April 23, 2016: Dark Matter Goodies!  And Planning Ahead!

April 23, 2016: Dark Matter Goodies!  And Planning Ahead!

April 23, 2016: Dark Matter Goodies!  And Planning Ahead!

The construction of the “big metal mystery doors” – Dark Matter, season 1.  Just a few of the BTS pics I’ll be uploading on a daily basis over at my dedicated Dark Matter twitter account (here: @DarkMatter_show).  Tell your friends!

Also, bonus pic!  Alex Mallari Jr.’s (FOUR) very first costume fitting:

April 23, 2016: Dark Matter Goodies!  And Planning Ahead!

All smiles.  Little did he know what he was getting into!

Well, a little over two weeks to go before we wrap production on Dark Matter’s second season (and, from what I hear, about a week to go before they announce our premiere date), and as most thoughts turn to post-production, MY thoughts turn to season 3.  Whereas the show’s first season was a slow-burn mystery, season two promises to be a more action-driven, SF-laden, VFX-studded extravaganza.  As for season 3 – well, as I said from the beginning, I have a 5 year plan and I’m approaching each season as if they were instalments in a book series, with their beginnings, middles, and ends.  Specifically with regard to season 3, I’ve got the season-long arc, the character arcs, the individual narrative arcs, and the 13 episodes.  All that remains is the heavy lifting – sitting in a room for three weeks and beating out the stories.  We’re aiming for mid to late June and, as usual, you’ll get access to all of the behind-the-scenes action: placeholder titles, lunch orders, and all!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  We still have a second season to complete!

Here’s a little something from Kelly Diamond and the playback gang – Marcus Boone’s mugshot in the G.A. database:

16 thoughts on “April 23, 2016: Dark Matter goodies! And planning ahead!

  1. The BMD! Oh, what crazy secrets will we find behind it this season? I can’t wait to find out!

    Aww, THREE looks so innocent in that mugshot. I can’t believe he’s accused of murder, assault, kidnapping and piracy. All a complete misunderstanding, I’m sure.

    Also, he’s not permitted to carry firearms? I wonder how long that will last. 🙂

  2. That mugshot is great. Looks like he’s flipping them the bird with that look! Can;t wait to hear the premier date for S2! Really liking the new Twitter account. If you see @evilnut replies & retweets, that’s me! And now talk of season 3 being all planned out & 4-5 already thought of, I don’t know if I can take it!

  3. Appreciate the throwback pictures! Three’s mugshot is classic, sort of a “bite me” look. Not permitted to carry firearms under any circumstances – yeah, right. So much detail with probably only a few seconds of viewing. I love “the big metal mystery doors”. Will we ever have a time when we see the crew blow torching open all those containers. After being locked in there in Ep 11 I’d want to know what’s in every container. Of course the crew was busy…

    Alex is so darn cute in his Four costume. Love the hair and the smile.

  4. Cool mugshot! I wonder if you could pick random viewers and insert their picture in a mugshot? I’ve seen something similar during other shows. Mull it over. It’s a freebie. 😀

  5. “All smiles. Little did he know what he was getting into!”

    I’m sure being on Dark Matter has surpassed everything Alex dreamed it would be. I think he is pretty awesome and perfectly cast. As is Mr. Boone and the rest of the cast.

  6. @PonyTail Hope the watermelon was tasty and ya save some for us! xo

    @DP Excellent job on the app! Very clever and cool .:-)

    @Tam ( posted this reply by accident under yesterdays blog. Didnt realize Joe had just posted today’s blog entry when i hit the post comment button.)

    Loved da kitty pic, thanx!. <3 Find it amazing how a single black cat 'on' a closed ladder can still manage to look more devious and maniacal than a hundred black kitties 'underneath' an open one! LOL! 😀

    Poor Ralph.😦 I do hope he’s ok after next surgery. Still cant imagine how or why he could have swallowed all that stuff in the first place!!???

    Yeah -I kinda figured its to be expected Jo would be sleeping an awful lot with the new treatments. Hope she gets her giant card from me this week and it cheers her up a bit. xo Mail service in this part of Kissimmee is not the most reliable, so sometimes it takes weeks for mail to reach its destination.
    (I also ordered a smaller fun card online that shipped directly from the american greetings store just in case…)

    Speaking of Kittieeeeeeeeees

    @Joe You never did tell us if Jodelle got her way with having a space cat mascot this season??

    @Maggiemayday Sending warmest hugs n healing energy your way. Hope your surgery went ok ❤

  7. Nice graphics, Kelly – Boone’s expression ‘yeah, whatever!’ And, origin unknown on the warrant – so, who issued the warrant? Also, lots of numbers, abbreviations! There’s definitely a story there!
    So much detail that will get a fraction of screen time but it’s the little things that add impact to the scene, story 😎

    There’s still lots to find out about what’s behind the big metal mystery doors, that room was chock-full of all sorts, all leading to a potential episode arc.

    Season 2 premiere dates…..👍

  8. I can’t wait for the season 2 dates! One more week, I can make it.

    Off to consumer more coffee…sleepy this morning.

  9. OK are we placing bets/guesses for the premiere date? I say Friday July 1. That will give about 3 episodes before SDCC…. What does everyone else think?

    Mugshot and BTS pics look awesome…. Do you have any photos you can crop and we have to guess what or who it is from Season 1? That might be fun.

    Sending positive vibes to Narelle for Ralph and MaggieMayDay.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. I’m curious how season 2 is going to handle the new autonomic nervous system illness as I know a number of people who deal with the typical kinds. I think it’s telling you did your research that you blatantly threw the word “lethal” in there because the typical kind often varies between ridiculous problems and disabling but it rarely crosses the lethal line.

    A bout of the stomach not emptying would be just long enough to be a bit dehydrating but not starve you and you might need to quit coffee to avoid withdrawal. Someone who passes out when they stand will wake back up when they hit the floor. Someone whose gut misinterprets the amount of sugar in a meal might sugar crash badly but can learn how to sneak in carbs and the body has backup plans to deal with an acute episode. Body temperature problems usually stay in a survivable range. Then there’s a condition known as river pits. These things impact quality of life, but are rarely fatal so I imagine the fatal kind would involve such things taken to the extreme or the body’s backups not kicking in.

  11. BMD picture #3 from Season 2, no?

    Love Four’s photo. Sooo innocent n amiable looking, isn’t he?
    Would love to see the rest of the Raza crew’s GA mug shots …

    . Season 3 … Yeah, baby!!! …. bring it on!

    Oh … (gasp!) …. Need … to sit … down now … hyperventilating!!! …
    It’s ok … good thing … honest….

  12. @I have a 5 year plan

    So what happens if Season 5 does well enough for renewal? Wouldn’t that be a 5 year + 1 plan? lol. I really would love to see a situation like that, but one season at a time I guess.

  13. Love the attitude in Marcus’ mugshot; yeah, they’ve arrested him him but he could not give less of a damn.

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