February 28, 2016: Dark Matter Update!  You Guys Are Spoiled!

Glamour shot of consulting producer Ivon Bartok, on the set of Dark Matter.

February 28, 2016: Dark Matter Update!  You Guys Are Spoiled!

Glamour shot of yours truly, on the set of Dark Matter.

Wait!  That’s it?!  The weekend is over?!!!  Noooooooo!!!  I was just sitting outside, enjoying the view from my patio…

February 28, 2016: Dark Matter Update!  You Guys Are Spoiled!
Here’s hoping those buttresses do their job.

The week ahead is looking to be one looooong stretch.  In addition to director Jason Priestly shooting main unit on Episode 207, we’ve got director Bruce McDonald shooting second unit on Episode 206, director Ron Murphy shooting those outstanding Android scenes for Episode 205, and director Any Mikita prepping Episode 208.  I’ll also be receiving notes on the writer’s draft of 208 and spending tomorrow afternoon in editing with the wizardly Paul Day, completing my producer’s cut of Episode 205.  And then there’s the script work…

Episode 208: Notes forthcoming and tweaks will be made over prep week as we head toward production on this script that has engendered some enthusiastic responses.  To quote a few cast members:




So cool!!!!”

“My butt clenched reading it.”

This one is going to be a lot of fun – for the guest cast alone!

Episode 209: Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok did a great job on the first draft of this script which sees the return of a certain villain.  I completed my pass last week, then sent into Paul’s way so that he could do a pass before we put it out.

Episode 210: Paul finished a first draft late last week, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  Three different flavors of Android!

Episode 211: I actually finished the writer’s draft for this one a couple of weeks ago before switching gears to 209.  It features what is fast becoming my favorite oddball pairing.

Episode 212: Our penultimate episode will be HUGE.  After the events of this one, things will never be the same.  I’m about seven pages in but have spent the weekend, hammering out the next two scenes.  The secret ingredient is chocolate. Oh, you’ll know what I’m talking about when we get there.

Episode 213: Shrouded in mystery.  Paul and I still have much to discuss here.

Also this week – on this blog:

Photos of all the Dark Matter on-set and behind-the-scenes action!

I set up another Dark Matter fan Q&A!

You’ll all get to vote on a new episode title, this one for Episode 205.  Tune in tomorrow for the nominees.

Speaking of nominees – tonight, I’ll be hosting my annual Pro-Zombie, Anti-Oscars Soiree.   Check twitter for the photo updates!

BTW – Can I just how much I love hearing from new fans of the show who discovered us on Netflix –  and binge-watched all 13 episodes.  Welcome to the show – and this blog!  Spread the word!  Catch us on Netflix – and then prepare for Dark Matter’s second season, coming your way this summer!

Finally, let me leave you with his intriguing visual graphic, compliments of artist Victor Mare:

Now don’t say I never give you anything.

30 thoughts on “February 28, 2016: Dark Matter Update! You guys are spoiled!

  1. Hmm 3 different flavors of Android. Hoping all 3 are being played by our favorite Android, Zoroid. Odd ball pairing that should be interesting… My guess THREE and FIVE.

  2. I’m soooo excited, I totally love this show and all the characters. Esp. The android😍 I so can’t wait for season 2. And I will definitely spread the word!!! Thank u for all u do!❤️

  3. Sadly, yep the weekend is yet again over but, what a great week ahead.

    Great graphics from Victor!

    “My butt clenched reading it.”
    Well, if I’d to guess at which cast member said this……. 🤔

  4. That shot of Ivon is fantastic. Next Bond, I’m telling you! Or at least a background character on DM! 🙂

    What are those things supposed to be that are sticking out from the side of the building? Are they awnings or do they actually support weight? Don’t look safe to me.

    Great teasers in all those script comments, I can’t wait to see it all on screen. And whatever system that is in the middle of that star chart must be pretty important – all “roads” lead to there!

    If by “pro-zombie” you mean TWD party, I’m in! Well, at least virtually. Twitter feed, set to “fun”! 🙂

  5. And yeah, that was the fastest two days ever, after the slowest five days ever.

    I need a vacation. Seriously. But, I’m headed to New Hampshire for the second weekend of March (weather permitting) for my third annual winter hiking overnight trip to Lonesome Lake Hut. I’ll take pictures!

