.

    @MaggieMayday. Hang in there beautiful. I know it literally “sucks”. Albeit sounds like your recovery is coming along. You’ll get there!

  11. Morning all! xo

    Incredibly busy here and little sleep last few days but doing my best to catch up on the blog. 🙂

    On top of work projects and starting interviews for the book project,
    The local band that I wrote some songs for last year,
    (who invited me to that scotch n rock party
    I mentioned a while back),
    have asked me to help with the writing and instrumental arrangements
    for their debut album. That was the exciting news
    I never got around to mentioning
    because that pesky alien visitor got in the way of all else.

    That the first studio session is in 4 wks
    I’ve begun the first drafts of lyrics.

    Also have a new ad to pin atop for Dark Matter’s
    7/01 season premiere tweet up.
    Apparently, while the NS101 education team
    is perfectly ok with me promoting DM
    they did not care for the original ad I’d posted.
    I will pin a new, less aggressive sounding ad
    this evening after 6 pm.
    I’m told I can only leave it pinned for weekends
    being that it is not “education” related.
    Seems a fair enough compromise to me.

    (By the way My beautiful blog sibs
    Anyone in U.S. & Ca who has not posted an ad for the season premiere tweet up or RT’d one of our ads –

    Be sure Check the top of our timeline @NewScience101 after 6 pm today and re tweet the ad.
    It’s Time to show Joe how much we truly love and support him and
    * * * * *@Dark Matter-Show! * * * * *

    Lets surprise him with a truly awesome turn out for the tweet up
    twice the size of last years, eh! xo)

    whatever else you are doing and do it NOW please! <3

    ooooh that chocolate looks "shockingly delicious"! LOL 😀

  12. Ok. I got a fun title for your new show, Joe.

    There’s a story that goes with it
    that serves to explain its meaning
    and origin.

    Its definitely a fun story
    but a bit long
    so i will explain it in (3) parts
    to make for slightly easier reading in this format.

    Title idea for your new show ( part 1 or 3):

    A couple decades ago,
    one early morning just before dawn,
    I literally dreamt, in REM cycle,
    an entire science fiction comedy movie,
    based on the theory
    every possible version of ourselves exists
    in parallel dimensions

    And everything we think, feel, say and do
    contributes to creating another version of us
    and has epigenetic affects on our lineage.

    (yes, Its like the themes the shows Orphan Black and
    The Flash are currently exploring in varying degrees
    And all too numerous series including ST, Sliders, SG
    and Haven have touched upon in the past).

    In my dream, however,
    there was that one small twist about unspoken ‘thoughts’
    impacting one’s lineage.

    For example: Lets say you were born
    a blonde caucasion female named Sally Ann.
    Quite high in IQ but terribly nervous, awkward
    and painfully timid in personality,
    just as your great grandmother was
    and her great grandmother before her.
    You were bullied in school as a child
    and never once acted on
    the thought of taking revenge
    or even sticking up for yourself.
    The same went in class.
    You knew the answers but were too afraid
    to raise your hand.
    You wanted that boy you’d been crushing on
    to notice you but lacked the confidence to flirt
    or even dress in a manner that’d grab his attention.

    Albeit, before your
    German, English, Caucasian grandpa from Ohio
    took your Caucasian wall flower grandma
    from Pennsylvania dutch country to be his wife
    He had ‘secretly’ been in love with and often fantasized about
    having an affair with a commandingly beautiful,
    dark skinned, highly audacious
    and otherwise domineering, Jamaican woman in New Orleans
    whom he’d met while traveling on business.

    Therefore one of the alternate reality versions of ‘you’ is
    a Bold, brilliant, black woman who is always
    Large and In Charge.
    When she speaks whatever she says
    is accepted as absolute fact and serves as Marshall law!
    And whatever Sally Ann #2 wants – Sally Ann #2 gets!

    (1 of 3)

  13. Title for your new show (Part 2 of 3)

    In my dream,
    a newly posited theory of entanglement demonstrated
    if you can find a way to create a small breach
    between two of the realities
    some of the traits/characteristics of your alternate self
    would seep thru and blend into
    the known current version of you n vice versa.

    Albeit if the two alternates were to ever physically meet/touch
    the result would be the instant annihilation/cancelling out
    one anothers physical existence and only
    the energy signature of the event would remain.
    (Similar to matter-antimatter collision).

    Also In my dream,
    the two Sally Anns were played by
    Goldie Hawn & Whoopie Goldberg.
    Yup! it was definiitely hilarious!
    I actually awoke laughing aloud!

