The fans have spoken.  We have a new episode title!

Episode 205 shall henceforth be known as:

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

“Episode 17: We Voted Not To Space You”

Thanks for taking part in the democratic process.  Join us next week when you’ll get a chance to name yet another episode!

Hey, what is the Dark Matter art department up to?

Well, I’m glad you asked.  Check out these works-in-progress:

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

Finally, speaking of creative construction, check out what Akemi made the dogs for breakfast:

March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

29 thoughts on “March 1, 2016: New Episode Title Revealed!

  1. Cool shots. And though I didn’t vote for the winning title, it does sound pretty cool.

    That’s the dog’s breakfast? (Pardon the expression.) It looks far better than any breakfast I’ve had in the last week!

  2. YES! This is a great week (for me, at least)!! The title I voted for is the winner, we got lots of pretty pictures today, and I was allowed to eat a giant cheeseburger for lunch. If I die, which I very well may after that burger, at least I’ll die happy. Thanks for all the happiness, Joe!!

  3. Wow, the pups get spoiled with that A-list looking food, lol!!!

    Love seeing all the set construction photos, they help inspire me with my own work!!! Keep it up so those of us working our way up have something to look forward to!

  4. Oh, almost forgot – When will we find out about the intergalactic battleship design? We’re all dying to find out which one wins out (as I’m sure you’re aware). Now, here’s some random exclamation marks because I’m so excited !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great title, I’m 1 – 5, but not a winner this time. That first picture is great! Those look like some huge bulkhead supports. Whatever is behind that door is probably not good news…..

  6. Your dogs eat a better breakfast than I do.

    Yay for the winning title! I voted for that one – it was so perfect; I can hear Five’s voice saying it.

  7. I agree with KathyC: I too can hear, Five (telling Three), ” we voted not to space you”. Alas my winning streak has ended, the pressure is off.

    Definitely not going to speculate what those large gray discs are. Love the sets/designs. Thanks for sharing. The pup’s breakfast looks better & bet taste better than the chocolate strawberry protein shake I had for breakfast this morning. Too many strawberry seeds!

  8. G’day

    That’s it I am coming over for brekky. Psst, hey Joe can you spot some some airfare from Australia to Toronto?? Pleeeeeeeease with sugar on top.
    Akemi is a marvel.

    Bugger, my title pick did not win.

  9. I won! I won! I finally won a title! Yay!!!!!!!!

    The art department are very clever. I wonder what the big grey things are… They look like big gravestones… The circle thing is for a screen with a message looping over and over.

    I wonder what the sound department are working on.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Plus what’s Ivon up to? …He’s been super quiet… Is he busy answering calls from GQ? 😉

    Joe, are you involved in editing all of the episodes?

    Cheers, Chev

    PS I love the dog breakfasts… I bet they did too… Akemi is a wonderful person.

  11. I didn’t pick the winning title this time around.

    More fab creativeness from the Art department, do they need another pair of hands? Would love to help out!
    Euh……..did I happen to mention that I was visiting Toronto in 4 weeks? 😚

  12. Now that’s how I like my eggs, dippin’, great job Akemi, nice photo shoot, could be a wall hanging. Oh and Joe, your photos are nice as well..

  13. Goodmorning my beautiful blog sibs! 🙂

    Ok I’ve got Animal Updates!

    Yay! Yesterday the vet declared all 4 of those sweet orphaned tabbies healthy enough to go to their new homes and as of 5 pm yesterday I learned they were all picked up as was pledged .I phoned each of the new parents last night and asked if they could please keep me updated and share names and pics if possible so we’ll all know how they are doing as time goes along. 🙂

    On another animal rescue note, Mark Brigham from one of the USGS sites our ed project has partnered with and supports, emailed me to let me know the Minnesota Wldlife Science Center that runs a conservation & education center and rescues orphaned wolf pups, is being kicked off their land by the state DNR. While the WS center has had plans on the books since 2007 for an eventual move to a larger property, they suddently have less than 6 months to raise $500K! U..S., get the new site and center built and the move completed. This will be an extremely difficult financial feat for them to pull off but we can all help them get there by retweeting their campaign posts.

    On twitter : RT the post pinned to the top of our timeline @NewScience101

    On Facebook you will find vids and campaign posts to share via this link:

    Direct donation link for all other sites & media

    xo Lets Show them the power of community! xo

    In this case we need to not only “vote to space em” but we need to do so now! and make sure they are exposed to lots n lots of space, eh! 😀

    (but I am glad we all voted “not to space” Raza’s SIX Roger C)

  14. Akemi should start a business catering dogs’ breakfasts. What she made for your kids looks so good!

  15. Ooo, long corridors and dark passageways, heavy, closed doors – always great to see! No idea what the big grey bolty looking things are…..
    Nice to see the Art Dept happy in their very busy work. They always do such a brilliant job. I doff my cap to them!
    Intrigued by the last passage shot. Are they some sort of life support pods for a lot of people (or something else)?… And is the blue pod-lid-type-thingy a door to one of them?

    I know its been said before, but maybe Akemi should open a restaurant catering for our canine friends … Those dishes are a delight to see!

  16. I need a personal chef! Yum.

    So many interesting doors and portals, a coffin for a glam vampire, and gray toast slices for a giant?

  17. I don’t see why all our buildings don’t look as cool as the DM sets, with cool light up doorways and shiny prison tableware. Our doors are boring and square, while the DM doors are parallelograms. Not that I want to survive by my wits and my sword skills but I’m seriously envying the architecture of DM.

    What a lovely breakfast, a hearty meal, were the pups bulking up for a busy day?

  18. Wowza! Fabulous work going on by the Art Dept crew. Everything looks so interesting and creative. Cannot wait to see all of these items in Dark Matter season 2. Are any of the cast a bit claustrophobic in those corridors I wonder?

    I missed on the title favorite yet again. I guess I need more context to match up the best title choice, but that would mean spoilers and I prefer to wait until the episodes air.

    As for the pups breakfast, well that sure looks better than my bland English muffin and coffee. Very artfully presented, and I’m sure Lulu and Bubba scoffed it all right down. Yum!


  19. The door to nowhere. Watch out that first step is a doozy.
    Boy those dogs are living large.. I can only get on Steamed port filled dumpling and am full.

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