With the completion of today’s final second unit day of episode 213 (Episode 26: But First, We Save The Galaxy), production on Dark Matter’s second season has come to an end.  We are officially done.  Except for the edits, music, sound effects, mixes, color correction, visual effects, other outstanding post requirements, and deliveries.

I am beyond excited to see the finished episodes and for YOU to see the finished episodes because this upcoming season is going to be UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

You wanted more ship to ship battles?  You got more ship to ship battles!

You wanted more futuristic tech?  You got more futuristic tech!

You wanted more Android?  You got more Android!

You wanted ******?  You got ******!

Less than two months to go to our explosive season premiere!

Prepare yourselves by heading over to Netflix and binge-watching season one.

Or follow my alt. Dark Matter twitter handle (@DarkMatter_show) for behind the scenes pics –

May 9, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s Second Season!

May 9, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s Second Season! May 9, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s Second Season!

Monitor Reddit, both the Dark Matter and Stargate sub-reddits, for goodies and my upcoming June AMA.

And, of course, continue to check out this blog for cool little BTS goodies like this –

May 9, 2016: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s Second Season!

Seriously.  You guys are spoiled!

18 thoughts on “May 9, 2016: And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter’s second season!

  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Only recently discovered this show and I am hooked. Loving your work.

  2. Bring it! Season 2 can’t start soon enough! Re-watching Season 1 again (3rd time) looking for clues…..

  3. @You wanted ******? You got ******!

    I’d be a little worried if there weren’t stars Joe. The Raza would be flying through a void and surely wouldn’t survive 🙂

  4. Hi @David Welcome to the blog. Happy to have ya on board!

    If you’re not doing so already Follow Joe @DarkMatter_show on twitter for lots of really cool behind the scenes pics. <3
    Also, Watch for Joe's announcement for a Reddit AMA coming up in next 4 wks or so and there are going to be some Q n A's from the cast Joe will be posting soon.

    By The Way: We are organizing a massively fun live interactive tweet up between Joe and the fans on the night of the U.S/Ca season 2 premiere. Hope you can join the fun and help getting #DarkMatter dominating twitter July 1st!!

  5. @PBMom Hope you can join us for the live tweet up party this year. Just wouldn’t be the same without ya, beautiful!

    Am gonna pin the live tweet up campaign to our main page @NewScience101 this weekend and do some quiet BTS recruiting of cast and crew to help out so be sure to watch for tweet up invite ads over next couple weeks to RT.

    Hope your cold is easing up a bit. xo Sounds like some DarkMatter Chocolate might be in order eh!
    Yikes! If I remember the ingredients in those bars from last year, correctly? sounds like the ingredients would definitely cure
    up a stuffed up head quickly!

    @Joe M Dont recall if ya mentioned taste testing any of those bars Hilda sent last year before sharing them out with cast and crew?? If ya did,
    How were they?

    @Tam Sending much love to Dr Jo. Hope she’ll be able to head home soon!
    Hope you and Lucy are staying happy and well too! <3
    Did your son mow the lawn for ya for mothers day? or do ya have to wait for fathers day for that wish to come true? 😀 LOL!

    @PonyTail If you're reading this: How'd your dad like his new chair???

  6. Hey Everyone! Fantastik news! Just heard from Patricia @ArcticGoddess. Wind changed directions and weather cooled down so she is safe and didnt have to evacuate. ❤

  7. @maggiemayday 😀 LOL!

    @Joe You did set some of the budget aside to get us, your loyal, loving, adoring, fans and blog regulars fllying cars as our season 2 wrap gifts, didnt ya?

  8. Thank you for spoiling us cause it makes it that much better to love Dark Matter and be so involved and informed. ♥ 🙂
    I am kinda excited and anxious about season 2. I hope it does very good and we get more viewers and therefore season 3 etc. But all in due time. ^^

  9. Drea: No one to mow but me yet. Evan is sick. 🙁 At the dr.’s now.

    Lucy is getting more comfortable in her new home. She’ll let us chase her and then turns around to chase us. It’s almost like I have three cats now. I play with Lucy and then head over to Dr Jo’s in the morning and spend time with her cats, Monty and Phoebe.

