Last week, you all helped select a name for our season premiere (now titled Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home).

Today, the voting begins for our second episode title of the young season.  Your choices are…

January 25, 2016: Help Me Name Another Episode!  Dark Matter Episode 201!

So, what’s it going to be?  Cast your vote!  Leave your mark on television history!

January 25, 2016: Help Me Name Another Episode!  Dark Matter Episode 201!

Blue screen blues.

January 25, 2016: Help Me Name Another Episode!  Dark Matter Episode 201!

Sample battered metal for…oh…something.

January 25, 2016: Help Me Name Another Episode!  Dark Matter Episode 201!

Design plan for an upcoming build.

Oh, hey!  Welcome to Janah-12!  Let 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond be your guide!

Or just use this handy directory…

33 thoughts on “January 25, 2016: Help me name another episode! Dark Matter Episode 201!

  1. This was a harder one to chose from.
    On one hand, the “Your extra pillows and a hug goodbye” seems like a possible touching moment. On the other hand, “kill them all” seems like a bunch of ass kicking is about to happen. In the end, it really depends on the tone of the episode. I guess I’m rooting for a kickin’ ass episode as I chose “Kill them all”!

  2. Well, since I’m assuming the second part of the opener is about a prison break, I went for Kill Them All… Plus it’s a nod to Metallica, be cool to have some ‘Tallica playing over the violence. 😉

  3. From my point of view, since we’re not voting on the content of the episode but only its name, I think “Hello, Pumpkin” is a particularly memorable one.

  4. This one is hard, since we have no context in what the episode is about, to tie to the episode title.

    The first one “Hello, Pumpkin” makes me think we’re going to get a visit from a guest star in the previous season, one that may either be welcomed or not. Reminds me of a Mal & Jayne type interaction. The second one “Your Extra Pillows and a Hug Goodbye” leads me to believe that one (or more) crew members will not be leaving the prison. The last one, “Kill Them All” makes me think someone wants to kill the crew, not necessarily a prison break. But it could be the latter, I guess.

    I’m going to have to think about this one…

  5. “Extra Pillows” seems like a good conclusion to the first episode’s title, because they both seem addressed to the new “guests” of this prison, and they’re both sarcastically syrupy in their solicitousness. (Say THAT five times fast!)

  6. Hi Joe
    I went with “Hello, pumpkin” said in a low, slow, deep & feminine voice.


  7. Now Joe, I do believe your guys have over done the blue filtration, just a tad, on the lights for that ‘blue screen shot’. May have problems grading it out later……
    . … or,
    . …… is that some medical contraption One is contained in? And what are those, like, radiography ‘ + ‘ marker lights? (So was that One in a previous screen grab?)
    I’m concerned….. 😶

    Who ate the last Ferrero Rocher chocolate? Was it Three or Six? Fingerprint the evidence left behind, NOW!

    That design plan for a future build, isn’t a minimum risk prison for ……nooooooo! … (gulp!) ……. Boxy? 😢

    PS Like the snazzy Janah 12 space station directory. How do you book a visit?

  8. Okay – voted, although it was tough choosing out of context. I’m keeping mum on my choice, but you can bet it was not “Kill them all”.

    @PBMom — Yes, this first snow was a doozy, but I’m just sore and have a feeling of accomplishment after all is said and done. I do prefer the 4 seasons up here. I have visited the south (Georgia, Florida) and was told they have hot and hotter, no real fall or spring. Not for me…

    KathyC Love the Firefly reference! “Reminds me of a Mal & Jayne type interaction.”

    1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond has done a fine job with that really cool animation. Now I want to go visit Janah12, perhaps using the transfer transit!


  9. I know it’s not your fault in the slightest Joe, but I think it’s kinda bad that the show doesn’t have a release in the US/CA on DVD/BD yet. Fans should be able to support the show if given the choice. Any chance of this happening this year?

  10. Hard to pick a title when you don’t know what the episode is about.
    I went with Kill them All….as long as the All does not include Three!

  11. @Drea, from yesterday: Yes, still with the insomnia. It’s been a bit less frequent lately, though. As in, not every night.

  12. Ok, Janah 12 space sta-directory, does it translate like the tardis used to do, I think I would need the English version, but I love it!!

  13. ‘Hello, Pumpkin’, because it sounded like Ragetti’s ‘Ello, Poppet, from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 🙂


  14. Thanks @2 cats; I have a Firefly poster on one of my walls, so they are always fresh in my mind. 😀

    Okay, voted. Like last time, keeping it a secret. Chose based on what I think would make a fun episode.

    On a side note…can someone tell me how to bold someone’s name? I see a lot of people doing it, but can’t seem to figure out how. Thanks!

  15. Seeing as how Bruce directed what I believe you coined as the “most ambitious episode to date” with lots of action…I voted for “Kill Them All” though “Hello Pumpkin” was a close second. I can so hear Three saying something like that.

    Loved the Janah12 directory. Nice graphics. Future upcoming build is intriguing. Poor One is feeling a little blue.

