January 23, 2016: A Former Guest Star Returns For A Surprise Visit!

Having been in “the biz” for going on 25 years, I rarely ever get star struck.  And yet, it happened yesterday when a former guest star visited the sit.  Pictured above, alongside Executive Producer Paul Mullie, is Boxy who you’ll no doubt remember from our big first season two-parter (Episodes 110 and 111).

January 23, 2016: A Former Guest Star Returns For A Surprise Visit!

Pictured above: Boxy patiently awaits his scene (Dark Matter Episode 110).

Boxy was a delight to work with – prompt, professional, and incredibly focused.  He never missed his mark; never questioned or flubbed a line.  And then, once he’d finished filming his scene, he’d quietly trundle off, presumably back to his trailer. He was effortless, a calming presence, one of those celebrities who you just couldn’t help but feel good to be around.

A sample of Boxy’s work (around the 5 second mark):

On his last day, I remember thanking him for doing the show and pointing out that, since we didn’t kill him off, there was a possibility his character could come back.  I got the sense that he really enjoyed his time with us and that, if the right script came along, he would be back.  Yesterday’s visit seemed to hint as much.  It was his unspoken way of gently reminding us that, hey, despite his busy schedule (I hear he just booked a six episode arc on The Good Wife), he’s missed us.  And, I think I speak for the entire crew when I say the feeling is mutual.

And we’re not the only ones.  The last time I checked, the Bring Boxy Back petition had already garnered over two thousand votes!  Who wants more Boxy?!  Let us know!

January 23, 2016: A Former Guest Star Returns For A Surprise Visit!

Paul and I hanging out on set with Boxy, May 2015.

33 thoughts on “January 23, 2016: A former guest star returns for a surprise visit!

  1. Yay for Boxy! Love when guest stars make reappearances. Can’t wait too see him in season 2! Maybe in more than one episode, please?

  2. Yay for Boxy!
    I’d vote for him everytime.
    Even though his character in Dark Matter was pushed around most of the time he certainly got his own back in the end, didn’t he! 😎

  3. …. I know Boxy didn’t actually blow the planet apart, but without his character’s heroic delivery, it certainly wouldn’t have happened!

  4. I also hear he’s very versatile and is really good at containing his emotions.

    2016 – Bringing Boxy Back! 🙂

  5. I see I’m not the only one Perpetually Poetically Poised On The Precipice of Preposterousness! 🙂

    But gotta hand it to ya Joe! Always making sure everyone and everything is given their due credit and made to feel important and appreciated.

    (one of the many reasons why we luvs ya so much! ) xo

    And I must confess, Boxy is rather attractive & charasmatic. I can see why you might be a bit star struck. hmmmmm. …… Is he single?

    …on second thought. never mind. He’s probably too much of a player. I hear he’s constantly got women throwing their clothes and other belongings at him! Not that I can blame them. If he were mine I’m sure I’d give him as much of my worldly possessions as he could possibly handle!

  6. A great character actor with outstanding, on the set, action character performance every time. Yes, I can see him in a critical breakout role this season. Please bring Boxy back for a standing performance maybe more than once, or twice.

  7. All I could think of was the kid in the original Battlestar Galactica. I’m old

  8. Good old “first take” Boxy. I read Boxy was one that never missed a line. Even in that promo Boxy stood apart.

  9. No offence to your other posts, which I always read and usually quite enjoy and appreciate… But this was my favourite post of yours in several months. Thanks for the free entertainment, and please keep it up! And my wife and I will keep watching your worthy Stargate successor. Because for us, and myself especially, I like a fun, serialized, well written story. And these blog posts are just a fun freebie for the long wait between seasons.

  10. Joe, you may recall that I often gift talent with hand-crocheted hats. What, pray tell, is Boxy’s favorite color?

  11. @TamDixon @2cats Update: So woke up to my phone ringing at 7 am this morning. Though my first reaction was “who the #@!!*&#! could be calling me so early on a Sunday?!”…… Guess what!?? Hooray! 🙂 -All 4 homeless babies now have well suited loving homes to go to when theyre old enough! XO

    @Tam Have you heard back from your vet yet? How’s she doing with her first weekend of treatment? & Was your hubby able to get her bedroom wired up to watch netflix?

