March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

It’s hard to believe that we just started production three months ago.  Even harder to believe that we’ve only shot 60% of Dark Matter’s second season.  Only 60%! I mean, honestly, it feels like the finish line is within sight based solely on my anxiety levels.  I delivered the script for 211 yesterday which now means the pressure is ON for me to complete the script for 212 in timely fashion.  Like every season of every show I’ve ever worked on, I tell myself that once I complete my last script, it’ll be smoooooth sailing.  I’ll be able to relax, enjoy my free time, resume my reading and t.v.-watching ways, and, best of all, NOT have to think about scripts.  But, deep down, I know the reality will be that the moment I finish that last script, I’ll start making plans for the next one, the next season, the next show.

March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

Shooting on the rooftop.

March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

Or are we?

That was a rhetorical question.  No.  We’re not.

March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

Probably the most nefarious-looking wall vents on television.

March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

Episode 209’s mystery vials.  Come on.  Guess their contents!

March 15, 2016: Dark Matter Day 62 Of 101!

Uh oh.  Man (?) down!

19 thoughts on “March 15, 2016: Dark Matter day 62 of 101!

  1. Those indeed are some evil looking wall vents. They probably vent poison gas, I’m guessing.

    I’m going to say those vials contain blue liquid. Close?

    Back home yesterday from NH and feeling kinda tired. I didn’t sleep well while I was away, or when I was back home last night for that matter. So, not feeling that great today.

  2. Why does the rightmost nefarious vent look like its bottom louver is lower and farther-spaced than the bottom one on the left? Is that just nefarious flair?

    I’m guessing the blue vials are made by the protein bar company and they’re fishy tasting smoothie mix! Did I win?

  3. Hmmm…space whisky/ey? Blue would be a perfect color for that. I hope the man down isn’t a crew member. 🙁

  4. I’m kinda done with TV until Dark Matter comes back. Someone please wake me when it’s time. Oh, and if you could come by and walk the dogs it’d be great. Hibernation. My new weight loss program.

  5. I think The Walking Dead is tainting my viewing pleasure. Each week I sit with breath held waiting for one of my beloved characters to get bitten, beheaded, bludgeoned, or just plain ole shot so when your first pic shows me Two, Three & the Zobot, my first thought was “Thank goodness they’re still alive”!

    Once again the magic of your production team : Is it a roof top? No? Are you sure? Where does the door lead? Do the wall vents serve a purpose? Can Five squeeze through?

    Six mystery vials but one appears to be empty. Looks like Dawn dishwashing liquid or shampoo but is more likely some new space age drug or propulsion agent. Reminds me of the plutonium vial that was stolen in the movie “The Manhatten Project” with John Lithgow.

    Love the crime scene drawing! Man down indeed!

  6. Is it liquidised CHP4 and everyones gonna go all Scarlett Johansson from “Lucy” ?

    I must admit, whilst you watch the program all of the scenery does sort of pass you by. Its like good CGI, when its good you don’t necessarily notice, it just serves the story but when its bad its jarring and takes you out of moment.

    Seeing its construction really does show how much effort and care is taken. Its terrific stuff when you get to see it and focus on it alone. Such good work for things that are fleetingly on screen.

    So major kudos to the set designers/makers and the props peeps.

  7. @Ponytail: That’s not the outline of Joe’s body there.

    You know how devoted to us and this blog he is and how closely he counts on our collective genius to advise him in all dark matters.

    Our lovely blog sib Patricia @ArcticGoddess suggested it would be awesome for Joe to put a dead body on his patio. Thus, – that photo
    is the crime scene outline of the construction worker he killed in the name of love just to show her how much he fully respects, appreciates and values her opinion.

    In fact, our dear, sweet, Joseph is so incredibly dedicated and loves us so incredibly much, He even went so far as to forfeit his one, singular,never to present itself ever again, opportunity to call home or a lawyer at the police station while being booked & processed on the murder charge, just so he could post this blog entry with the photographic evidence.