  16. I voted for Hello Pumpkin, because I’m pretty sure it’s what Three says to Five when she comes to rescue him.

  17. Hello Pumpkin is something I could hear Three say. I could hear 2 say “kill them all” and say Five say Your Extra Pillows and a Hug Goodbye. I know the general condition of the human cast, but am now intrigued of the whereabouts of Android. Why? because I kinda like H(it)er. Was there not a cartoon the has a stuff toy named pumpkin? or was it a talk show host that had a cat named pumpkin, oh well getting off track.

  18. So there I was poised on on the precipice of preposterousness When along came charging Joe!! who leapt right off the edge. 😀

    Given the choices, I’m reasonably certain I know which one the winner will be. Just the same I voted. If only to give those who prefer playful poetic justice versus the all too protrusively perspicuous, a decent fighting chance! 🙂

    @Mowtownfilly Here you Go:

    Sarcasticallysyrupyin theirsolicitousnessarcasticallysyrupyin their solicitousnesssarcasticallysyrupyin theirsolicitousnesssarcasticallysyrupyin their solicitousnessarcasticallysyrupyin theirsolicitousness

    And Just for good measure here it is Backwards:

    ssensuoticilosriehtniypurysyllacitsacrassensuoticilosriehtniypurysyllacitsacrasssensuoticilosriehtniypurysyllacitsacrasssensuoticilosriehtniypurysyllacitsacrassensuoticilosriehtniypurysyllacitsacraS <—

    And Backwatds + UpsideDown:

    ssəusnoʇıɔıๅosɹıəɥʇuıʎdnɹʎsʎๅๅɐɔıʇsɐɔɹɐssəusnoʇıɔıๅosɹıəɥʇuıʎdnɹʎsʎๅๅɐɔıʇsɐɔɹɐsssəusnoʇıɔıๅos ɹıəɥʇuıʎdnɹʎsʎๅๅɐɔıʇsɐɔɹɐssssəusnoʇıɔıๅosɹıəɥʇuıʎdnɹʎsʎๅๅɐɔıʇsɐɔɹɐsssəusnoʇıɔıๅosɹıəɥʇuıʎdnɹʎsʎɐɔıʇsɐɔɹɐS 😀

  19. @Yerushalmi -you’re making me feel bad for choosing Kill Them All over the far kinder Hello Pumpkin. But then again I do have Kill Them All cross-stitched on a pillow. Plus it seems like something both Ronon and Khal Drogo would say.

    I’m enjoying my first pair of bifocals, feels like I got brand new eyes. Spent the weeking watching Occupied on Ntflx, love Jo Nesbo.

  20. Update: We have the new kitty and she’s slowing getting used to things. I nearly had a panic attack thinking getting a new cat but I couldn’t leave Lucy in a cage any longer. Being in a cage for 2-2 1/2 years, she gets a little scared at normal house hold noises.

    I miss my other cats but I guess that’s normal. It was tough making cremation plans though. I’m pulling out the wine soon. 😉

    Jo (the vet) had the big treatment game plan laid out yesterday. She knew it was going to be bad but even she was shocked when the dr mentioned a feeding tube and a Tracheostomy. She’s hoping to work part-time during the radiation. Work will help keep her mind of things, so I hope she’ll feel up to it.

    I still haven’t caught her cat to wash it’s face. I’ve tried sweet talk, and dangling toys with no positive result. So tomorrow, I’m bringing a book and ignoring her. That usually drives cats crazy! The cat’s a Persian though and they are a bit different than other cats. Wish me luck.

    I hope all those in New Jersey stay dry and warm!

  21. @Tam have ya tried extra pillows or pumpkin pie to lure her yet?
    I hear even the most evasive of felines simply cant resist! 😀

    A big welcome to Lucy. I’m sure she will adjust before too long and find herself very happy in her loving new home. Much admiration & appreciation for your strength and courage jumping right back in to the game. Sending more warm thoughts and positive energy Jo’s way again today to help her hang in there! xo

    @gforce: insomnia must be contagious because I seem to be suffering bouts of it lately as well. If you should find yourself in a chatty mood sometime in the middle of the night, feel free to toss a D.M my way. If I’m awake I’ll respond right away. Dont know how coherent any of our conversations could possibly be at that hour but it’d at least give us both something to pass the time with.

  22. @GForce I have an herbal preparation that works. We tried all the others, and some of the ingredients in this were in the others except for something called P5P. Patrick’s psychiatrist said it acts like a transport mechanism. Now, fair warning, they stink to high heaven in the container. You guys remember the years I spent crying over him not sleeping (which meant us not sleeping). I’d send some to you, but I don’t know how well the pill-sniffing dogs would be at customs because they sure will smell this. But here is the link from Amazon:

    I use Smile Amazon for all my purchases because they send a portion of the money from my purchase to Patrick’s autism school. Same price, just a mirror site that helps charities. He hasn’t built a tolerance up to it yet and its been about 2-3 years now.

    Sorry I missed the voting.

  23. @Tam: Congratulations on the new addition. And you are a wonderful person for helping out your friend. Let’s hope she tolerates the radiation well and can work part-time like she planned. I’ll keep good thoughts for her for that. If she is up for visitors and is inpatient, I don’t mind going to visit her without knowing her. I used to do that with my church ministry with people who needed a visit.

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