  6. OMG!!! So much going on for you and so much for us! I don’t know how do you do it! Thanx for letting us be a part of it all!
    BTW great action shot of Ivon …. and of you, of course. 😊

  7. Ivon is double trouble! If the cast is making those comments, I can only guess how good 208 will be. That graphic looks like a modern Missile Command game. I don’t think anyone would really “want” to be there, but I’m sure a certain crew will be going there…..

  8. Ivon is rocking the “Glocks” (at least a futuristic-ish version of a kick ass gun). Thinking your glamour shot is lacking props. I definitely would keep my eyes to the sky when out on your patio. Extremely excited by all the teasers especially Ep 8’s enthusiastic responses, Ep 10’s android invasion, Ep 11’s oddball pairing (thinking Three & Five also), & Ep 12’s “things will never be the same”.

    With all the directors you have on “set” this week, won’t it be a bit hectic, crazy, fun??? I’m guessing your bourbon stash will take a serious hit this week!

  9. Wow, you’ve got 4 directors working at once? That’s got to be a record or something. Are you suddenly in a hurry-up mode? Did you get behind schedule? Also, I guess you don’t have a writers room anymore. Everyone who is working on a script does it alone then have others read it over….. oh got a phone call gotta go….

  10. Joe, the answer to your question is: yes my real name does begin with the letter “S”.

  11. I don’t have SyFy so I had to wait until it was on Netflix. I was really excited. My husband wasn’t sold but he was the one who introduced me to SG-1 so he gave it a shot with me and he really enjoyed it 🙂

    Can’t wait until season 2 is on Netflix… XD

  12. Darn right we’re spoiled! All thanks to you for caring for the fans of your shows.


    Okay, now that I got that out, you have a crazy busy week ahead of you. So much going on all at once, this week seems a bit busier than normal. Hope the chocolate for 212 helps you get through it! 😀

  14. @drea (from yesterday) Jelly Babies are a British candy; they are similar to gummy bears but much softer, coated in a powder so they don’t stick together…and they are shaped like babies. LOL They are also made with natural colors and flavors instead of artificial like we have in our American gummy bears, so their taste can be a bit surprising to Americans. I am a huge Doctor Who fan, so I heard about them years ago but never tried one until we visited Canada a few years back and found them in a hotel store. We also found them on a trip to Bermuda…but now, thanks to Amazon, I can get them whenever I want them!

    Here is the wiki link (if Joe allows links to be posted:)

  15. Forgot to comment on the visual graphic from Victor: yes, it is intriguing & reminds me of a flower. Also reminds me of a SG episode in which there is a machine creating a feedback loop “Groundhog Day” style, on several planets/gates while this scientist tries to go back in time to save his wife (or was it to have just one more day), either way, intriguing graphics. Have a great Monday!

  16. My son is getting his college roommates watching DM on Netflix too. They are all engineering majors so it’s right up their alley.

    Gforce: Did you get your CPAP working? It took my hubby some time to get used to it but now he can’t sleep well without one.

    Ponytail: I’m not sure how you do all of it but you are an inspiration!

    Drea: Prayers for a good prognosis!

    Life has calmed down here. Dr Jo is back (Monty, her cat, is sooo happy), Lucy is doing great (except for a nagging ear infection) and my sensei bought a new punching dummy that I love. http://www.kungfu4less.com/century-versys-vs3.html I have new bruises each week but it’s works better than Prozac for stress. It has handles up top that you grab, pull down and then you knee strike the groin at the same time. Awesome!

  17. Chocolate and Androids, hmmm. The Oscars were a fascinating trainwreck, it could not have been more like Snowpiercer if the Max Max ragers had jumped on stage and hacked their huge pile of Oscars to bits. I’m happy for Ennio Morricone, George Miller and Leo, and I was chuffed that Chris Rock sold 65 K worth of his daughters Girl Scout cookies.

  18. Thank-you Joe….My new home screen!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
    Are there any more photos of Ivon? These are awesome…

    Where’s your weapon Joe?

    Cheers, Chev

  19. Joe, when does Ivon’s episode start filming? I’d like to send some TimTams for the cast and crew. It’s something I do occasionally for the Arrow crew and they love it.

    Cheers, Chev

  20. Oddball pairing … Hmmmm. I wonder … could it be Three and Nyx?
    Or …
    totally outside the box and bouncing off the walls … Is it MH and M-C?

    .Thought not 😐

  21. Love the pictures of Ivon and you. I read the description of what you are doing and what you have to do and it frankly left me breathless with an OMG intermixed in there.

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