Hey, have you heard?  Fandom will be choosing ALL 13 episode titles of Dark Matter’s second season.  To date, they’ve selected:

“Episode 13: Welcome To Your New Home”

“Episode 14: Kill Them All”

“Episode 15: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”

“Episode 16: We Were Family”

And today, we kick off our Episode 17 vote!

The nominees are…

February 29, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Cast your ballot!  The polls close in 24 hours!

And, while you’re feeling opinionated, why not weigh in on the design for Reynaud’s ship.

February 29, 2016: Vote On A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Designs by the amazing Jon Hrubesch.

56 thoughts on “February 29, 2016: Vote on a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. #4 reminds me of Moya from Farscape. I like #5. If I only new a little more episode 17 story information, I could vote.

  2. Anyone else get excited, when they happen to be on Twitter just as Joe tweets the new blog post if up? Can’t be just me, can it?

    I totally jumped quick on one title. Not going to share which one till results are posted.

    As for the ships…hmmm that is a tougher one. I love them all. But if I had to narrow it down to just one…I guess number 2.

  3. Dang it, typo in my post. I’m watching Supergirl, my favorite new show of the season, and forgot to proofread before hitting Post Comment. Sorry!

  4. Wow, really stylish designs by JH!
    Very hard to choose …. but I think I’d go for either 1 or 2 …. but 8 looks promising too! And so does ….

  5. G’day
    I vote for 1 or 7 for the ship.
    Nice and sleek without be too much so.

    Hope everyone is well as I have not not been on recently as we moved back to my home town from Tasmania to help my Mum out. Around 3000 klms north.

  6. I like #4 because the ray-like tail makes it look somewhat organic and different from your run-of-the-mill interstellar battleship. Second would be #8 because, again, it’s different and I love the completely smooth lines. Third would be #6 for pretty much the same reason.

  7. I voted, “Your fight, my fight”. Again, I like the short ones.

    I like #7 of the ships! Because? I don’t know why. Just do.

  8. Number 4 … and all amazing, hard to decide,. glad final decision is not mine…

  9. Episode title voting! I have to keep a closer eye on this blog. That was a fun – and easy – choice. “We voted not to space you” would already make it my favourite episode of the season.

    As for ship designs: 4. Love the stingray shape.

  10. Ship #1 reminds me of the Millenium Falcon, so that one gets my vote, and went with the first choice, “Your Fight, My Fight” from stuff I’m not at liberty to talk about 😉

  11. Great episode titles, it was hard to just choose one. As far as the ship designs go, they are all really good, but I like number 5. Looks fast & maneuverable in space or in an atmosphere of some kind.

  12. Well, that is a very hard decision on those ship designs. They are all awesome! Jon Hrubesch is fantastic. But I guess I like 5 the best because it is rather classic looking. But I don’t know… what is the color of the interior? Leather seats? Does it have tinted windows, a bar, stereo system, GPS, or show movies while in flight?

    Those titles are sweet. This must be the episode where Six comes back. Our heroes get in trouble and he comes to help them (Your Fight, My Fight). Or he has a good enough story and seems sincere they take him back (We Voted Not To Space You). Or he defects and and wants to come back to the group (Another Enemy To Add To The List).

  13. me three…like number 7.
    Catching up….my first post was likely well before Sept 2007 on fan organized conventions. I do know you were very instrumental in salvaging what could have become a bad week end. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  14. 4.
    I like the “RAY” lines… And, it has less windows. It’s an “INTERSTELLAR” ship, right? So probably “hyper”-esque-space travel, with NOTHING to “see” out of the windows!!
    oh, and maybe trim down the “engine” bits in the back a bit..? It’s a spaceship, not a fighter jet. #justsaying

  15. Love picking the titles, went with “Your fight, my fight”. Sort of a Three Musketeers “all for one, one for all” thingy going on there or a “Backdraft”, “you go, we go” thing.

    The designs were so much harder to decide on. #4 reminded me of a vestigial tail and a sting ray then it reminded me of the old TV series “Seaquest” so that’s out. #1 doesn’t do it for me, I like the windows/portholes and sleek lines. Though #8 & #2 are my favorites, #7 looks more like a battleship especially with that large thruster section. I find all of the silhouettes interesting. From the silhouettes alone, #3 is my favorite…but then I keep coming back to #8. This is where I’m glad that I only watch the show and don’t have to make the hard decisions…..

  16. I vote for combining the tail and overall outline shape of #4 with the flatness and top design detail of #1. Ya might even find a functional reason for it to flap its wings gracefully like a stingray as it swims along through the sea of stars or perhaps morphs its shape somehow when in danger. It’d be visually enchanting. A unique thing of beauty. Albeit if this is not possible
    Then my vote is for which ever one is destined for the chocolate factory.

  17. Voted! Let’s see if I can make it 5 out of 5 titles ☺️

    And on the theme of 5, that’s the design I prefer for Renaud’s battleship.

  18. “We voted not to space you” is probably about our boy Six haha. Any of the 3 titles would do.

    Ship design number 5 gets my vote.

  19. Thanks for the awesome designs @Jon Hrubesch! U Rock! 🙂

    Hope Everyone has a fantabulous day today!

    XO – Drea

  20. I really like #5, like it since it have 2 … things in the back, it makes it not look like a bug. And, it is the one wich is not so … I like edges, you know, I lika Lamborghini Contach more than the E-Type if we speak cars.

  21. I like ship no 2, reminds me of the “build your own raptor” BSG game Syfy had. Does Syfy have any DM games? I see something called Dark Orbit on Syfy games page.

    “We Voted Not to Space You” would make a great Hallmark Card. What a lovely way to show your shipmates that you care, and that you’ll let them live another day, but maybe they shouldn’t hang any posters up just yet in case they piss you off tomorrow.

  22. I voted for “We voted not to space you”. All the ship designs look amazing! Any of those would be great.

    bambamfans: Sending positive vibes you way!

  23. Tried to not read all the comments before posting my choice this time as to not be swayed by any kind of consensus or opinion I might find reasonable….

    I like #5 the best.

    -MIke A.

  24. Design 4 is the shape I haven’t seen before. I agree it reminds me of a sting ray. If you went with that one I’d like to know the use for the tail… What does it do?

    Otherwise I do like design 5 best, although it reminds me of another ship.

    Cheers, Chve

  25. Jon – you do AWESOME work… I like the way the light looks in the rear… Wondering why they are all sleek designs… Are they built for speed, manoeuvrability? What was the brief?

    Cheers, Chev

  26. I guess I am an outlier. I like 8 most of all. It has a clean look of an arrowhead and seems to have characteristics for atmosphere maneuvering. 3 was a close second. 4 caught me off guard as it reminded me of a tadpole. 5 and 7 seem similar with 5 having a twin engine design

  27. We voted not to space you feels like it’s a natural creature of the dark matter sphere, the other two are bland and could be from any show.

  28. I would have voted for “Your Fight, My Fight” just because it is shorter. Jon did a great job on all these ship designs. Hard, hard choices. I would say probably 2 is my favorite followed by 5 and then 6.

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