I had a bad feeling about today early on.  Call it sixth sense.  Or a premonition.  Or the fiery sting of my Jack Black cologne that I inadvertently sprayed directly into my right eye this morning after getting dressed.  I just knew.  And, sure enough, today, a few on-set snafus were followed by a rare “second set o’ notes” on episode 209, capped by an overdressed kale salad for lunch.  But I really shouldn’t complain. It’s all part of the job.  Except, of course, for the overdressed kale salad. And, arguably, the cologne in the eye.  Anyway –

This afternoon, I discovered I’d been shadow-banned on reddit.  It sounds positively nefarious (SHADOWBANNED!)  and I said as much in a comment when someone posted the news on this thread:


But, of course, no one replied because my comment is not visible to readers since, well, I’ve been shadowbanned. I guess it’s sort of like “ghosting” someone, that practice of totally cutting a former partner out of your life except that my  relationship was with reddit and I’ve obviously done something to offend.  Did I post too many links to my daily behind-the-scenes updates on the show?  Was it bad form to upvote nice reader comments on my own thread?  Should I have made more of an effort to post comments on other threads, like that video of the dancing bus driver or that picture of a 12 year old Matt Damon?  Or was it simply a matter of not being expressive enough of my appreciation for all the love and support?  I assume I’ll never know.

Well, there goes that AMA I was planning for June.  Guess we’ll have to do it here.

Today, let me leave you with a little pic from the bridge of The Raza.

March 11, 2016: Shadowbanned! Overdressed Kale Salad! And I Have The Best Smelling Eyeball On Set!

Hey!  What’s HE doing here?!

Also, this adorable pic of my dogs –

March 11, 2016: Shadowbanned! Overdressed Kale Salad! And I Have The Best Smelling Eyeball On Set!

Wait! The dog pics!  Is reddit anti-brachycephalic breed?  Hmmmm.

32 thoughts on “March 11, 2016: Shadowbanned! Overdressed kale salad! And I have the best smelling eyeball on set!

  1. I suspect your ban has something to do with one person multi-accounting for the purpose of causing such baffling trouble. So, this person would sign on to different accounts in order to flag posts under different names. They can be smart enough to fake different ip addresses but smart admins should be able to spot the clustering of their downvoting and flagging activities as happening in sequence in a short amount of time, especially when their target gets little or no negative feedback other times.

  2. I’m so sorry it looks like you’re shadow banned on Reddit I’ve been lurking on the Dark Matter sub! I would have absolutely loved an AMA from you in June!

    Great to see David Hewlett back again, can’t get enough of that man XD

  3. I’m not on reddit, so I have no idea what ‘shadowbanning’ is. Can you enlighten me? Who does it? Why can’t the mods UNdo it? Can you open a new account? Will you take time to answer my questions? 😉


  4. A day that starts out with cologne in the eye can never be good.
    Heads up, a moderator saw your comment & made you visible again! Come out from those shadows. 😉

  5. Sounds like a bummer of a day sorry. 🙁 I hope whatever happened to your account gets fixed. Maybe it was hacked?

    Btw with all these visits from Hewlett, is Tabor becoming a main Raza crew member? That would be awesome! 😉

  6. SNAFU Created by the Marines in WWII. Radio code.
    Situation Normal All Fu*ked Up : )

  7. I don’t Reddit either, except for a couple times I chatted with William Shatner there. Had never heard of it until he posted on Twitter that he would be hanging out there. Was pretty cool, he replied to everyone. But never got into it to go back again, so I have no idea what you are talking about. But it sucks, nonetheless.

  8. Your dogs are so gosh darn cute!! Yours, like my beagle, do the cutest things!! So perfectly made. Every hair and whisker in place. Dogs are so beautiful.

    “Is reddit anti-brachycephalic breed?”

    If they are… screw ’em!

  9. Though it looks like you might be back on reddit, I’d use the opportunity to incorporate shadow-banned into the show. Words like The Shadows (from Babylon 5) and “the shadow proclamation” (from Doctor Who) are floating through my head. I bet you could incorporate them into a ferocious threat somehow. I’d imagine not even Tabor Calchek wants to be shadow-banned. Love seeing him/David on the bridge of the Raza. There are serious, dark episodes & there are light, humorous episodes, wonder which he is in?

    Sorry about the cologne in the eye. That is a bad way to start your day. Sorry that your salad was overdressed, my lunch was terrific. I know you could probably care less about my day but I’d thought I’d share. Had the day off, started by getting my allergy shots, a trip to Walmart, then a brief stop at the emissions testing place (didn’t stay as there were 3 cars waiting at each bay & I was meeting friends for lunch). 40 minute drive to Athens, Tn to a little hole in the wall called “Angela’s Cuban Restaurant”. We all ordered something different and shared. I ordered “Angela’s Famous Cuban Sandwich” with a side of black beans and rice while my friends ordered the Piccadilly Cubano – a delicious blend of ground sirloin, olives, potatoes in a tomato creole sauce served over rice with plantains, the Shrimp Enchilados – shrimp cooked in a Cuban creole sauce over rice with plantains, & the Cuban Roast Pork smothered in onions with you guessed it, rice & plantains. It was all delicious. We ordered a pan of flan to go. 5 hours later I met my co-workers (though I didn’t work today) for a Happy Hour at “Stir” next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Had the Chicken Picatta (lots left over to take home) and an Old Fashioned. Afterward ran into an old friend out with her son & we went to “The Flying Squirrel” for drinks. I had the “Ms. Beauregarde”, a cucumber infused gin with creme de violet and lavender. Fantastic! Then I went back by my friends home from earlier in the day & had some flan for dessert. I’m stuffed!!

    Hope your tomorrow is better than today. Sleep, eat, drink & be merry!

