And, specifically, Day #5 of Episode 208.  Andy Mikita directing.  I have a feeling that Dark Matter fans are going to love this one as much as the cast!

March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 Of 101!

What awaits our crew down this long, dark corridor?  Oh, you don’t want to know.   March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 Of 101!

A homecoming of sorts for our stupendous swordsman.

March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 Of 101!

Corporate Interests #1: The Mikkei Combine’s Commander Truffault.

March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 Of 101!

Corporate Interests #2: Ferrous Corp’s Commander Nieman.

A little something from our playback department.

March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 Of 101!

Jodelle Ferland kills time on set in typical Jodelle fashion.

16 thoughts on “March 14, 2016: Dark Matter Day 61 of 101!

  1. That corridor at the top is the same corridor you posted a ways back while it was still under construction, I believe. It looked nefarious then, and now that it’s finished it looks even nefariouser! It’s also really good to see some familiar, if not always friendly, faces, too.

  2. Ooo… I find myself strangely drawn to that corridor! I love the detail in it.

  3. G’day
    That corridor looks super scary. I would not go down there for love or money.
    Love Jodelle’s choice of book. Colouring in is a great way to pass some time and nothing better than a Harry Potter book 🙂

  4. Quite the foreboding corridor especially since it ends in an airlock. Love seeing Four, my goodness his wardrobe has changed. New age ninja! Hopefully Commanders Truffault & Nieman are too busy messing with each other to bother with the Raza Crew. Nice visual graphics as usual. And I think Jodelle and I are kindred spirits when it comes to Harry Potter. Saw a Deathly Hallows symbol in Hot Topic the other day and immediately thought of her. HP is making a resurgence.

  5. I’m getting an Alien vibe from the corridor. I’m expecting the H.R. Giger Alien to be waiting behind the door. Maybe it’s because I played the Alien: Isolation video game last year. That game scared the *?&# outta me.

  6. Looking at that corridor, I am expecting to see a Sith Lord with their light sabre ablaze or a freakin’ Alien scrambling towards me on the ceiling…both requiring a change of underwear…and most likely a change of pants too.

  7. The details in that corridor is fantastic. The ceiling, floor, walls – the whole shoot a and shebang!

    Great graphics again.

    Torri Higginson absolutely rocking it! Season 2 #BringItOn 👍

  8. The corridor leads to the Airlock Deck according to the sign on top. I think I’ll stay on this side. What do the pointy things do? Is it something to hold onto in case they open the airlock when you’re in the corridor?

    I love playback… Stargate always had the best playback. Dark Matter too.

    Will there be any updates to the Dark Matter theme?

    What did you decide re: March Madness or are you too busy?

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Torri looks foxy cool!! Jodelle, way cool!, has she done the others books also?
    You have an amazing crew and cast, writers, directors, designers,builders,,(I know I forgot someone), all that talent in one location! Thank you for sharing it with us. And craft service is very important also, got to have the food!! Have an awesome day!!

  10. That corridor make me want to run away from it. Looks like the throne has been re-taken? Evil corporate rulers are going to give the Raza crew some trouble this season.

  11. I like the overhead lighting, looks like the hallway to Deckard’s apartment or Michael’s penthouse lair. Nice to see Harry Potter represented; is there are Potterish vibe on this ep? I’m hoping the Mikkei Combine featuring Commander Trauffault will drop their single soon and end their twitter feud with Drake.

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