    And now for a brief Sunday serenade to the ‘current’ moments object of my hearts truest, absolutely unbeatable, love and affections!

    :Seemingly Boundless Reliquaries Brimming with Bountiful Baubles Be gone!
    For only Boxy, with his amazingly deep capacity and undeniable Bravery & Brawn that allows for me to fill him with all I truly am and have,
    can Be-ist my Beseechingly Blissfullest most Bouyant vessel of Beatific Breathless Beauty & Blitheful moments of Blushing Banterings and Beguiling Bemusement.

    Wishing everyone a Bananna filled Sundae topped with the sweet Bouquet of A Bubbly Balancing Butterscotch & Bewitchingly Boisterous Berries! 😀

    xo Am off to the Ice Arena to Dance! xo

  12. Drea: Such good news about the kittens! I need good news. Jo (the vet) is heading to Houston right this minute. She says they are scheduling scans and tests through the week. I hope it goes well. I’m on morning housesitting duty all week for her. Jo wants me to catch one of her fur babies and wash it’s face. Wish me luck catching that cat! She’s very shy. As for the wiring, my hubby doesn’t feel comfortable cutting big holes out of her walls. He’s trying a “power line”? It’s supposed to boost the signal or something. It works in our house but he’s going over there to try it today. Fingers crossed!

    Ponytail: So sorry to hear about your dad. It’s fortunate you live in the same city. Big {{{hugs}}} for the upcoming decisions!

    Das: Thanks for the wine suggestions.

    I might have another cat coming tomorrow. It’s a little calico named Lucy that I wanted to adopt two years ago. Bringing another cat in then would have given Harry a nervous breakdown, Ruby would have tried to kill her and Sammy would have given her cooties. So Lucy’s been in a cage all this time. 🙁 Maybe something good can come out of all this? Right now, I feel like the angel of death though.

    Mr. M,/b>: You are one lucky guy to work with such great people! Bring Boxy back! Oh and just out of curiosity, did your sister get the genetic profile back on her new dog?

  13. Oops on coding error and …. I can’t believe I mixed who/what Boxy was! This migraine is making me dense. I can see Boxy’s cameo on Netflix now. Very cool!

  14. Ok am back. Good work out.

    Tam LOL! Did ya think you were responding to Das having suggested “BOX WINE”?? 😀

    Migraine today huh? UGH! NO FUN! AT ALL!. Best to lay back and close your eyes for a while, and not be looking at things like your computer screen.

    I’ll go pick on , uhhhh…………………………… I mean go chat with …..

    one of our other blog siblings for a while.

    “Oh Boxy, you are the bees knees!”

    @MaggieMayDay So glad you are feeling recovered enough to flirt but……

    …. Don’t count your hornets before they swarm eh!

    Hands off girlee. That SEXY TOY BOX is ….. MINE! 😀

    On second thought Tam ….. Maybe ya better stick around for a little while to mediate……. This could get ugly!

  15. Boxy is looking spiffy! No one can wear green and yellow like our Boxy! And no one but Boxy can make diagonal stripes look so cool!

  16. Whew! I am tired. Just spent the morning and early afternoon digging out my car and driveway, then also the mandatory cleaning of sidewalks, from the “Great Snow of 2016”. Just wait, next week there will be another one and perhaps another “big snow” in April. What is this, Canada or something? (Snicker)

    At least the sun is strong and helping to melt some of it. I can hear it sliding in large chunks off the roof from inside.

    Time to binge watch Dark Matter on Netflix!


  17. I heard Boxy was being considered for a Saturn award.

    @TamDixon I need to give you my phone number to give to your vet friend in case she needs anything. You are a good friend for helping.

    @Ponytail I know the weight of that responsibility. Hang in there.

    I got to watch the first 3 episodes of XFiles (my Fox connections). It was awesome. I wrote a review on my blog if anyone cares to read it. Been watching all this snow up in my hometown (NYC). My best friend on Long Island said they got 30 inches. It looks so beautiful but I don’t miss it for a moment.

