Breaking News!  Ish.

March 10, 2016: Dark Matter News!  Pics!  Designs!  And Graphics!

The cast of Dark Matter will be appearing at next weekend’s Toronto Comic Con. Catch their panel at 3 p.m., Saturday March 19th!  Room 801!

I’ll also be there to support the show – in spirit, by walking the floor and checking out the comic book-related merchandise.  Come find me!  I’ll be the guy buying Iron Man arc reactor cufflinks on Saturday afternoon.

Oh crap!  I was strolling by set recently and came across THIS sight –

March 10, 2016: Dark Matter News!  Pics!  Designs!  And Graphics!

To quote a certain gangly grey guest star from an episode of Stargate: Atlantis: “Crap, indeed!”

March 10, 2016: Dark Matter News!  Pics!  Designs!  And Graphics!

Since you all had a hand in selecting the model, click on the above image for a full-size high-rez peek at artist Jon Hrubesch’s awesome design for Alicia Reynaud’s ship.  After considering the input on this blog, twitter, Facebook, and a couple of other sites, we elected to incorporate elements from two of the choices (#4 and #6) to create this sleek and sexy battle vessel.

Thanks for the input!

Tonight marks an end to two back-to-back double unit (and double Stargate: Atlantis veteran) days.  While Andy Mikita was shooting the on-ship mayhem, Jason Priestley was capturing the on-station chaos.  We should be seeing a director’s cut of 207 sometime next week, meaning you’ll all get the chance to vote on a brand new episode title soon!

Finally, I can’t think of a better way to conclude this entry than with this gem from artist Victor Mare:

24 thoughts on “March 10, 2016: Dark Matter news! Pics! Designs! And graphics!

  1. Wish I could be at ComiCon to wee everyone, but that is one long trip for me. That ship is absolutely bristling with guns, WOW! Total obliteration if you tangle with that one! Awesome graphics from Kelly!

  2. Well, it’s all your fault Joe. I had a stomach ache today. Yesterday when I told you I was going to have a glass of chocolate milk, why didn’t you remind me of the huge coconut pecan cookie and chocolate malt I had already had? Had to skip breakfast and lunch today, and had a very light dinner tonight. It’s all those food pictures you’re always posting. Drives me crazy.

    I’ll also be there to support the show – in spirit, by walking the floor and checking out the comic book-related merchandise. Come find me!

    Will you be a ghost? “in spirit”. Are you going in your person or as a ghost? Should your fans look for a body, or a dark mist, shadow, a cold spot, or a stinky smell, or what?

  3. Yeah!! Dark Matter is Toronto Comic Con bound! Sadly I have company next weekend coming in for a high school volleyball tournament. Have fun!

    Torri is kicking the threads and weaponry! Love the battleship design especially the gun turrets & engine compartment! Nice sleek designs. And as usual, your art department nails it. Happy Friday! I’m off tomorrow, driving to Athens for some authentic Cuban food with my Cuban friends. They should know, they tell me it’s the closest to home they’ve had.

  4. Sorry can’t go. Will be returning from Japan that day.
    That is an impressive ship. The galleon of space. I wonder how it would match up against a Wraith destroyer.

  5. @Joe Have fun at Con! Hope you discover a lot of new wonderful reads! 🙂

    @Jon Hrubesch Excellent job on the final design! <3

    @PonyTail (((Hugs!))) Hope your tummy is feeling better today! xo

  6. Have posse, will travel. Something tells me Truffault and her Mikkei buddies aren’t there to sell Girl Scout cookies.

  7. Oh NO! How awful! Its just Positively! Outrageously! Beyond a shadow of a doubt! Dreadful! Nope! Nope! This just wont do at all!!!

    Ya mean to tell me the comic con event isn’t ‘THIS’ weekend but on the “19th”!!?? ….. But that means if I can convince ya to do an on set chocolate party with cast and crew via periscope – We’ll have to wait all the way till the 26th for it!!!!????

    That’s just beyond cruel & unusual punishment!!!!! Dont think I could possibly hold out that long!! Hold tight onto each other my fellow chocolate lovers and instigators! This looooooooong loooooooong wait
    is going to be FRIGIN’ Bloody Hell!!!!

