We kicked off the day with our Episode 212 stunt meeting.  It mostly involved director Will Waring, stunt coordinator John Stead, and me debating the merits of various daggers.  With that done, I left the blades behind (despite my better judgement) and headed out for a two hour clear-the-air sit-down during which I watched a heavy-set customer beside us consume an entire family bowl of breakfast chicken tenders.  From there, it was back to the production offices for a quick lunch, then cross town to Urban for an afternoon of cuts and corrections with editor BenWilkinson of Episode 209.

April 12, 2016: Daggers, Dark Matter, And Drones!  Ask Melissa!

While I spend my day in the relatively warm confines of civilization, Ivon was out in the wilderness of Rockton, overseeing production on Episode 211.  Apparently, the snow-encrusted forest looked absolutely gorgeous this morning…

     April 12, 2016: Daggers, Dark Matter, And Drones!  Ask Melissa!

Then downright miserable when things warmed up and the surroundings turned into a muddy morass.

Meanwhile, there was a little dronery going on as captured by Ivon Bartok (he snapped the above pics as well).  What’s the deal? Well, it won’t be long ’til you find out!

April 12, 2016: Daggers, Dark Matter, And Drones!  Ask Melissa!

Speaking of Things To Look Forward To – Dark Matter’s TWO, Melissa O’Neil, will be doing a fan Q&A on this blog.  If you have a burning question for #2Boss, post it in the comments section.  You’ll have until Wednesday night!

On a non-Dark Matter-related note – If you liked this commercial:

You’ll love these outtakes:

Finally, back to Dark Matter, let me leave you with this:


22 thoughts on “April 12, 2016: Daggers, Dark Matter, and Drones! Ask Melissa!

  1. Haha those outtakes are great!! Thanks for sharing that.

    Well, since Ivon was on location, he’s not the person behind your crypticness. I hope the sit down was productive.

    Now I want a cookie. What goes with peach sangria?

  2. That article you quoted is odd Joe. The Librarians isn’t a Scifi series, it’s more fantasy/adventure. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t mention The Expanse. Not sure how many people here have seen it, but it has that crazy high budget look, but the ratings were quite poor.. Honestly I would call this series more underrated than SGU, both are great shows that just didn’t get that huge audience they deserve.

    This scene was quite amazing. Syfy uploaded it to their Youtube channel.

    The Donnager was a great ship. Sigh. Anyway, I wonder what Dark Matter would look like if it had a budget like The Expanse..

  3. C is for cookie – that’s good enough for me!

    Any day that has cookie monster cant be all that bad, eh. 🙂

    Albeit What was up with the “2 hr clear the air sit down”?
    Still having differings with the powers that be??

    {{{Hugs}}} Hope you are able to work out any difficulties soon. <3

    As always, please know we will stand by you no matter what decisions you make regarding current production.

  4. Working on my Knittens greenscreening edits tonight, I have roughy 350-400 individual shots to go through to prep for the final animation. Hoping the plan for the animation works out!!! Also, hoping my questions for Melissa were alright 🙂

  5. Good thing you did not take those daggers with you or else you might have been tempted to use one. Sounds like you are having some trying times my friend. At least you were spared a walk in the snow and mud. Looks cold. Here in Tn we are having our “dogwood winter” but at least everything is green or blooming.

    Love the comparison photo from page to screen for Two. I find it interesting that the genders for Four’s comic character and the Android’s comic character were switched. I can’t imagine anyone else portraying those characters.

  6. Hey! The next time I see Ivon we’ll need to talk drones. Is that DJI one of the GPS stabilized ones?

    I’ve been designing GPS Autopilot boards for a number of the quadcopter manufacturers. I can’t say which ones as the products haven’t launched yet (pun semi-intended). There is some amazing stuff coming though…especially in the area of gyro-stabilized optics and super accurate GPS enabled position hold; even autopilot following via a local beacon on the target. Film making is about to become very dynamic in ways that I’m only beginning to understand. Exciting times!

  7. @Randomness We like and really enjoy the Expanse. It has been renewed.

    Yeah, with the others, hoping the clear the air thing went well.

    My daughter is looking to add a Samoyed to the family. They cost a lot, few within even 6 hr drive in rescue (though with our problem-child basenji, we need a meet and greet time to see if they get along). Any dog looking being done in your house lately?

  8. Two hours is a lot of air to clear… I hope you were able to find a good resolution. Maybe everyone is stressed towards the last few weeks of filming and with nothing of Season 2 aired yet everyone is feeling anxious.

    I found an article a couple of weeks ago that shared Canadian stats for the show that the viewers increased throughout the season as more people discovered it. I think with people binging on Dark Matter on Netflix you should see a steady increase. With perfect timing of the Season 2 trailer and social media promotion to make sure everyone knows when it starts of course. Will the trailer be released at SDCC?

