The results are in and this one wasn’t even close.  And you’re winner is…

May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter Season Finale Named!

“EPISODE 26: But First, We Save The Galaxy”.

Thanks to everyone who cast their ballots.  Next season, we’ll (hopefully) have another 13 episodes to title!

Hey, who is this familiar-looking mystery character?

May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter Season Finale Named!

Answers await you this upcoming season!

You’re following my unofficial all-things Dark Matter twitter HQ @DarkMatter_show for your daily dose of Dark Matter BTS photos, right?

May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter Season Finale Named! May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter Season Finale Named! May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter Season Finale Named!

Hopefully, yes, because that’s where all the live-tweeting action is going to take place when the show premieres on July 1st!

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, the Stargate fun continues:

Stargate Memories: Crossroads, Divide and Conquer, Window of Opportunity

And over on the Television sub-reddit:

My Top 10 Desert Island Comedies

Big BIG Dark Matter cast member fan Q&A announcement coming your way tomorrow.  Watch for it!

24 thoughts on “May 4, 2016: The Dark Matter season finale named!

  1. Yes, that’s another positive for me!

    Will you be live tweeting on other premiere dates too?
    Is there a ‘finale’ periscope on the cards this week, before everyone goes their separate ways? 😊

  2. On the “Desert Island Comedies” front, have you ever checked out “Rick and Morty”? I’ve only recently discovered it and there are only 20 episode thus far (2 seasons/10 eps each), but when I saw Dan Harmon’s name on it I had to give it a go. Actually, everyone in my family loves it. And you can never have too many shows if/when you’re stuck on a desert island.

    We’re leaving on a cruise this Sunday, so I guess you can say we’ll be stuck on a dessert island! Time to buy stretchy pants.

  3. Gosh, Jodelle looks so different as a blonde. She looks older (oops, apologies if that sounds rude. Meant as a compliment!) What can this mean?

    Can’t wait for the Q&A announcement.

    So enjoying the @DarkMatter_Show tweets. The BTS pix are so revealing and frequently make me smile. Plus, involving followers in the tweets is brilliantly inspirational!

    Can’t explain why I feel a tad sad that it’s the final few days of live action shooting of Dark Matter Season 2. You guys must be so shattered and looking forward to a well earned rest! Wish you good luck for these final days and enjoy a well earned rest … And a big thank you for all your hard work ….
    I know it’s been said so many times before … but …sooo cant wait for Season 2!

  4. You mean to tell me I have another “niece” who is a blonde?

    It’s scifi, ANYTHING can happen!

  5. Once again in the majority. 👍 Yup, loving the BTS Twitter account. Loving everything you feed us about Dark Matter. 😀

  6. KathyC’s loss is my win! Woohoo! After choosing the losers for most of these titles, at least I ended on an up note.

    Loss the BTS pics. Hmm, that blonde girl does look vaguely familiar…

    I haven’t been able to get into (metaphorically, not literally) Reddit yet. There something about the format of how that site presents stuff that is just off putting.

  7. Do variety shows count in the desert island mix? If so, The Carol Burnett Show would be right up there. Any of the many incarnations of Whose Line, too.

  8. I’ve been catching up on your blogs, didn’t realize I’d fallen so far behind. Health update: came home after surgery, seemed to be doing well. Popped a fever of 103 after being home for less than a week. Back to the ER. Surgery the next day to clear out an infection, very common with gut stuff. Now I have a lovely full time companion in the shape of a wound vac (negative pressure bandage). Home nurses every three days to change the dressing/foam pack. While I can run on batteries, I am often plugged in. I call the little symbiote Snuffles McMaggot the Hoover Dammit. Snuffles because it makes that sound, maggot because it is essentially a high tech dead flesh remover, and hoover because it sucks, dammit. Should take a month or two to heal up.

    I was so freaking close to being well. So close.

  9. Jodelle is pretty no matter what her hair color is!!
    @Tam Dixon, thanks for the wishes, mom is better, fingers crossed.

  10. aww @maggiemayday I hope you are back to yourself real soon! Sorry to read about your difficulties… 🙁

  11. I lost miserably. But the winner is a good one, so no big deal. We did a good job picking the titles this season. It will be interesting to see how you advertise that.

    I think we are missing some Q&A results. Maybe a couple of crew member ones and also Melissa’s.

  12. May The Fourth Be With You!!

    Lost the title choice but stayed true to myself so a “win, win, win” by my book. Who doesn’t want to save the Galaxy?

    Love the “alternate” Five! And you know that I love the BTS pics! Who is Titch by the way? I know all will be revealed!

    Only two more days!!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

  13. Re Desert Island comedies – I’ve debated this with Ivon before. I actually prefer the American version of The Office to the British. I think it’s due to the tv shows I watched growing up, which were more US.

