January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!

We tried out a new caterer today.  On the menu: flaccid boiled chicken, dressing-free salad, and fat slices of disquietingly gooey eggplant parm topped with cold cheese.  Mmmmm.  There were a lot of crew members ordering pizza this afternoon. In retrospect, I suppose it was apropos.  Prison food for our prison set…

January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!Today, stunt coordinator John Stead and his crew were front and center for the BIG extended action sequence.  Fists and feet weren’t the only things flying on this day. John did a brilliant job choreographing the scene and director Bruce McDonald did an equally brilliant job capturing the on set mayhem.

Also today, we took a little walk-thru one of the new sets.  Some terrific work by Production Designer Ian Brock and both the Art and Construction departments.

January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!

Oh, you do NOT want to go in there.

January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!

Well, this is creepy.

January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!

Down and dirty.

January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New Sets!  Flaccid Chicken!

Textures, colors, and filth!

21 thoughts on “January 11, 2016: Mayhem! New sets! Flaccid chicken!

  1. That doesn’t look like the Raza to me, so an older section of the prison? The place they end up escaping to? Sounds like this fight scene is going to be awesome, and looks like if Anthony Lemke’s “box” photo on twitter is anything to go by.

  2. it seems to me that catered food for movies & tv is very hit or miss in quality. kind of like school cafeteria food.

    can you guys tell whoever is in charge of hiring the food people that this caterer shouldn’t come back?

  3. Too bad you couldn’t have worked the rubber chicken into the fight scenes. Perhaps as an impromptu weapon.

    Also, maybe the caterer was inadvertently inspired by the Hyperion-8 food dispenser results, and thought that’s what you guys were looking for?

  4. The chicken looks worse than the scary looking rotisserie chicken I had to clean off the bone for my chicken noodle soup. Turned out good. Guessing the new caterer will be the old caterer… ‘
    ~Such amazing detail in the sets, thanks for sharing the photos, you do have a very talented bunch working with you.!! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  5. Looks like that caterer inherited the 1970’s cookbook from my colleg’s cafeteria. Recommend you fire them.

  6. huh. Looks like I was right yesterday… That “prison”-food *was* made by CRAFT-SERVICES! #eewww

    BTW, are you sure that these caterers ARE the caterers, and not just some special-effects FAKE “food” makers trying to break into the “Business”..?? — As in, your Crew has just been Punked by a non-Foodie studio accountant whose 3rd-cousin’s-in-laws are looking for employment..??

  7. Was the “new caterer” the prison food dispensing machine? If so, not bad for food from a nozzle. I can’t even spell “Happy Birthday” using a nozzle, so something remotely resembling a piece of chicken is better’n I could do.

  8. Hope all the stunt work went smoothly!

    Duct tape the chicken under Ivon’s chair! 😀

  9. Who doesn’t like a good ole fashioned prison fist fight, hopefully there weren’t any shanks, unless our crew had them! “Creepy” pic reminds me of an ancient burial dig, “Down & Dirty” looks like an older section of H-8 that’s been closed off for awhile….

  10. While the company provided Christmas meal was not great but decent, I feel I got a better deal. My coworkers were even marveling at the freshness and variety of ingredients of the garden salad. With your description of the the menu, I guess I have less to complain about and be thankful.
    How about a Friday pot luck?
    For the one set, looks like it could use a creature that could naw a body down to the bone.

  11. Oh my gosh! That is just what you guys need for an epic days shoot …. craptastic food! I guess it’s kind of healthy … isn’t it?! Similar to that A/D diet Ruby’s on … Good for you but in a yucky, bland way?

    Tam, have you tried Marmite/vegemite (yeast extract) on her paws – a very small amount! Or sardines in tomato sauce (yeah, I know!) Sometimes heating it up slightly, to get the smells going. Another trick we often found worked, was eating our own food in front of her, VERY noisily!

    So, who ever hired this new lot of caterers, are they heading for the incinerator room?
    Thanks for introducing us to the new sets. These look more like working areas … I’m guessing the mining(?) process areas? Makes the general pop area look quite inviting ….
    Good luck with todays shoot! Have fun … Hope your lunch is better today!

  12. Good morning Mr Phelps! your mission today….. uh … wait. What?!! O’ sorry, my bad. wrong set, again.

    By the way Mr Mcdonald, I noticed your red light was flickering above the door when I came in. Its probably just the batteries wearing down but ya might want to have an electrician perform a lookseee just in case…

    @ Joe :

    Wow! So the incinerator room is getting built already??? Things sure happen fast on the DM set! Your sprawltacularly talented crew must be working 24/7 eh!!! Cant wait! to see how the prison break plays out!! 😀

    DANG!! I still cant get over what an awesomely HUGE! set that is for H8!
    The cast n crew could host one helluva combo treasure hunt/Find your way out of the labyrinth game in there!

    Exuberantly busy morning here! Hope I’ll be able to catch a lunch time nap even if it only serves to stave off the typing stutter monster that seems to oft enjoy taunting my oft scwambled eggs head bwain 😀

    Wishing everyone a beautiful,
    effortlessly ebullient and surreptitiously serendipitous day
    And may all your day dreams prove ~disquietingly delicious!!~

    xo Drea
    (the now slightly chubbier since yesterday ballerina n STEM ed geek!

  13. I’d still eat the food. That looks like a plate of no allergic reactions or sugar crashes to me.

  14. Drea: I’m getting very discouraged with Ruby. She actually seems worse today. I’m wondering if there is something else is going on. Vet appointment tomorrow, so I’ll see if her results are better. I might have to let her go. 🙁

    The food looked ……unfortunate. Maybe it’s a one time thing? On the bright side, everyone will be able to stick to their diet.

    Sets look amazing!!!

  15. Great detail on the sets.
    @robesmith72 I also think it’s the crew’s escape route through disused parts of the prison. But what’s at the end – the Raza, parked up, refuelled and ready to go? 😊

    That chicken looks a few shades short of anaemic!

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