    Both had a predilection for fringe physics
    but chose to become lawyers to earn a steady living.
    The problem was Sally Ann # 1 (Goldie)
    was always blowing it in court
    because of her painfully awkward, timid, personality
    that lived in constant fear of
    speaking up or disagreeing with anyone.
    This poor dear lost every single case tried.
    Her husband dumped her for a georgeous
    outspoken younger woman.
    She was without offspring. Her only pet angel fish died.
    She couldnt even manage to keep a cactus plant alive.
    In short: she was living a silently miserable, lonely existence.

    Meanwhile it was quite the opposite for Sally #2 (Whoopie).
    Wins every case. Amazingly loyal loving hubby.
    Fabulous children. etc etc.

    (2 of 3)

  14. My Title suggestions from yesterday disappeared.ill see if I can remember

    Stellar Drift
    Blue Horizon

    I hope you find something…or ask Martin Gero.hes good with titles.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Title idea for your new show (Part 3 of 3)

    One afternoon, shortly after losing yet another court case,
    Sally Ann #1 decides to attend the lecture of a physics professor
    who mentions he may have come up with a way
    to physically create a breach between two realities.

    Sally #1 decides to break into his lab one late night and give it a go.

    At first she creates just a pin prick opening. Eureka!
    She starts winning court cases the very next day!
    Then decides to make the breach a little bigger.
    More good things happen!
    Then again a little more ….
    Until Sally Ann #2 realizes what is happening
    and declares
    and sets out to do just that.

    Because it was so comical and had indeed
    played out exactly like watching a movie in my sleep
    I decided, though i do not normally do so,
    this particular dream deserved ‘a title’ to call its own.

    The Title I came up with for it:

    “Preying On A Paradox”.

    Its the sort of title that could only work
    for an off the wall science fiction comedy
    or a live Broadway musical.

    That I’ve absolutely no aspirations toward
    calling Goldie Hawn and/or Whoopie Goldberg
    to ask if they’d like to turn my laugh out loud dream
    into a movie or series
    If your new show idea is destined a comedy
    or heading for the broadway stage
    You are more than welcome to use it and any part of
    my dreams theory. <3

  16. For the record, that not me Joe ran into. I do not live in Toronto. I couldn’t take the winters there. 😉

    Besides, my current appearance is a bit more of a “Duck Dynasty” look, if you know what I mean. (I went as Willie for Halloween.)

    -Mike A.

  17. Stop with the chocolate! I just gained 5 pounds! (Really, don’t stop…I love your chocolate-y posts. Always. Though they do make me jealous at times…)

    Anyhoo…does Akemi’s comment mean you saw Captain America: Civil War? I just can’t imagine you going to a theater, so I’m guessing…illegal download? 😉

    I thought the movie was fantastic. Not 100% perfect, though I’d say pretty darn close. Each character was well-developed, each had their moment – sometimes moments – to shine. The Captain America movies are my favorite out of all of the Marvel flicks, including the X-Men films. X-Men had hits and misses, same with Iron Man, but the Cap flicks have been consistently good. They don’t feel like comic book films, they feel like something more, like they’re telling a real story about real people with their emphasis on character development, but not at the expense of the action one expects to see in such a movie. I think it’s the character development that works so well – every viewer has someone they can relate to in this film, someone who strikes a chord with them. Also, Bucky’s character arc over the 3 flicks is one of the best developed individual stories I’ve seen in anything in recent years on the big screen.

    Just a great flick, and I can’t wait for the dvd release because I’m gonna sit down and binge watch all three, just to fully appreciate all the connections between them and the evolution of friendship.


  18. Also, if you like the story, then I suggest getting Captain America \ Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection by Ed Brubaker in trade. It collects Captain America #1-9 & #11-14, and introduces the Winter Soldier, Brubaker’s creation. I found it to be an excellent, traditional superhero story, without all the cheap shock tactics used in some of the more independent books these days. A solid story, and though it has a few elements that are found in the movies, the story itself for the most part is completely different.


  19. Lucky Mike and Lovella, yet more proof of Toronto’s coolness. Of course two huge coolness points will be forfeit once the pugs fly home. Their expressions are priceless; are we going home now? How about now?

    The pizza looks so good and the éclairs are lovely to look at.

  20. Oh crap. I’m reading posts backwards. So YOU were the one who got recognized??? Not AKemi? Go figure. 🙂

    All that food looks great. I’d eat it all. But I would pass my asparagus on to you.

    Hi Mike!! Which Mike is this?

    @ PBMom – So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Hope your husband and Patrick are doing okay. My prayers for you all.

  21. YUM and YUM. I love raspberry but if I had the choice of both of them on the table, I would have a little of each.

    Thanks for the thoughts @Drea, @Ponytail, and @KathyC Not sure if you are getting followup comments at this point, but wanted to say that. It’s just been one thing after another around here.

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