March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?


It would seem that, every third or fourth episode, the Art Department tries to sneak some cosmic bongs into a shot.  And, every time I see them, I have them cleared out before we start rolling.  So determined are they to get these multicolored interstellar moofs onto the show that they will casually and quietly place them into background of the most innocuous locations: a bar (Episode 102, a prison cell Episode 202, a space station corridor Episode 207).  I think I’ve been pretty good at catching them so far but, just in case, I’ve decided that the next time I spot them on set, I’m loading them into the back of my car and dropping them off somewhere far, far away.

March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?

Editor Paul Day was on set yesterday, scouting things out in advance of his directorial debut later this month.  His accurate take on the days’ action: “Like watching really slow dailies.”

March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?

Hey, it’s the imperial crest of the House of Ishida.  Long time no see.

March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?

Awwww.  One big happy family!

Hey, with Sunday just around the corner, here are a couple of pics of Bubba and Lulu in their Sunday Best…

March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?

March 5, 2016: Dark Matter And Dogs!  What Else Were You Expecting?

24 thoughts on “March 5, 2016: Dark Matter and dogs! What else were you expecting?

  1. Cosmic Bongs, as long as they are loaded with Cosmic Weed, you can send them my way.

    Wonder if the Galactic Authority has ever heard of Donald Trump, seems like he might fit in well there…..

  2. Why are you so anti-cosmic bong? Doesn’t it seem logical that people would still be toking up (or using a hookah) in the future? I guess it’s possible that electronic vaping would replace bongs, but there could still be the old-school hipsters who want to be retro. You know, like vinyl snobs today.

  3. Leave the cosmic bongs where they belong!
    Adds to the flavour of the show

  4. And here I thought they were Whiskey decanters. The dogs look adorable. Got their Easter outfits all ready to go.

  5. Good to have them out of reach of Tabor Calchek. I don’t know whether dH susceptible to them, but Tabor — ohh, would he ever run off with [at least one of] them!

  6. Remember?, Back in the day, before we all took to doing anything and everything digitally. When it felt like a slice of heaven just to lazily sit at the breakfast table with a cup of coffee, bagel, and the Sunday comics & entertainment section of the newspaper trying to solve the tricky to sometimes seamingly unsolvable NY times crossword puzzle or the word jumble/anagram type puzzles in other widely read papers like the Newsday and various Gazettes.

    Well, copy and paste or manually jot the cryptogram below onto a note pad. When you solve it you’ll discover a personal message from me! xo

    Here’s the starter clue for this one. X = t. Have fun! <3



    For those of you who have never done a cryptogram before and want to join in on the fun, It's basically just a simple code where one letter is substituted for another. Keep in mind if X = t .. then every X in the coded message equals 't' as well. And if you see a two letter word ending in 't' it is likely either the word 'at' or 'it'.

  7. Hey Joe? is Andy Mikita directing that alternative universe episode that Randomness and I were so excitedly hoping for since season one and have been so anxiously awaiting ever since you hinted at taking things in that direction last year.

    Also: Is Colorado a far enough away location to drive those bongs to? It’s not only ‘legal’ to bring them there, In a majority of households it is perceived a basic everyday necessity item and is cherished as much as one cherishes having other basic survival needs such as food, clean water, electricity and a telephone. So please do sincerely consider opening your heart and donating them to a Colorado church or other charity org for an under served family in need. 😀

  8. I wouldn’t be offended if Dark Matter had a cosmic bong for after you’ve dunked the cosmic donut lol. I’m sure if you had a poll it would probably be unanimous ;).

    I really like the House of Ishida crest. I loved the clothes too.

    Speaking of…. have you seen this site – 30 ways to tie a tie… some of them are totally bizarro.

    Just a heads-up to everyone that it is Ivon Bartok’s birthday on March 8. Because I don’t have the fansite anymore (for reasons) everyone will need to wish him a Happy Birthday on Tuesday via Twitter or the blog here. I will get him to read the comments.

    I should know next week the finer details of what’s happening with my job…. stressful times.