    They are getting more comfortable with me too. I’ve given up trying to wash Phoebe’s eyes (the vet tech in me desperately wants to) but, if she gets sick, I have to be able to catch her. Phoebe will just have to live with crusty eyes for a while longer. 🙁

    Heard update from Dr Jo. Radiation ends Thursday! Not sure about chemo. Surgery set for June but they “might” have to take out part of her jaw! Do they have implants/prosthetics for that? I can never complain about my health again!!!!!

    Yay on Arcticgoddess being safe!

    It seems like S2 went by like a flash! Of course, I was just read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    What kind of plans do you have now? How long do you need to stay in town? What kind of life changing decisions have you made?

  10. We truly are spoiled little brats. Jeff and I plan on a binge watch of Dark Matter. I can’t wait to see all the actors and actresses who will be guest starring. I can’t wait to see all the amazing CGI and special effects. I can’t wait to see all the twists and turns to the storyline and thinking I know what is going to happen and being shocked or pleasantly surprised. It truly is a guilty pleasure to watch the show. I appreciate all the cast and crew’s hard work. Since reading the blog I truly gained insight into the hard work that is put in for sometimes just a 10-second shot. It is truly a labor of love. <3

    This weekend is Ironman that basically shuts this city down. I had to send a note out to clients that I was going to be stranded in my subdivision until after all the bikes go through (maybe 9-10 a.m.) so morning visits would be out. I could only get to people north of a certain street but with significant delays. They claim it brings in a lot of money, but they don't consider the revenue lost by the businesses that are on the route that basically see no consumer traffic. Most people who live here decide to stay home and not go out the entire day. I can't even get to another village at all because they will be basically shut down so I had to tell that client if she planned to go somewhere I would not be able to go in. Because of the flooding, they had to change the bike route at the very last minute. There are so many twists and turns to this thing that I can't imagine these bikers are going to appreciate having to slow their times down for all these turns. Well look at here — the athletes ARE complaining (about the shortened route).:


    They did a poll in the paper and 73% of the people who responded said they didn't want it here anymore. But the township has a contract with them until 2025.

    Here is the bike course: http://www.ironman.com/~/media/659f942ea0ce4507b9de3b30b1928a6b/imtexas%20bike%20tbt%202016%20web%202.pdf

    If you look at Grogan's Mill Rd, and then then turn south on Sawdust Rd, and then they turn east on the unnamed road –that intersection has a road that goes down it that is a dead end and has 5 subdivisions down here that will be cut off.

    Right now I have zero clients the whole weekend, so Saturday is my day to sit down and finish my late tax return. I need my refund to pay for this fence repair. Boomer was out there this weekend with Jeff and Patrick (who was in the pool) and he was playing with this patch of monkey grass. Jeff went over to see what was so interesting only to find a very long snake who went after Boomer (who just wanted to play with it). He slithered the length of the back fence, then the length of the side fence and then out the gate (Jeff said he watched). Been seeing a lot of snakes since the flooding.

    There are still sections of our city where the flooding has still closed roads. This was a report from April, but it shows you why it might take 6 weeks before the flooding goes away:


    @Drea Cold is better. Thank you for asking. That homeopathic stuff (Boiron's Coldcalm) is awesome. I woke up Monday morning without any overt cold symptoms, just some low energy and the two 1-hour naps I took seemed to help a great deal.

  11. @TamDixon That’s terrible news about Dr. Jo and the jaw bone. An implant further down the line will likely depend on how extensive the area is and if they think it might recur. They might want to wait for an implant until the cancer is gone. This was a good site to read about it:


    I hope Evan is doing okay.

    You are such a wonderful person caring for Dr. Jo’s pets while she is away. I am sure she is comforted knowing that they are doing as well as they can without herself being there.

  12. How long will the edits, mixes, sound effects, scoring, etc…..take? Only a few days, right? Then you can relax! Thank you for bringing us all along for the ride!

    Great news concerning @articgoddess! Wishing Dr. Jo a speedy recovery!

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