January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

Anthony Lemke (THREE) and director Bruce McDonald discuss tattoos and such between set-ups.

January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

Is it possible to have any more fun on set?

January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

Bruce sets up his first shot of the day.

January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

A meeting of the minds.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the dogs express their delight for their winter wear…

January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

January 12, 2016: Dark Matter And Doggy Doings!

He’s saying: “Noooooooooo!”

21 thoughts on “January 12, 2016: Dark Matter and doggy doings!

  1. Hmmm, did one of them confess to having a smurf tattoo on their butt or something? lol Cool pix as always. So, one dog is in bliss with the new outfit, the other can’t get it off fast enough… we’d never get our dog to keep a doggy-coat on, lol.

  2. Heh, Lulu looks pretty content, but poor Bubba!! It looks like he’s howling in pain!

    Things are looking pretty relaxed at H-8. Probably needs to be a crack-down! 🙂

  3. Ahhh! What a great start to this blog entry! My man Three!!! Oh I have missed him. The pups look like they are liking the footwear!

  4. Poor puppies! I had a Welsh Corgi with hair for days, and I know she’d never had worn any kind of outfits. She’d have them off in seconds. She loved water, mud, and snow. Of course a Tn winter isn’t like a Toronto winter.

    Love the pics! Keep ’em coming! Looks like Three hurt his hand – was it from punching a person or punching a wall? Also looks like he’s having a nice one on one with someone from Serious Crimes….

  5. Awww those poor pups!! My 16 year old is laughing hysterically, and says he can’t wait to get “shoes” for his pug (that he doesn’t have yet.) LOL

  6. Questions for Linda

    1. Where did you study to become a make-up artist. My niece is thinking of it as a career.

    2. Who wriggles the most in the make-up chair?

    3. Does the temperature in Toronto affect how often you have to touch-up?

    4. What’s the best thing about Toronto outside of the show?

    5. What city would you most love to visit?

    6. Do you have any tattoos? How long does it take to cover up Alex’s tattoos?

    7. How do you select the style of make-up per character?

    8. How do you cope with actor allergies?

    9. Cats or dogs or….?

    10. What sort of music do you play in the make-up trailer?

    Please pick the best ones to answer… 😊

    Cheers, Chev

  7. Poor little dogs…don’t they grow a Winter coat?

    Does Anthony have a bandage on his hand? I wonder if Three got into a fight in Hyperion-8? I’d say it’s a good bet.

    Why does everyone always hang around behind the director?

    Cheers, Chev

  8. @ Tam So sorry to hear you’re still not having any luck getting poor Ruby to eat. Seems vets across the U.S have been rather liberally suggesting the science diet for ailing dogs/cats for years and not a single one of my pets or my neighbors fur babies would ever touch the stuff once it’s put in front of them.

    Hope the vet can offer something to help her today. Sending hugs love and good thoughts your way. Try to stay strong and think positive. xo

    @Joe So here we are at Wednesday week. Dinah’s busy scolding and schooling her kittens, Alice has now discovered the looking glass and is likely routing her escape into fantastikal alternate dimensions as we speak And you, my dear Joseph, (as much whirlwindy fun as you have been fortunate to experience on the set with Bruce),… well, lets just say am wagering a dozen of the worlds best chocolate chip cookies you will spend a good portion of your day today contemplating what evil sweet treats you’d like to torture us with next weekend and how you are going to spend the billion+ grade A U.S $$ dollars you are going to win tonight eh!

    Hope lunch proves much better today than what you posted yesterday!

    Albeit, thanks to the awful caterer (whos mug shot should definitely be placed on a global terrorist alert bulletin and posted in every kitchen far an wide!) and Gary’s joke about using the rubber chicken as a weapon, it actually inspired an absolutely ingenious idea for a very unique, fun, halloween costume for this year! Oh Heck! Halloween is much too far off and this idea is so incredibly brilliant -perhaps I wont bother to wait eh!

    (You are here by forewarned uncontrollably hilarious photos may ensue at a twitter and blog theatre near you sometime soon!) 😀

    @Maggie Hope today proves to be a good day for ya as you continue down the path to recovery. xo

  9. Thanks for the smiling faces and bts. Who is in charge of continuity, making sure the clothes, people,, are the same in the shot as before, the furniture etc, or are they going on a blooper reel? That might apply to make-up also, fight injuries, etc..

  10. I took Ruby in for her appointment this morning for blood tests. They showed an increase of liver damage and other organ problems. I had to let her go. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. This is hard but easier than with Harry. We gave her a good life and I believe she’d still be in a shelter (tormenting all the other cats) if we had not seen through her unusual behavior to the sweet soul she had. I can understand why some people don’t want pets though. Feels like I lose a piece of me each time I say goodbye.

  11. @Tam -I’m so sorry to hear. *hugs*, my condolences. Reminds my of my Sasha. Most people thought she was psycho, I saw beneath some of her behaviours to the beautiful cat within.


  12. My sincere condolences Tam. You do lose a bit of yourself with each goodbye, but you also have a part of Ruby with you forever.

    Is Anthony sporting a goatee, or is that just the shadow and angle?

    Lulu and Bubba are sweetie babies every time. I think you just caught Bubba in a yawn. I’m sure they both appreciate the warmth of their winter gear once outside for walks.

    P.S. None of my cats would eat Science Diet, although it was often recommended by my various Vets over the years. One sniff and they would stroll away from it with a distinct look of disgust.

  13. Couple questions for you, Joe, for a future mailbag….

    Have you ever thought about the possibility that Dark Matter gets so popular that Syfy would want to upgrade to show to a 20 or 22 episode season? Would you agree to do it, or keep the show to the 13 episode format?

    Any thoughts on the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie?

    -Mike A.

  14. Tam
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You fought hard and long, to give Ruby every opportunity to recover. Its so hard when you have to let them go.
    From what I’ve read here, she could have made a awesome Raza crew ship cat!

  15. Wondering if Arax Nero will be played by Cas Anwar? I feel like I suddenly got terrible at googling because I can’t suss out who’s playing Arax.

    Love the stylish togs on the dogs, Lulu’s got her boxing booties to keep her warm and pop any fools that cross her path on her evening stroll. if Charles Bronson was a pug I bet he’d wear those booties.

  16. @Tam Dixon I’m so sorry your furbaby had to move on. It’s never easy to say goodbye.

  17. Lulu and Bubba reactions to their winter gear were funny. 🙂 Joe, your Facebook is a bit of a downer. I friended you anyway, so thanks for adding me. I hope all of those poor doggy souls find their forever homes and the lost ones are reunited with their families.

    This winter has been dragging me down, even though it’s actually pretty warm with not much snow so far. I need a holiday or new episodes of Dark Matter. Maybe I’ll track down the first season on Netflix. That might cheer me up.

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