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Sorry to confuse everyone… I tried to comment with my other logon, but WordPress wouldn’t have a bar of it…. kept wanting the Ivonbartok fansite one which I don’t use anymore… catch up WordPress.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Ahhhhhhh that’s better…. I’m thinking of doing some short courses to increase my skills. First up Copywriting…. any other suggestions? I have experience in Web Design, Social Media, Catalogue configuration, Advanced Search techniques and I’m a qualified Librarian.

    Cheers, Chev

  11. I’ll be on the lookout for those bongs in S2! Also, those posters from yesterday were fantastic! I thought they were book covers at first. Maybe you could give those out as prizes later?

    Das: I hope your cold is better today. Can you take Mucinex-D?

    Drea: Dr Jo is doing great! However, the cancer was more extensive than they planned. So she might have to do her Radiation treatments in Houston for six weeks. She’s still looking for a local radiologist but it has to be someone that her Houston Oncologist can work with. Keep your fingers crossed!
    Sounds like you had a great evening and I’m thankful you’re keeping busy. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

    Gforce: Sorry the CPAP didn’t work out but you have to do what’s best for you. Also, those FB pictures you’ve been posting are magazine quality. Love them!

    Maggiemayday: Prayers sent!

    Yesterday was a killer. The karate tournament kicked my butt and I was just the score keeper.

  12. How was Editor Paul Day? Did you do anything special?
    Here in the UK it’s currently Mother’s Day. I bought my Mum a bottle of Baileys, but otherwise it’s been a typically normal day.

  13. The bongs are very cool-looking; I best most of us (me included) wouldn’t even know what they were if we saw them onscreen.

    @gforce (from yesterday) it took my hubby a while to get used to the CPAP. I gotta admit it was worth (to me) the extra work in getting used to it, as I sleep so much better now. When he’s all stuffed up from a cold and can’t use it, my sleep suffers as well. The only thing I don’t like is that it puts out a light stream of chilly air, and if I roll over the right way, and he’s rolled over the right way, I get air in my face. 🙁

  14. Teehee! You know the Art dept will find a way to get those cosmic bongs in a scene somewhere….!
    Good luck to Paul Day with his debut episode 😊 Editors often make the best directors …
    The House of Ishida crest is so impressive. It would make a really great tattoo don’t ya think?
    And, ha! I knew I had a bad feeling about that Balda-9 place…

    Bubs and Lu look so smart for Sunday! Have a good one 😊

  15. Thanks, Tam!

    As far as the CPAP goes, I’m not bothering anyone anyway whether I use it or not (alone + don’t snore). Still, I found I was losing more sleep by not being able to get to sleep than I could possibly save with it, and at a point where I *really* needed to get as much sleep as possible. So, it’s gone back whence it came, and I’m just concentrating on relaxing about sleep and trying to get on a good schedule.

    As far as a cosmic bongs go, don’t be such a party pooper Joe! And you KNOW they will return…

  16. Oh, the dogs look great! I love the understated elegance of just the bow tie. Perhaps I’ll try the same approach some time. On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea.

  17. Looks like the post I made yesterday didn’t go through (I was out of town for a few days staying at a cabin in the mountains of NC, no wi-fi, only my little ole iPhone & 3G to reach the outside world), so I’m gonna try again.

    Everyone needs a cosmic bong, I’ll have one in purple please.
    A big shout out & welcome to Paul Day!
    House of Ishida, what do you have in store for Four this season?
    The GA & Balda-9 working together, something sinister is afoot! Noticed there was a lot of emphasis on the “eye” with all those graphic background designs. Perhaps Balda-9 specializes in genetic enhancements, alterations or mind control?
    Love the pups in pink! Stylin!

  18. PS: @Gary Bet you would look great in a pink bow tie, eh. I double dare ya post a pic of you wearing one while hiking in NH next weekend! 😀 😀 😀

  19. @Gforce I don’t blame you. I would not be able to use them either. How about noninvasive surgical procedures? In fact, I would not be able to sleep during a sleep study so what is the point (for me) in having one.

    I look at those bongs and I think beautiful decanters for alcohol.

    @Tam: I know I’m real busy, but if Dr. Jo winds up in Houston, I’d like to invite her over to have dinner or something. Or take her to some of the sights on one of the days I’m not busy and she is feeling up to it.

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