Alexander Rook



Arax Nero



Corelactic Industries

Corporate War

Danny Bones


Derrick Moss


Dwarf Star Technologies


Emily Kolburn


Ferrous Corp



Galactic Authority



Jace Corso

Kal Varrick

key card


League of Autonomous Worlds


Maynad Hansmeed

Mikkei Combine



neural imprint




Republic of Pyr







Tabor Calchek



transfer transit

Traugott Corp





Warden Treihan



23 thoughts on “January 24, 2016: Dark Matter season 2 lexicon! (incomplete)

  1. Tee hee, I understand some of those 🙂

    Just finished baking a double batch of banock for an international movie night we’re having on our floor in my dorm tonight. Someone had to rep Canadaian First Nations, lol….. I am also part Norweigen, English, Irish, and Scottish, but I did not have time to make Norweigen Cardamom cookies, English Scones, Irish whiskey (Hello, I am allergic to the stuff!) or Scottish Haggis, so the others who have those ethnicities can coer those, haha….

  2. Kathy C, so did I. I thought Lexicon was like a Comic Con.

    Joe, very interesting. Impressed that it’s alphabetized. “League of Autonomous Worlds” sounds ominous.

  3. Oooooo……..

    I’m going to play ‘make lists of groupings to see if I can guess which belong to various storylines’ ..
    Ok, lets start ….
    Emily Kolburn ….. (erm) …. ok … er … Randroid? ….. ooo … erm, … I know…

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Android … 😊

    …. Hey, wait a minute! ……where’s Boxy?!

  4. Is this a test because I hate tests and because I never do well I am going to assume that lexicon is the name of a corporation a point of curiosity though why is the word shadow in a different font than the other words.

  5. I hope Das and anyone else along the Jersey shore are ok. We had a lot more snow NW of Philly than was predicted but that flooding looked bad.

  6. Wow. That’s a lot of stuff being packed into season 2! Can you recite that list 10x fast -BACKWARDS!?

    @TheOtherOne: How could you ask such a question after the way shameless Boxy broke my heart! Geesh! where’s your support & loyalty for your blog siblings!

    Deidre @Das, Carol @2cats: Hope you’re both doing ok after that snow storm. I heard a lot people suffered power/heat outages.

  7. In my small section of the Jersey Shore, some major roadways are already clear down to pavement. Alas, my specific street and cross road is not clear, but has at least been plowed a few times. It was a comic event seeing me trying to back out of my driveway this morning without hitting parked cars, utility pole or other people’s snow piles. All this, despite much shoveling on Sunday. I finally made it and crawled slowly along until I reached a major road. I arrived safely at work!

    Plenty of aches and pains today, but at least the hard part is over (for now). Wish my cats could have helped shovel!


  8. Ray Stevenson is going to be wonderful. Loved him in Rome (and he was pretty great in The Book of Eli)

    @PBMom Definitely Agreed. But so sorry to hear about your loss and well as that of your book club friend. Make any decisions yet for Activities for Patrick now that he wont be attending camp this summer?

    @Tam: If you decide to bring Lucy into your home am sure she will be very happy. Albeit, as you said, just make sure its good & disinfected first so she doesn’t catch anything Sammy had. Sending Hugs & Positive energy to Jo today. Did ya catch her shy one who doesn’t want her face washed yet?

    @gforce: Still suffering from bouts of insomnia?

  9. @Maggiemayday ha-ha-ha! 😀 Sounds like someone is feeling better today! xo

    Joe: What!!!? No Wexler returning from the dead in Season 2!!! 🙁

  10. @2cats Keep reminding me why I don’t miss living up north. I really admire you guys for dealing with all that. I’m bracing for the hurricane we will inevitably get this year. We’re due for one (been 8 years since the bad one), and this El Nino thing pushes the odds forever NOT in our favor.

    @Drea The summer camp was only for 4 days; I’m going to stay positive on this one and hope he gets a spot. If not, I’ll know better next year to register as soon as it opens in November (for the summer of the next year). Patrick has year-round autism school (if you want to check his school out they are out ) They are off one week in June (and he pretty much tags along with me to visit pets with me (I do pet sitting) and we do lots of errands which he loves. Then at the end of July, the last two weeks, they go down to a 3-day week of school. Then he is off the first two weeks in August. I usually take one week and Jeff takes the other week (and again Patrick tags along with me to work). So it won’t be bad at all. The week they had open was one of those August weeks though.

    @Gforce I know, right? Where is Lulu?

    Love the list. League of Autonomous Worlds (LAW) — hope they are going to lay down the “law.”

  11. Wah? Ray Stevenson?! I would backflip if I wasn’t at work (and if I knew how), yes! Love Rome!

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