It’s official!  Dark Matter returns for its 13-episode second season this summer. When exactly?  Well, it depends on where you live…

April 29, 2016: Announcements!  Season 2 Premiere Dates!

On SyfyUK: Monday, July 4th

On Syfy in the U.S.: Friday, July 1st:

On SyfyDE in Germany: Monday, July 11th:

On SpaceChannel in Canada, Friday, July 1st:

April 29, 2016: Announcements!  Season 2 Premiere Dates!

And more to come!

Another official announcement of sorts.  We have a new episode title.  The voting on this one was surprisingly close and the only time this season that all of the choices were in contention until the final hour or so.  And the winner is…

April 29, 2016: Announcements!  Season 2 Premiere Dates!

Thanks to all who participated.  You’ll get a chance to vote on a title for the season 2 finale next week!

26 thoughts on “April 29, 2016: Announcements! Season 2 Premiere Dates!

  1. Premiere date is marked in my diary – 4 July #bringiton

    That was a close result. I missed out on this one too!

    Question – Do you have any Season 2 soundtrack snippets to share? 😊

  2. Yippee! We have a premier date!
    Counting the weeks, the days, the hours…

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


  3. YES! so excited for the show dates. and alas my selection did not win. Guess we cannot win them all.

  4. I can’t believe it; I cannot remember which title I voted for. Ugh. It was either the first or third.

    So excited about the premier date!!!

  5. Super happy its Friday. Though there’s more of a wait to see how well said episode has done though.

  6. That will be a very nice Bday present only I’m gonna be at the beach. I’ll be in a house full of 7 adults & 6 children and probably won’t be able to wrestle the remote away & change the channel off ESPN. Thank goodness for the DVR. I might be able to catch a “later” showing.

    Honestly, I liked all the title choices so not disappointed that mine didn’t win.

    SyFy Friday is back!!!

  7. Yay..another winner! 3-1 🙂 Congrats on the July 1 premier of Dark Matter S2 in the US. I still have to pre-order S1 so I can binge watch.

  8. I have missed so much here, staying with mom a few weeks dues to health scares, better now. home soon, bad wifi(if any) here. Glad to see start date for Dark Matter, will be marking the calendar, thanks for all the updates.😎

  9. Hehe Drea yes I did win the Premiere bet & no Randomness it wasn’t predictable as they could have moved it or had filler for a week. I predicted it fair & square. 😊 Not sure what I win… Probably just bragging rights for today… That’s OK.

    I asked SyFy Australia when it was premiering in Australia. They liked the tweet but all I heard were crickets… *sigh* I’ll let you know Joe as soon as I hear.

    Hope everyone is well. I had back to back PT sessions the last two days so my muscles are a bit sore.

    I found a dog today. I contained him until the council could come around and scan him. He was microchipped but the contact details weren’t up to date… Hopefully they manage to track down the owner. Poor little thing was scared, wanted to go home 😢
    I’m glad I rescued him from being hit by a car though.


  10. Phew! I too, was concerned, Duptiang!

    Tis great news re Season 2 start dates
    So now we start the count down ….

  11. @Chev Syfy Australia premiere date is July 2.

    Hope the council is able to locate the pups owner. Did you get all the prep work done for the landscaping?

    1. Thanks Drea! Cool huh? I hope so too. About to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see if there are Lost Dog signs. Haven’t finished all of the prep as its been raining, however I powered through the laundry clean-up and got all of my painting paraphernalia organised.

      Cheers, Chev

  12. hey, joseph, when you are going to move the whole production down to Vancouver? I know you wanted to do that from day 1 but now it’s season 2

    Also, when are you planning on visiting japan again? 😀 Those japan trips are amazing to read about!

  13. @bambamfans

    Congrats 🙂

    I do remember reading a comment from you predicting the July 1 date.

  14. AIrelle: Hope your mom feels better soon.

    scifigirl2016: If you have Netflix, you can binge watch DM now.

    Bambamfans: You’re a HERO!!!!

    Three in a row for titles! Woot!

    July can’t come too soon for me.

    Maximum Security Gen Pop – Hardened criminals only! Woe, those are bad ass criminals. 🙁

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