The Dark Matter season 2 episode titles you, the fans, have chosen to date:

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”
“Episode 15: Kill Them All”
“Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”
“Episode 17: We Were Family”
“Episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”
“Episode 19: We Should Have Seen This Coming”
“Episode 20: She’s One Of Them Now”
“Episode 21: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”
“Episode 22: Going Out Fighting”

Now, here are the nominees for Episode 210:

Cast your vote!  Polls close in 24 hours!

Speaking of voting, here’s a look at another little something you all had a hand in selecting – the design of the Reynaud destroyer.  What follows are three different looks, initial models and tweaks:

April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!


April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!


April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

April 20, 2016: Choose A New Dark Matter Episode Title!


To address scaling issues, VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and artists Brendon Morfitt and Craig Van Den Biggelaar of Darkroom Digital Effects  textured the ship with a broken-egg-shell look, giving it a nice parallax between layers and offering up the ability to glimpse some of its inner gak.

Pretty cool, no?

23 thoughts on “April 20, 2016: Choose a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. Not pretty cool – very cool. You should always show off your inner gak.

    I picked “Just a Machine”. It’s not my favourite one of the three, which means it’s more likely to actually win. Although, it’s a close second to my preference, “Take the Shot”, which has more punch to it (so to speak).

  2. My inner TOP GUN is screaming to take the shot, but this is DM and we have whole other set rules here! VOTED!!

  3. Voted!
    Three good titles, found it tricky to choose on this one!

    It surely can’t be too long now until the air dates are announced?

    And, definitely very cool designs 👍

  4. Those ships are amazing! Can’t wait to see them in the episodes! Going for 3 correct in a row on the episode titles….

  5. The only thing I would change about the title I chose would be to add a question mark at the end of it (yes I chose the first one). Admittedly, I am using the sides I read earlier on this year make that decision for me. It seemed…..appropriate for the situation.

    (and if you read that last sentence in the voice of Android without being prompted, awesome! Otherwise, go back and do it!)


    Re-rendering my animation final project to submit tonight. Will make more sense with the final edits, and yes I promise I will post it someplace or other, maybe even around here, haha….

    Have a great week!

  6. Yep, I put in my vote as usual. “Just a Machine” jumped out at me. I like the titles that seem to be character centric I guess.

    Also love seeing how the Reynaud destroyer is coming along. Thank you Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and Craig Van Den Biggelaar for doing such a amazing job! I was worried about how this one would turn out. It’s a tricky shape to make work with those gun turret sections cut into the hull. I’m looking forward to seeing the final result on the show.

  7. The ship design looks great Joe. I’d love to see a smaller one man fighter type ship. It’d be kinda cool to see the Raza + Combat craft vs whomever. I think in space battles smaller fighter craft are quite valuable, as you did with Stargate.

  8. Love the destroyer – looks perfect! I voted too; on a losing streak, so we’ll see what happens with this one.

    On a personal note, my “baby” just submitted his deposit for college a few minutes ago. Is it too soon to start crying? He’s leaving me!

  9. I voted for “Take the shot”. Sounds like a story is behind that statement.

    All the ships look great!

  10. Pretty cool, yes! Layers & texture give it depth & character. I’m a firm believer that “ships” have their own personality. For example: the USS Enterprise, the Millenium Falcon, Serenity, Moya and of course the Raza.

    Another great round of title choices. Went with “Take The Shot”. Let’s see if I’m back on track, had a few misses lately.

  11. I voted “Just A Machine”. I’m hoping we explore the Android programming. I wonder if she will be re-programmed by Galactic Authority. Those that dismiss her as a machine will be sorry.

    The destroyer looks awesome… Now with extra gak (is that an acronym Joe?)

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Take The Shot. This may be only my second loss because those are all good titles. Tough decision.

  13. …and a little something that’s irrelevant and in no way as good as any of the special effects or digital animations happening in “Dark Matter” but even so, I’m a bit proud of it, lol…

  14. Voted.

    Unfortunately, couldn’t seem to decide between Just A Machine and Take the Shot so i decided to take a shot at both. 1st I voted on my phone, then again on my lap top machine. , Ah but what can I say eh?
    I’m just a silly little greek-science geek-dancing-voting machine!

    The destroyer turned out beautifully. Cant wait to see the final result in the episode.

    @Jon H Thanks again for all your work on the wonderful new designs for season 2. xo

  15. Since I’ve been hurling veggies at zombies for a solid week in PvZ I’m gonna have to go with Take The Shot, just hope that muzzle isn’t aimed at one of our beloved crew members. I like Just A Machine too, can’t wait to see these eps now.

  16. OMG! Joe! Your gonna LOVE this!
    Was browsing online looking for some fun cuff links to gift to a gentleman friend and came across these.

    Ha! I absolutely double!!, tripple!!!, quadruple!!!! dare ya to order the whole set and wear it all the next time you have any difficulties with any production and need to have a ‘clear the air’ chat with someone.

    This way, – if things cannot be satisfactorily resolved in that ‘sit down’,
    Instead of verbally threatening legal action
    – You can just calmly say

    “read my tie clip”. 😀

  17. Yep, those ship designs are rather slinky and definitely cool. Can’t wait to see the Reynaud destroyer in action …. sort of … not against the Raza, ok?

  18. Darn, did not see there was an election for the latest episode title until this afternoon. So I was unable to vote. The election was fixed, fixed I say!
    The ship looks cool, bet it will look cooler on screen.

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