  18. Ah, Boxy the ultimate professional, method actor.

    When will he be attending his first Comic Con, and where?
    The Cosplayers will love him……

  19. ~~~~Boxy, your stripes are so slimming!! Are you doing an autograph session?
    ~~Tam oh yea, bring another baby home, Lucy will be so lucky! My neighbor just adopted a 7 year old stray from humane society, lucky critter..

  20. Hilda, Read your review. Look forward to catching the “re-premiere” tonight, As for me, today I was granted the opportunity to catch the season 3 premiere of Black Sails. Loved it! It was a wee bit slow in some moments but over all it set the tone of the seasons story line quite nicely. Albeit while I was at my friends home watching this adventure filled tale unfold I ended up breaking up with my beloved Boxy. You see apparently the rumors I heard about him were true. There were several women at my friends home today, while Boxy was visiting and none could resist throwing their garments and what nots at him, caring not that I was standing right there next to him watching them do so. But what made matters much worse is ‘He’ accepted their loose offerings gladly without discretion and never once thought of having the decency and respect to just say no. Oh woes me! Are there truly no decent worthy single men left out there?! 😀

    I dont miss the snow back on Long Island where I grew up either. Carol @2cats was tasked with having to dig out a whole bunch of heavy wet snow today in NJ and am pretty sure she did not cherish the chore at all. Albeit I do miss the dryer lighter more powdery snow falls that glisten & glitter under golden beams of moon light back home in Colorado. It is definitely the prettier more magical trans-formative picture perfect winter wonderland kind and much easier to shovel a path through the next day. ( Though we do unfortunately get the occasional heavier hard to plow or shovel through wetter snow storms as well.).

    1. @Drea Love Black Sails. We just caught up with that last night. The addition of Ray Stevenson is going to be wonderful. Loved him in Rome (and he was pretty great in The Book of Eli). I was supposed to go to book club last night but I got horrible news about 3:45 that the man who had been like a father to me (I’ve known him since I was 11) died. I actually lived with their family for about 3 months when I was 14. I decided to stay home. Another member of our book club–her son killed himself after Christmas–and she was going to be there–the first social thing she has gone to since it happened–and I didn’t want my grief on hearing this news to spill over to her trying to do something positive for herself. Thanks for reading the blog on the X-Files.

  21. Who knew that a guest spot could possibly turn into a reoccurring role? Go Boxy! My illiteration skills are lacking so I’ll simply say it will be nice to see a familiar “face” on set.

    Joe, hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  22. Please let’s make sure Boxy doesn’t go down the path of R2D2. I hear it was nearly a miracle to get him sobered up enough for his mere minutes on screen in The Force Awakens. Emmy for Boxy 2016!

  23. @ponytail Yes! lol What’s Boxy’s stance on the oscar boycott? And the gender pay gap?

  24. I think Paul and Joe are grinning because Boxy is where they hide all the whiskey.

    @PB Mom -you’ve seen Ep 3? I’m looking forward to that one, it’s supposed to start the monster of the week eps before they go back to the Big Conspiracy. I’m loving the nostalgia of X Files but after Homeland and The Americans the conspiracies on X File seem a little tame but I’ll keep watching, I feel like they’re building to something good.

    1. @Shinyhula I’m part of the Fox blogger program (since 2011). I get screeners. I haven’t been able to watch all the new shows this year (I don’t get paid for it so my work and things for Patrick have to come first). I used to get all the promotional stuff too, but I told them to stop sending that because it is just taking up too much space in my closets. So I just get screener access at this point. The first 3 episodes of XFiles was in there for me and 3 episodes of Lucifer (along with other shows). Since Lucifer has already aired, the point is moot to write a blog. I actually have to catch up with my American Idol recaps.

      @Drea Zach McGowan who plays Vane on Black Sails is on “The 100” this season. He just has this terrifying presence about him. He’s playing a grounder in “The 100” and is already upping the suspense in the season. AND he was here at Space City Con in July but I couldn’t go because of all my orthopedic issues. The convention center is not easy to get to and there was going to be too much walking involved. I was sad. They were having a Star Trek Voyager reunion. Robert Picardo was down here, too.

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