    I thought you had fake snow machines just in case the real thing melted?

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Aah. Me like Cookie Monster 🍪🍪🍪
    Can Cookie Monster be in Dark Matter?

  10. Seeing a number of Dragon con announcements for most of the cast at the Sept convention….sooooooo cool. 2015 dragon con attempted a panel but the panelists seemed to be very uninformed. Many in the audience seemed to be more in tune with the Dark Matter happenings. After the panel I sent inquiry request to include Dark Matter in 2016. Sorry I did not ask you first. But figured it is easier to beg your forgiveness after the fact.

    Have not seen announcements for 1 or 2 yet…but they got 4, 5, 6, and Android. Weeeeeeee.

  11. JeffW: What language did you post in? 😉 Happy Birthday!!! It’s my brother’s b-day too.

    Drones are becoming so common now. It’s like Science Fiction is coming to the present. Although, I bet if they had used a drone on the missing boy last year, he might have been found alive. Poor little 2 year old died of exposure while the search teams were looking. Took 2-3 days to find him. 🙁

    Ponytail: You’ve been posting more often. Does that mean your parents are doing well?

    It’s lunch time and I’ve fit a whole day of activities into it already. The rest of the day should be catching up.

    G’day All!

  12. @ Randomness – Love Expanse, with one of my sister’s prodding I kept watching and it is amazing, I realize now that Belter slang and the huge mythology had me lost at first.

    Questions for the super awesome Melissa, pre-mind wipe Two is a scary and tough lone wolf, while post wipe she seems more empathetic and collaborative. Do you think Two looks at this new found empathy as a bonus, or does she still want Six’s guts for garters?

    Two left the casino cash behind; when it comes to the score or saving lives she seems to value life more. What do you think that says about her synth origins? What do you think informs Two’s code of ethics?

  13. ooppsss I misspoke have not seen advert for 4 – but I thought I did and cannot find it again..sigh.

  14. Question for Melissa: “If you had not pursued your well deserved success in the entertainment business, what other job would be your dream job? What do you think you would have ended up doing?”

    Yes, two hours is a lot of air to clear – it must have been pretty stuffy. Does that relate to the “all pieces fitting together” early morning epiphany of earlier?

    I could not get into The Expanse despite my best efforts. I found it very exposition-ey, at least the first episodes that I watched. What I love about Joe and the other SG writers is that they were always “show, don’t tell” story tellers. I do have it PVR’ed though, so perhaps I’ll get to re-watching the whole series.

    I’m back from the Grand Canyon finally, and had a great time. The flights both ways were delayed for different reasons, making the trip back and forth a little frustrating though.

    I have a few pictures, including some of our off-trail hike down to the River into the inner gorge. STEEP! But fun. I’ll probably get around to posting them tomorrow. I’m swimming in a sea of jet lag today.

  15. Gosh Joe, I hope Dark Matter doesn’t get a Monday slot. Hunters, Syfys newest series got 537k viewers and a 0.16 for its SERIES premiere. Wynonna Earp is also down to a 0.15 but that’s on Friday. Seeing what other Syfy shows are pulling should make some feel a lot more comfortable about Dark Matters renewal chances. The bar is so ridiculously low that I don’t think anyone here has any doubts you’ll beat these shows in the ratings.

  16. So how long can you hold your breath in real life?

    If Android is #0, then on April 20, how about a picture with #4, you, and Android in an appropriate pose and setting? (What other fun numbers can the Dark Matter crew do? 314 on Pi day, March 14, would have been fun to nerdy me.)

    What city (or just country) do you want to visit the most. (as in never been before)

    So 10 years ago, if someone said you’d be starring in a science fiction series as an ass kicking, number taking, #2BOSS…

    Any fun Broadway / NYC stories you care to share?

    Do you have a favorite opera?

    Rumor is you are the youngest daughter of Gen. Jack O’Neil USAF Retired and the godchild of Teal’c. Mother’s identity is classified. True, false or no comment…


  17. In my excitement to post, I neglected to include that these are questions for Melissa but I guess Mr. Mallozzi could answer them as well. Some would be zany but when is that a bad thing?

  18. Thinking if you can put a costume on the drone, you could have a practical critter instead of a post product. maybe start with a rubber chicken just to prove they can fly.

  19. Hi Joe! Thanks for being the best showrunner on the planet!

    And Hi Melissa! Thanks for taking the time to answer oodles of questions. Love you and Two!

    Here are a few more Qs for you:
    – Do you still have an overwhelming urge to do your own sound effects? If so, maybe Joe can work that into Season 3’s musical episode.
    – What do you think is Two’s greatest strength and her biggest weakness?
    – Did you secretly want Two to be the traitor?
    – What is your favorite thing to do when you get a little down time?

    Thanks again! Really looking forward to S2!

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