Holy smokes!  I was checking out my Facebook feed this morning when I came across a link to this over at thinkgeek.com:

April 3, 2016: I Want One!  I Can’t Have One!  Rook-wheaton Spotted!

April 3, 2016: I Want One!  I Can’t Have One!  Rook-wheaton Spotted!

It includes the ambient sounds from five different Enterprises plus sounds from engineering, two warp cores, and a Red Alert sound for the alarm function.  AND it projects a moving star field on your ceiling.

AND it was just an April Fool’s gag.

I had showed it to Akemi and even SHE was excited about the prospect of getting one.

I am genuinely bummed.

April 3, 2016: I Want One!  I Can’t Have One!  Rook-wheaton Spotted!

Speaking of Star Trek, look who I happened across in the production offices the other day.  Why, it’s none other than Dwarf Star Technology CEO, author, actor, and blogger Alexander Rook/Wil Wheaton.  In a tie no less.  AND sporting some killer kicks –

April 3, 2016: I Want One!  I Can’t Have One!  Rook-wheaton Spotted!

So WHAT was Rookie-Wheaton doing in our neck of the woods?  And what does his presence hold in store for TWO?  And what WAS the deal with that decrepit old man who was talking to Rook-Wheaton at the end of episode 12?

Well, guess we’ll never know.

Or will we…?

Yeah, we’ll know.

43 thoughts on “April 3, 2016: I want one! I can’t have one! Rook-Wheaton spotted!

  1. I wonder how many people would have bought one! I wanted one, too. Bought some cool TNG slippers, instead.
    Wil looks so young!

  2. I wondered why you could not have one….then got to the punch line.
    I want one as well. sigh.

  3. Also….Wil Wheaton is ageless. As is Ming Na Wen. At a convention she demonstrated one or two of her martial art skills. And, she does many if not all of her fight scenes in Marvels Agents of SHIELD. AND…she said she is 50.
    To both Wil and Ming Na…they found the fountain of youth…

  4. Excellent! I wanted the Star Trek white noise machine too. It even looks cool but then I thought the Pawpad by Lenovo computers also looked neat. A new laptop which your cat could play with while you were absent from your desk. Just register its paw print and off you/your cat goes. No more deleted documents or strangely cryptic emails as your cat walks across the keyboard – you can lock out their signature/paw print if you want too. They can only play with the aquarium etc screensavers.
    Why can’t someone actually invent these things….

  5. That sleep machine had me drooling, so wish it could be a real thing. I am very ,looking forward to getting more info on the story of 2 & how that plays out!

  6. Just finishing up my semester here, officially wrapped with the schol stuff on April 13th, yay! I really enjoy reading your blog as it gives me a light at the end of the academic tunnel, lol….

  7. Once I saw the star field, I was sold. I was thinking — that would be perfect for Patrick. He would LOVE it (and if he didn’t, then I get a cool gift). That is a cruel April Fool’s joke.

    Love Wil Wheaton. I was hoping Syfy would renew his show because I really enjoyed it. Of course we’ll find out more in season 2 about that storyline. I can’t wait.

    @GForce Have a wonderful time.

    @Sylvia I agree.

  8. That was excellent! The red alert would give me a heart attack, but the engine noises would be very soothing. But I agree with das: it’s only a matter of time before ThinkGeek will have some variant of the Star Trek White Noise machine.

    So Wil Wheaton is back, eh? Hmmm.

  9. Although it’s not quite as awesome as that fake star trek projector from think geek

    you could burn those Enterprise sounds from the you tube vids onto cd or digital record to auto play on a loop through the night (or)

    just play directly on you tube those 8 hours of TNG sleeping quarters sounds @gforce posted

    and use an inexpensive planetarium/ star field projector like the ones shown in the links below to project the night sky
    above your bed.



    @Tam @Gary Thanks for helping with RTs for Robert’s American Med Chem Rare Disease/precision medicine awareness project. <3

    @Gforce Love the surfin bird! Makes me giggle every time I see it. 😀

  10. I want one too! I could stare at the star field and fall asleep real fast. But then again, without my glasses on, I wouldn’t be able to see the star field. Oh well, there’s always the engine noise. That would do it too.

  11. Shouldn’t be too hard to build, after all I built this:


    I’d just need to add some LASER diodes with motor driven mirrors for the starfield projection…or maybe some OLEDs with a projection lens?

    The biggest hurdle to doing this commercially would be the okay from Paramount for the Star Trek sounds and theme music. Who knows a Paramount executive?

  12. I looked at it and was.. wth? none of that is sleep inducing. But I’m sorry it was just a gag for those who wanted it.:)

    Ming Na Wen is going to be 53. She has sold her soul or found the fountain of youth for sure.

    Wil Wheaton makes me smile. Good guys should always get good roles/jobs. He looks great.

  13. ~@JeffW, how cool, I forgot about you making that, thanks for sharing..
    ~~Always a pleasure to see Wil on set, will be some fun stuff happening!!

  14. I actually used the Star Trek TNG ambient sound once. I would love to have one. Maybe it will be like the tauntaun sleeping bag. I believe that started as a joke too before they sold it on Think Geek. Nice to see Wil Wheaton. I’m looking forward to seeing him on the show again.

  15. @JeffW Awesome SG centerpiece /music box. I bet ya had fun making that one, eh!. 🙂

    Here’s another really cool DIY project almost anyone can do using everyday household items.