    Good thing my order of these amazing imported Belgian mini chocolate covered cream puffs arrived this morning to help ease the pain. 🙂

  8. @Drea … I don’t have to go to a liquid diet until a week or so before the surgery. I’m on a soft, bland, low fiber diet for now, tiny portions, and six feedings a day. I can scarcely call them meals. A day’s food consists of an egg and a piece of toast, chicken or fish and a soft veggie, a soft fruit cup (peaches, essentially) or crackers, and a yogurt protein shake for supper. My “no” list is long, no nuts, seeds, skins, peels, pulp, leafy greens, legumes, dried fruit, or whole grains. All things I enjoy. No spicy foods or I have a pocket Vesuvius.

    But this is a temporary thing, and I am above the dirt, so I’m good. I do appreciate the chance to mini-rant, and I am glad Joe doesn’t seem to mind my wandering off topic now and then.

  9. Go Torri! 😎
    The ship and graphics look cool.

    Yeah, for Toronto Comic Con! Pity is wasn’t later in the month when I’m there, would love to get my script signed – hopefully one day…. 👍

  10. Ponytail: This blog is a bad influence. I’ve been craving a milkshake. 🙁

    Maggiemayday: So sorry about the diet. I can’t imagine.

    Dr Jo is set to do her treatments in Memphis! That is such a relief. I have a meatloaf baked to take over there today. She’s on a mush diet but I think we can put it the food processer. Too bad because that loaf is a work of art, covered with bacon and a rich tomato based sauce but “ya gotta do, what ya gotta do”.

    Memphis got slammed with this rain. We even had a mudslide downtown. It happened directly in front of those big fancy bluff houses too. That’s a big money place, so they’ll be ok.

  11. @MaggieMayDay Well, at least its not an all liquid diet, so that is a definite plus all on it own, eh. 🙂

    Sending you a much better William Close vid today. This is one of my favs.
    Its from the Mesa Arts Center.
    Much more enchanting in sound than his other one at the 2011 burning man fest and I love how he thought to strategically
    place color coordinated glow sticks on the strings to add effect.

  12. @Evil Droid Its just as well you cant attend the con. If you wee in public there security officers are likely to kick you out and ban you from ever returning.
    Ah! but what can I say eh? Its Canada! I hear hey can be somewhat prudish at times.
    If you want to wee in public you’ll have to attend a con in someplace more liberal like Italy where they view things such as loud belching a compliment and term of endearment. 🙂

  13. I want season 2 now! Seems so far off at the moment…

    I used to be more patient when I was younger!

  14. @Tam So sorry to hear you are having to deal with all the rain and flooding there these last few days. I Finally heard back from our blog sib Tim Hendrix this morning in OK. He and his family are not in the current floods path and all are fine. So that is a big relief.

    O Hey, you might like these. Some of my ed team members are flying down from MIT tonight for a visit. Figure they wll likely be hungry, but tired, by the time they get to the house. So rather than make any kind of big heavy meal,
    I’ve decided to make small finger foods like these bacon poppers in the vid below. These are absolutely delicious!
    I make mine with a melted butter, garlic, black pepper sauce brushed liberally onto the biscuit while the mozz cheese squares are soaked in a lemon, pepper juice mix.

    I’m also gonna make a small variety of stuffed mushroom caps, some pate’s to serve on cracker, some falafel balls laid over salad fixings and some guacamole & artichoke dips to fill torilla scoop chips with.

    Glad to hear Jo is going to be able to stay in Memphis for treament where she can be surrounded by those who love her. She is truly blessed to have such wonderful caring friends as you and your hubby . xo

  15. Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to see what the ship looks like on the show. And on a side note: those cheesy bacon poppers are making me hungry. 🙂

  16. I’m working on figuring out how to calculate the position of a stargate given its gate address.

    I believe there should be a way mathematically to determine the x, y, z position of a stargate from its gate address.

    I know some equations to work out the position of where three lines intersect using vectors or midpoint formula though this would require
    knowing the position (x, y and z) of any set of six reference points.

    As six stargate address symbols represent points in space, they would need x, y, z position information assigned to them.
    This is what I believe I need to carry out these destination position calculations.

    Does one gate symbol on its own represent millions of stars as reference points then depending on the symbols selected and the order to a
    complete dialed address, the six correct points could be determined mathematically?

    Then how would I go about finding the x, y, z information to a set of gate address points?

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  17. @maggiemayday Would it make you feel better to know I now have a single-spaced 4 page list of things I am not allowed to eat? Forever. I feel your pain on that. My husband tells me I’m evolving into the girl in the plastic bubble.

    Love the ship!! I’ll have to go back to see what number that was.

    And Torri is looking FIERCE! Don’t mess with her character!

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