    I do agree with Seinfeld, Curb & Arrested. I would add Fawlty Towers, The IT Crowd, Pinky and the Brain and Soap.

    Cheers, Chev

  14. “EPISODE 26: But First, We Save The Galaxy” Sweet!

    Wow, Jodelle looks so different with blonde hair.

    Re: Desert Island comedies: Friends, without question. The wife and I are on our 4th watch-through on Netflix over 3 years. It really holds up. And Jennifer Aniston.

    @maggiemayday: Feel better!

  15. I think the more intense mystery is not, if that is simply Jodelle in a wig disguise because she on the run from the GA Or if its a Jodelle from an alternate universe.
    What’s really got me biting my nails in suspense is whether Season 2’s Akemi will prove bold, brave, daring and adventurous and inspired enough to match those blonde locks on her own head!????

    Ha! Now ‘that’! would be ‘really’ wild, eh!

    Snuffles McMaggot the Hoover Dammit.

    @Maggiemayday 😀 LOL! <3

    {{{Hugs}}} Hang in there beautiful. The long walk back to health may be slow and painful but you'll get there. On the upside, At least they were able to do the surgery sooner than you previously thought which gives you more time to heal for Burning Man fest. xo

    @Gforce Congrats on the win! I barely picked any of the winning titles this season either. This time was no exception. I voted for the Human Race.

    Of all the winning titles "We voted not to space you" is my fav.

    @Ponytail Did your dad like his new chair?

  16. The title seems fated and fits with the whole season, now all that’s left it so watch and tweet.

    I made the mistake of reading Harlan Coben’s The Stranger, and even though I knew his books start of all innocuous before everything goes berserk I’m still finding my mind blown by the twists.

  17. @maggiemayday: You poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear. I’m probably as far behind as you are (see below for details).

    So last time you heard from me, I was plugging through my tax return to try to get it done on time.

    On April 17, my mother-in-law was moved to hospice. I know, I know. Last time you heard word on my MIL she had neuroendocrine tumor and it was the best possible news. At the beginning of April, she almost died when her glucose dropped down to 25. Jeff’s sisters told us that was actually the third time she was near death for various reasons. She also has chronic lymphocytic leukemia and has had this for years. It is a very slow thing and they didn’t feel any treatment was necessary when she was diagnosed over a decade ago. They met with the oncologist who then said there really was nothing more that could be done. My MIL is down to 85 pounds, is not eating much (toast is the only thing she can eat because she is throwing up everything). At this point, I told Jeff he had to go up and not to delay because he may regret this. I also found out this day that my friend Kate was placed on hospice as her battle for recurrence of her melanoma (now stage IV) was over. Kate was Patrick’s first teacher at his autism school and who I credit as doing such a tremendous job with him in 6 months that his school district was embarrassed at what they did to him in the 7 years he regressed. So on that’s week’s list of things to do were to write 2 very emotional letters, one for Kate and one for my mother in law. Kate wasn’t responding to my requests to come visit, so I assumed things were grave and she was just seeing close friends and family, thus my reason I needed to compose a letter. For my MIL it was just insurance in case I didn’t get to speak with her, too.

    Then I found out I had until April 18th because of some holiday thing in Washington DC. Good thing because I had a super busy pet sitting week and weekend and didn’t get to it. Then overnight from April 17 to April 18 we had a front stall over us that dropped 16 inches of rain in a matter of 6-8 hours (we only got 10-11 inches; Houston got 16 or more). I woke up to 10+ inches of water in my side yard (fortunately my house is entirely brick on that side and didn’t get in the house), my pool and elevated whirlpool was now black as night, what I discovered was a tree that was about 2 feet from my house that got hit by lightning, and likely the storm cell that had the tornado spotted 12 miles from my house blew down my house (the wind associated with the cell, not the tornado). The lightning all night was almost constant–it looked like shock-and-awe bombing. It had started about midnight. That morning we awoke to flooded streets, schools cancelled and I had a pet sit to get to. Freeways were shut down, feeder roads were shut down because everything was underwater. Thank goodness I have emergency plans in place with all my clients and when it looked like I still wasn’t going to be able to get over there by 8:30 we had the next door neighbor go over to care for her dog. The path was clear for my husband to go to work, so once I got back from my attempted trip, I stayed home with Patrick (all schools were closed because of the flooding) and my hopes of getting my return done on Monday (a day I only had that morning pet sit) so I was intending to the spend the whole day with it (I’m about 3/4 of the way there). Nooooo… of course not… Patrick ate up my whole day. I had to file an extension.

