March 16, 2016: Dark Matter Day 63 Of 101!

As much as I agonize over these scripts, I have a feeling that, once I’ve completed the last one for this season, I’ll feel as wistful as my frenchie, Lulu, on a rainy Wednesday morning.

March 16, 2016: Dark Matter Day 63 Of 101!

THREE’s new “shades”.

March 16, 2016: Dark Matter Day 63 Of 101!

  Eyewear of another kind, compliments of props.

March 16, 2016: Dark Matter Day 63 Of 101!

Director Andy Mikita plots his next move.

March 16, 2016: Dark Matter Day 63 Of 101!

Space food!  I highly recommend the blue biscotti.

And a little something from our 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond:

Make sure you sign in with reception!

26 thoughts on “March 16, 2016: Dark Matter day 63 of 101!

  1. Love THREE’s new “shades”.

    I know how Lulu feels. It felt like Spring was just about here – now it seems the weather forecast has turned more wintery for the next few days. *sighs*

    Thanks for the thoughts from yesterday folks! Feeling quite a bit better today, thankfully.

  2. So did I miss any and Periscope chats live on set?? Who’d a thunk I’d be busy with my art and selling Scentsy?? I gotta get myself on a schedule and be more regular reading the blog again. When I was working at the hospital this was the first thing I read in the morning but now… that and I can always count on a migraine to set me back a for a few days and put me behind in everything.

    So when does DM premiere?

  3. Three’s “shades” look an awful lot like Five’s goggles, at least from that angle. Are goggles the Ray-Bans of the future? Is that Victoria Klein wearing a VR headset? When will Dark Matter be released on VR? Will it come with scratch and sniff boards? I really want to smell those protein bars. Or maybe I don’t.

  4. Joe that phone/camera does take some mighty fine pictures, Lulu is really hi- def!! Such a cutie! Is the props lady watching a good movie> I just got new sunglasses, but not quite as cool as three’s. That food , so life-like for space food, yummy. way too much for Jodelle to finish, I should help her.!

  5. Nice “hump day” posting. Poor Lulu, cheer up! Love Three’s new shades – intriguing. Also enjoying the space age “viewfinder” from props. Glad to see Andy in action & Five partaking in a wholesome space meal. Who doesn’t like spaghetti & blue biscotti? Dwarf Star Technologies return! Where have I seen that building before? Oh, now I remember.

    Have a great Thursday, wishing you the Spring weather we are having here – sunny, breezy & in the 70’s today. Was in the 80’s yesterday. Have fun at the Toronto Comic Con.

  6. Definitely feel like Lulu lately, as spring allergies are starting early this year. Darn trees have been registering high for almost a week now. Sigh.

    Not sure about the blue biscotti…but the rest of the space food looks yummy!

  7. Glad to see my dark chocolate sunglasses gift made it safely to the props department in one piece. They look absolutely delicious on Three and they are so stylish and practical for any occassion. You can even wear them to an on set chocolate pot luck party. And when you are finished wowing your fellow party goers with your yummy new look you can just lay them on the food table as your offering to the feast! 😎

  8. @KathyC I unfortunately know the feeling all too well. Had to take a max strength claritan D today. Hope you are hanging in there!

    @Kabra Welcome back! Had a look at your friends parrot sanctuary sight. It’s too bad I’m situated all the way on the other side of Orlando. I would have loved to have spent a day volunteering there. Her birds are absolutely gorgeous!

    @Ceresis64 when do you leave for your Toronto trip?

    @Chev. Sending sweet virtual comfort food and warmest hugs your way. Sorry to hear Ivon has been shadow banning you. Seems to be all the rage with young people these days. Who knows eh?! Maybe they just mistakenly think its a cool fun fad to replace punking with.
    No matter.
    Stick with us, handsome. We love ya and would never ignore ya. <3

  9. G’day

    Cool shades on Three.
    Feel the same way as Lulu. Been raining her for two weeks.