    Die Hard Blog Regulars 4 Life

    ~Because We’re Dangerous!~

  8. Gee, Joe: If you were hoping to stump us with a mystery You are simply gonna have to do much better than this pitiful attempt!

    Everyone knows those so called mystery vials contain your recently invented secret blue dressing that makes kale salad taste just like chocolate.

    Huh? What’s that you say? Doesn’t quite taste like the real thing. A live, on set, chocolate party with cast, crew and fans via periscope with real chocolate would be so much better?

    O’ Goodness! Joseph Mallozzi. Somehow you just never cease to amaze me with your Absolutely Brilliant Ideas!
    What a wonderful way to relieve stress and show your fans how much you love them!

    O’ Wow! Thanks so much for the sweet invite! According to my appointment book it looks like I’d be free to virtually attend your party on the afternoon of Saturday March 26th.

    By the way: Just in case you have even the slightest shred of doubt that On Set Periscopes are much better for promoting Dark Matter than Q n A’s at Reddit:

    When I initially re-posted your first periscope session here on the blog early Saturday morning March 12th it had 2,109 views. ( your most watched periscope to date).

    The next day I also composed and posted a complete review and DM promotion on Google plus, including links to this blog and that very same periscope session And voila! 🙂 In only the few days since those reposts the you tube views for that Season 2 1st session went from 2109 to 2253 and is still increasing at a healthy steady rate! xo

    If you should find yourself feeling so inclined, you can check out the cool new promotion I did for ya at Google plus via the link posted below.

    The show description and review reads pretty much like any other. Albeit The reasons to binge watch season one on netflix, posted below the shows description is fairly creative & original.

    I wanted to do an honest, less commercial sounding, promotion from my personal perspective that might appeal to NS101’s university grad student users.

  9. Episode 209’s mystery vials? Something volatile. Can’t be good for our crew…..

    Gforce: I hope you feel better today!

  10. Hi @Akemi! Thanks so much for the Galette recipe! It turned out delicious. <3 I topped my buttery soft thin sliced Alaskan king salmon lox with sour cream, diced red onions, tomato bits and a small sprinkle of parsley flakes, then spiced the entire wrap with a little lemon juice. xo

    By the way: Just to weigh in with my vote on the "What's in my purse?" video.

    Personally speaking, I enjoyed it very much. All your videos always make me smile and feel happy even when I am having a very long, stressful, day at work. But I think if you decide to do another one, maybe, next time you can put a little more comedy into it. Such as deliberately hiding funny embarrassing items in the purse to reveal to your audience during the video. <3

    @Tam Sending hugs loves n smiles to you Lucy and Jo, today and always Hope you are all doing well! XO

    @Gforce So sorry to hear you still couldn't get to sleep even after that long, tiring, drive home. I wish I knew of a magic cure for insomnia.. but alas. 🙁
    I can only offer you a late night listening ear if you should ever want the distraction of random tangents of conversation in the wee hours.
    Just zip a DM to my twitter box or text my office mobile via 8635146977. If I'm awake I'll answer back right away.

    @TimHendrix Happy Hibernating! 🙂 Hey! Should I wake ya if Joe decides to do that live on set chocolate pot luck party I've been desperately attempting to instigate? 😀

  11. @Ponytail 😂
    My first reaction was of a toppled over statue!

    What/who is Three intently staring at? Someone who has just left the bridge?

    Inside the blue vials – the expensive, hard-to-find raw element that’s needed to dye Tabor Calchek’s trendy shirts?

  12. @ponytail You made me laugh.

    The blue vials: Some thoughts:
    1) Blue dye #2 MSDS
    2) Methylene blue for some sort of medical examination.
    3) Berry Blue Kool-Aid
    4) Or the boring, water colored with nontoxic blue dye.

    @Gforce I have some ideas for the insomnia. Depends on how bad the snoring is to being the contributor.

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