    The next day Patrick’s school had school, but the school district here that takes him was closed. I had my choice of driving him 40 minutes over there and 40 minutes back with unknown flooding issues between here and there and just kept him home again. Again, a lost day. We got Jeff a ticket to New Jersey for Sunday the 24 through Friday April 29. That was the time we could get the best price for a ticket that close to the purchase date.

    The rest of that week was dealing with getting permits to get the tree down and the fence done. All said it was about $3500 in damage. But I’m not complaining. Some people lost their entire homes and many did not have flood insurance. An area 2 miles from me that flooded badly still looks like a war zone; I went past it on Tuesday the 3rd. All of people’s belongings (furniture, flooring, Sheetrock, personal belongings, etc., are all out at the curb for the trash collectors to pick up. There are repair people all over the place.

    Friday the 22nd was our first person-centered planning meeting for Patrick and his future. Five people from the school district; Jeff and me; Jennifer, the director of Including Kids, Patrick’s case supervisor, and one of Patrick’s teachers; 2 people from Patrick’s agency where he might go into a group home with; Patrick’s state agency caseworker, and Patrick’s in-home trainer. So I guess that is 14 people in a room for 2 hours starting to build a plan for his future after school. I started hyperventilating before I even left the house (Jeff and I had to take separate cars because I had to go work after this meeting); I was shaking like a leaf; I was sobbing. I felt like I was going to Patrick’s funeral. In a way I am. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Patrick is going to regress once he leaves school because they don’t have staff for the level of need for him and this state doesn’t recognize that he needs more help. The case worker told me that basically I am going to have to let Patrick completely fall apart in order to get the highest level of assistance from the state. What is WRONG with legislators that I have to let this happen to my kid? The same thing was true for school. He completely fell apart before I got him the help he needed at this fantastic private school. So that was depressing.

    Saturday was a highlight — Patrick attended a special needs prom. I have pictures on my FB page. Jeff and I volunteered that night. Of course I cried happy tears that day. We got a corsage for his prom volunteer. There were over 100 special needs teens and adults attending, 100 volunteers with them, and 100 more volunteers doing other things behind the scene like Jeff and I.

    But Jeff had to get up at 3:45 a.m. to catch his flight, so at this point I was on solo care with Patrick that week. We had another storm blow through with tornado circulation 3 miles from me and I have a huge branch laying in an area where it will be a safety hazard to the fence people when they get here.

    Exhausted yet? I am.

    Monday April 25 I found out that Kate passed away on Saturday night/Sunday morning. The service was going to be on Friday the 29th but I wasn’t going to be able to go. The whole week was work or caring for Patrick. Tax return is still not done.

    Thursday, the 28th I got to have a 3 to 4-minute conversation with my mother-in-law that breaks my heart whenever I think about it (like now). I could tell she was having trouble just talking to me for 4 minutes. I told her things I should have said a long time ago (like her being more of a mother to me than my own mother was). At this point, my mother had only been that for 24 years (and really only involved in my life for 14 of those 24 years; my mother-in-law was in my life for 26 (if I include the dating/engagement period).

    Friday the 29th we were potentially going to get yet another storm front that was set up for a similar problem as the April 17/18 storm–they were afraid it was going to stall. We’ve gotten rain intermittently between these two dates and really every little bit just causes our roads to flood (and my yard). Fortunately that didn’t come to pass. But Jeff’s flight got delayed and he didn’t get home until really late Friday night. Then work that weekend, then teacher appreciation week is this week and every day I’m doing something for that. Tax return still not done. And there is still major flooding in the west/northwest areas of Houston (doesn’t affect me but I feel so badly for everyone there).

    And here we are. We don’t know how much longer she will last. She can’t eat much. What was wonderful was that all the kids came in and for at least a few days, she had all her children there at the same time.

    So that is why I’ve been very absent here. We don’t know how long my mother-in-law will be alive, but Jeff will go to the funeral (by himself this time; the family trip up there with Patrick when his father died was just too much, especially for Patrick). And right now my spine is so messed up I don’t think I could tolerate a plane flight.

    You would have liked Kate, Joe. She was a maverick and was a pug lover. She was fearless. Thus the hashtag #LiveLikeKate was created. I was blessed to have known her. There wasn’t anyone that wasn’t affected by her, even strangers on the street. She just had that way about her. 🙁

    Our fence is still down and I have to take Boomer out every single time because he is trying to jump on it to knock it completely down. It may be 3-4 more weeks before it gets done. There went out tax return money. We had been planning to use it for an irrigation system and landscaping this year, but instead it went to the tree removal (a tree that was 54 inches in circumference at the base) and fencing.

    Gawds! I’m ready for some Dark Matter. I need an escape. But speaking of escape Jeff asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I said after my morning pet sits, my day was free and I wanted to lay in bed, get caught up on things on my DVR and not think of anything that still needs to get done. I need a veg-out day. I plan to get caught up on this blog then.

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