    Its a homemade 3D holographic projector.
    The one in this vid is small scale
    using only plastic cut out from a CD case
    but you can make it bigger if you can find bigger pieces of plastic.
    It also doesn’t absolutely need be a smart phone.
    You can use an i-pad or tablet.

  16. quoting Jon Hrubesch:
    Maybe it will be like the tauntaun sleeping bag. I believe that started as a joke too before they sold it on Think Geek.

    that’s the story i recall. i’m not sure but i think think geek are the ones that did it as a joke & a lot of people requested it, so they had it made.

  17. Just another glorified noisy NIGHT-LIGHT!
    Check the “BABY” section at most “TOYS’R’US”, I’m sure someone could tweak one of those infant musical-light-crib contraptions. That, or McGyv an iPhone charger stand..? — Talk to someone at APPLE, and I’m sure it’ll be out for Xmas!
    Better yet, get “Wesley” to make one!

  18. Regarding the da, da, daah, return of Rook …. the phrase ‘ I know of a scientist that can help her’ comes to mind …

  19. Ooh. Just realised something … if that’s a spoiler, please don’t print! Apologies!

  20. That sleep machine was brilliant… Well apart from the alarm. I want a Stargate one, although the Kawoosh would probably make me want to get up and go to the toilet lol. Could you imagine being gently lulled to sleep as Walter announces the chevrons locking. The star field is genius, although I wonder how it would affect sleep patterns.

    Wil looks well. Looking forward to his shenanigans on Season 2. I don’t think the old guy is really all that old. I think it was the effects of an experiment.

    Catching up on the blog and I’m surprised that Lulu is 2kg more than Bubba. She looks like a smaller dog. I guess they’re going on diets. I don’t imagine they’ll be happy with that. *hugs for the dogs*

    This week I’m embarking on some tutorials for gif making and clearing out some things in the computer room. Hopefully I’ll have some Dark Matter gifs to add to Giphy. I’ll share if they are any good.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Thanks PBMom and Drea for the travel wishes. I think I’ll be waiting in airports more today than I’ll be flying.

    @chev, yeah we need a Stargate version of that with the event horizon active sound, with the puddle projected on the ceiling!

  22. Debra: Ming Na Wen is 53?! It was a few years ago on SGU but I believe Mr. M. hinted THEN she might have alien DNA or something. 😉 She looks fantastic!

    Gforce: I hope this trip you don’t have any health issues. Have tons of fun!

    Loved the dog pictures yesterday! Good luck on the doggie diets. Can you get in more walks for them too?

    Wheaton looks good. I’m a big fan of his and love seeing him on Big Bang. Plus, I appreciate all the work him and his wife do for animal shelters. Can’t wait to see him on DM this season!

    I love all the trees blooming but my headaches are killer lately. Anyone else having problems with allergies? I’m on several allergy medications too. I don’t even want to imagine my life without Xyzal, and Singular. God bless whoever invented those!

    I splurged and bought a small ‘reconditioned” Vitamix. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  23. That would have been so awesome! Perfect gift for my brother and myself. when ever I see Mr. Wheaton I think Table Top, which makes me think of the hours of fun my family has had playing board games his show featured, which make me automatically like the guy. that and my hard core crush of Wesley Crusher as a kid helps too. But mostly table top.

  24. To think, if some of the money countries spent on war went into actively researching and creating new technologies, we’d probably already be on Mars and be further along technologically. I’d personally love to see proper holographics etc, I have no doubts it’ll happen, but probably not anytime soon.

    Anyways, Macross Delta finally came out.

    And(Final scene from Episode 1..)

    Just a shame that because of Harmony Gold USA(Aka the Robotech people..) the Macross franchise is currently is dead outside of Japan as Harmony Gold think they have control of anything Macross related and no one seems to want to spend the money to fight them. Basically the license is in dispute.

  25. @Drea:

    @JeffW Awesome SG centerpiece /music box. I bet ya had fun making that one, eh!. 

    It was a family project for a Stargate convention a couple of years ago, and it was fun!


    Safe travels! I’m heading down to DFW for an over-nighter myself and like you I’ll be spending more time in airports than actually flying in the air.

    As for a kwoosh, how about this one? It’s not quite 38 minutes long though…


  26. what a great place, I want a sound machine, I want everything! Had to leave the site, having way to much fun.

  27. Great job JeffW! That is awesome! I would so buy the Star Trek one too. I love toys. 😀

    My hubby’s b-day is April 5 too Luis811; hope you have a great day! Tuesday birthdays mean nothing but out for dinner around here; I still need to find him a present, Ugh. Nothing like last minute!!

  28. Tried posting earlier but got a response that my comment couldn’t be posted. So here goes again.

    Love the Idea of a Star Trek White Noise Machine. I’d order one in a heartbeat.

    Glad to see Mr. Wil Wheaton back on set. Looking forward to seeing what happens when next Alexander Rook & the Raza Crew meet. And I want to know more about Mr. Creepy Old Man.

  29. Wow, Will Wheaton will be in an episodes. It must be a grand addition to the list of guess stars you have been able to get! However, I am not sure what a build up it would be after his guest star appearances on Big Bang Theory. I mean TWO (be still my little heart) Rocks!! Would it not be a let down after working with the notable character of Sheldon Cooper?

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