  10. Yay! My Hero! <3

    Hey Everyone! Two Boss, Melissa Oneil, Says she will do a live periscope this Saturday from the Toronto con for those of us who can't physically attend!

    Follow on Twitter @Mel13oneil and @Dark_MatterTv Twitter/fb for details!
    The cast begin their live session at the con in room 801, 3 pm est.

    ~Happy St Paddy's Day!~

  11. @Drea OMG you’re right… I’ve been shadowbanned… Thanks for the virtual hug & sweet words.

    Today was my farewell function… About 25-30 people wished me well… I was blessed with some lovely flowers, gifts & cards…. Oh and Star Wars balloons. 😊

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Mmmm, I could do with some blue food for breakfast. But why is space food blue so often?

    (That sounds like the set up line in a joke, but I am not so clever this early…)

  13. bambamfans: Mr. M. is probably keeping Ivon really busy. Any lines from new jobs?

    Drea: Thanks! Dr Jo headed back to Texas for a few days. One of her incisions is infected and she gets another (minor) surgery. 🙁 Lucy’s doing great though.

    Ponytail: Thanks again for the laugh yesterday. 🙂

    Love the picture of Lulu. The space food porn looks pretty good. Much tastier than the food described in Asimov’s “Robot Novels”. That food was some kind of protein fungus, right?

  14. I hope you guys are getting some of this Spring weather, today it’s a balmy 60 F. Summer is coming Lulu! Right after this next snow storm Sunday.

    That red stuff (berries?) and the noodles look delicious; the food on the Raza is suddenly looking amazing. Did they fix that robot with the awesome culinary skills and bad habit of killing the crew?

    The glasses remind me a little of Batou and a little like Tyrell, very cool.

  15. @Drea: thanks! We’re trying…but in the midst of the sneezing, what is coming our way? SNOW. So spring allergies will be replaced by winter colds, only a few days later to be spring again. Sigh. Love March.

  16. Aww. How is little Lulu doing? Hope she’s generally more perky than her picture here. Is she eating better now or are you still having to feed her by hand? Give her a little hug from me.
    I could do with Akemi’s inspirational canine platters at the mo’, to encourage my ‘baby’ dog, Starsk’, to eat more! He’s doing well with the chemo treatments but, I guess as with people, he has his low days – sometimes not even moving from his bed. On these days I end up hand feeding him… However, when the sun is out, you’ll find him outside, paws in the air, happily growling, making ‘grass angels’. So it isn’t all bad …. 😊

  17. @kabra Sorry to hear about your migraines. I’m finding it hard to have any sort of schedule because I’m still in getting-caught-up mode in my house and I have exactly 1 month to get the rest of my receipts in (2/3 done), then I have to reconcile all my bank and credit card statements in which I undoubtedly find something we had no receipt for, and at that point, I can begin the Turbo Tax program. If I was for sure we didn’t owe, I would just file the extension and give myself more time, but if I didn’t spend a lot on the business and my income went up, then I might owe, and then they want their money on April 15 regardless if I need an extension. You only get an extension on the paperwork and not the money owed. One of these years they are going to tell me it is time to make estimated tax payments (but if that happens, then I already missed the one on Jan 1). My 2016 resolution is to keep caught up on the 2016 receipts so that I can not stress about it this upcoming year. If/when I become an LLC, I’ll have to get that done before Christmas.

    @Gforce Glad you got a better sleep.

    @Das Weather or just this time of year (seasonal affective disorder?)

    I love Three’s new shades. The props department eyewear looks like virtual reality glasses. Yep! Lulu’s look is what I look like after the holiday pet sitting schedule. Only difference between my job and your job is that my crazy schedule only lasts for a few days, a week at most, and then it calms down for awhile. Yours goes on for months and months and that takes a stamina I have not remembered since giving birth to Patrick and going back to work 5 days later.

  18. Judging from that picture above, it looks like Ivon is not tweeting Lulu anymore either.

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