  10. Sorry Joe to hear you have been shadow banned. I thought if you were in the shadows it was harder to see you. well welcome to the light. Actually, using the link above was the first time i was ever on reddit. Guess I don’t get out much. I am confident in saying “we” still love ya.”

  11. @Joe M :Took the liberty of contacting Reddit for ya to get the problem fixed ASAP, shortly after I read your distress call here. Though they may have already fixed it by now? When i clicked the link for your account a little while ago -all up to date content is now visible.

    @Jon Hrubesch The bacon poppers were a huge hit with the boys tonight! You should try ’em at home some time.
    Definitely tasty and so easy to make! <3

    Be sure to add some brushed on butter/.margarine to the inside layer of dough though so it doesn't end up tasting too dry/doughy. You can also add thin strips or dicings of Mezzetta sweet roasted bell peppers to the inner layer in lieu of brushed on butter. (Either/or works to give it that extra bit of needed moistness and kick in flavor)

  12. Ah. poor, dear, sweet, Joseph. I am so sorry to hear you had such a stressful day.

    Ya know, if I had a 100k u.s.d extra spending cash lying around to bribe Bruce MacDonald with I’d send him to ya as a gift for the next couple months to keep ya laughing and chase away those mid season, feeling over worked and running out of time, blues. Unfortunately I spent all my extra cash on those delicious imported mini chocolate cream puffs.

    Albeit, Dark chocolate is always a wonderful comfort when one has a bad day. And newsflash! Periscope is a much better site for promoting the show than Reddit anyway. (Your last persicope session already has more than 2,100 views on you tube).

    Oh Hey! I just had an amazing idea!! You could hold an on set chocolate pot luck party with cast and crew via persiscope! <3

    Gee!, Its such a brilliant idea
    I simply cannot imagine why I didnt think of it before, eh!?
    Shall we say March 26th then? 😀

  13. P.S: What’dya mean you got a rare second set ‘o note on 209?! On Ivon’s script!!?? Dang! So how much of it has to be redone then?

  14. Ow, shadowbanned?! I thought that was a new subplot or something…. Not quite up to speed with all this techy talk! I’m sure it’s some ‘ghost in the machine’ type glitch thing that will be sorted asap. Why would they ban you?!!
    Sorry to hear that your hellishly busy week had a craptastic (or as we say at work ‘ a mankycrapadopolis …) Friday as well! 😶 Hope the ‘weekend’ will be so much better! 😊
    Talking of the past week, thank you for all your pix, info etc you’ve posted here, there and everywhere! It’s so much appreciated that you share with us even when things are madly heaped at your end! Thanks Joe!

  15. They’re discussing the shadowban on the thread, and why you look like a spammer to the auto-bot, and the admins have lifted the ban? Ah, reddit. I like r/cats and r/secretsanta and a few others. Be cautious, there be monsters there.

    An over-dressed kale salad, oh, the horror. Kale salad in any state of dress sounds horrible.

  16. Cologne is supposed to smell good? I thought the point of cologne and perfume was to obscure natural stink with artificial stink, the olfactory equivalent of wearing a Muumuu.

  17. Sorry to hear about your sucky day… Shadowbanning a showrunner for positively interacting with fans sounds ridiculous. This forum is much better anyway.

    Re: 2nd set of notes – Does Ivon have to rewrite a scene? Who sends the notes? Executive Producers, SyFy, Lulu? Please send him all my very best wishes. I can’t wait to see what he wrote. So proud of him.

    Here’s a thought about the Kale… Why don’t you get the dressing on the side so you can add the right amount to your liking. I try to remember to do that.

    Hope the weekend is better…I thought you might like this place Tsujiri.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Maggiemayday: So nice to see a happy animal story. Thanks for posting!

    Maggie L80: Do you live in Chattanooga? We live right outside of Memphis. Anyway, your day sounded awesome!

    Drea: Yum on those appetizers!

    My hubby went looking for his favorite bourbon they stopped making it (Old Charter 12). Does anyone know a good equivalent? The store recommended Knob Creek.

    Who wouldn’t like Lulu and Bubba? Sorry about your day. I hope today is filled with lots of good food and friends!

  19. Happily my computer remembered my Reddit login; I subscribed…not that I’ll be by there often, I don’t have time to get addicted to another site. Will try though!

  20. Oh my goodness, hey Joseph, I’ve been nagged the Redditors to get you un shadow banned… I’m not even sure that’s a thing O.o I could see your comments and even replied to them but it seems that they’ve gone now. I was hoping I could talk to you about Stargate Destiny, if that were at all possible, obviously I know, lawyers, blah blah, but I figure it’s been off the air long enough that it wouldn’t be too bad. And a BIG thank you for commenting on my thread and even bigger thank you for mentioning MY thread here! eeeeeeee God I’m such a big nerd.

  21. Two things:
    Does Tabor have his shirts custom made (by the costumer) or does he buy off the rack?

    To Tam Dixon: Hey there! Yes, I live right outside of Chattanooga in Harrison. Went to school at UT Memphis in the 90’s. Love Memphis!

  22. Good episode title: Shadowbanned, about ghosts who drive erratically on the autobahn.

  23. DAVID!! – Sorry to hear about you getting band. The tread link you posted was an interesting and fun read though. Shadowbanned dose sound quite nefarious. Good name for a ship or group of bounty hunters.

  24. I love it when you are smarky. Sorry it was a rough day. I never understood Reddit (but I’ve never understood Tmblr either. I’m getting old. I can only keep up with so much technology. I wish there were some web sites that could be shadow banned. But I like Maggie’s suggestion of incorporation shadow or shadowbanned into the show somehow.

    That was kind of Drea to intervene. You have more important things to worry about than Reddit, like creating a show and writing a blog.

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