Today, we were back on Hyperion-8 for our third day of main unit.  On the docket:

  • Inserts owing of the “flash”
  • The lipstick acquisition
  • A deal is struck/A plan is hatched
  • A complication leads to an improvisation (that will, in turn, lead to another complication – which will, again, lead to another improvisation)
  • The ladies out and about
  • Bubba’s back!

January 5, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2!  Episode 202!  Day 3!

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it’s been working with director Bruce McDonald again.  He always brings such a great energy to set.  There’s never a bad or boring day when Bruce is calling the shots.

So, before the holidays, I mentioned there were some big guest star announcements coming your way.  Well, they’re still coming.  In the meantime, said guest stars have made their to Toronto for costume fittings, hair and make up sit downs and, in a couple of cases, some actual on-set action.  Like “that Stargate alum” (and our Arax Nero), the formerly Scottaholic Misaki Han, the actor playing Devon with the family connection to a former kick-ass bad girl, and a big screen player playing our crew as Chief Inspector Lee Shaddick.  Confirmations to come!

Regarding the Periscope I mentioned in a previous post, I was trying to pick a time that would be convenient for all of our fans – but work commitments and different time zones make doing so a near impossibility.  UNLESS – we happen to do it on a Saturday.  And, as it turns out, we happen to be shooting THIS Saturday.  So, all I have to do is pick a time – and then the rest will be up to you.  Head over here ( or visit your local corner app store, download the app and then prepare for a live stream (via subspace comms) directly from Hyperion-8. Tell your friends!

23 thoughts on “January 5, 2016: Dark Matter season 2! Episode 202! Day 3!

  1. You’re shooting and periscoping this Saturday? I happen to be ready to receive said subspace transmission this Saturday! Meant to be, it was.

  2. Actually, Saturday is probably the BEST for me as I’m not at work!

    Some sad news – I had noticed yesterday that one of the new budgies that I got seemed to be not feeling well. His feathers were fluffed up some, which usually means they’re not feeling well. But, other than that things seemed to be fine – he was very active, ate well, and had no other physical symptoms that he was ill. Even this morning, he seemed okay and was eating and jumping around the cage.

    I had set my web cam up in the morning so I could keep an eye on them, and throughout the morning I could see that he was still hopping around the cage and sometimes saw him eating. Then, just after lunch I couldn’t see him any more (the camera didn’t cover the whole cage). And, even time I checked after there was still no sign. I grew very concerned and actually headed home. Sadly, by the time I got home he had already passed away. So, it must have been quite sudden. I kind of wonder if the stress of moving to a new home brought it on, or the stress perhaps combined with a heart problem. Even though I had not yet time really to bond, I felt terrible about it. I also called the breeder who was very upset, though not at me but rather the loss as she had of course raised the bird from a hatchling.

    The other one still seems to be doing fine and of course Brio is his usually boisterous self.


  3. That lipstick things got to be some kind of weapon, why else make a deal out of it… maybe a laser, or a way to short the forcefield around a cell – put someone to sleep if you kiss them… Sound like Two, Five and the Android were busy too, cool. Alex kinda looks like he’s haing a “Woah, wtf!?” moment there, lol. Like I said about periscope though, I’ll have to wait to see if it’s uploaded, I don’t have a device that uses it.

  4. There’s no such thing as a former kickass bad girl. We prefer the term “retired”. Jk, I was never bad.

  5. I am madly starting preparations for “All Access 2016” by creating my pitch packages for it. Hopefully. it’ll lead to being able to see a few of my own creative dreams come true on a larger scale than the mere webseries I’ve been working on the last 2-3 years.

    Still have to reshoot some scenes for Preflight (a scene that morphs into a love scene) as the clown who initially shot it did two very bad things with it! First, he made it so darned dark that it looked very grainy (he did this all in-camera by making the aperture so small, you’d be lucky to fit a beading needle through it!) and secondly, he went waaaaaaaaaaaay off-script and tried turning it into a porn (even though I told him bluntly at the time “these scenes aren’t usable because they ARE NOT IN THE SCRIPT!” but he also made a veiled threat to break my camera…). There were other things that happened too, but suffice to say, my leading man in the scene (actor Evan Wilson) and I are trying to get our schedules lined up so we can actually get it shot sometime this month, as we are both full time students (me, at the University of Manitoba, and he, at the University of Winnipeg) and our time is limited as is with classes. But he is a phenomenal actor, wise beyond his years in terms of his maturity level, etc, so I know it’s worth the wait to reshoot those scenes rather than using the less-than-amateur looking footage that was done before.

    But in the meantime, the pitch packages require tending, and I also need to prep for classes myself (as well as keep my eyes open for any auditions coming up, though admittedly, I cannot see doing that many this week due to All Access). I really love reading your blog as it gives me some inspiration as to the level I’d love to take my own work someday, even if I am just a “Farmgirl in the City”, lol….

  6. Inga Cadranel tweeted the other day that she would be appearing on the show. I’m anxious to see who plays. She played Bo’s mom Aife on “Lost Girl” and has also appeared on “The Strain”, “Orphan Black” and numerous other shows.

  7. Your killing me with the confirmations later!!!!
    I am game for the Periscope especially if you add a certain “3”.

  8. I need help with periscope I’ve never used it before I downloaded from the play store and logged in via my twitter account other than that forms here on out how to i go about viewing joes broadcast

  9. So good to see Alex, note he’s also in detention brown. Where I work our scrubs are color coded for different departments. My department is the lovely mocha brown sometimes called chocolate brown. I call it shit brown.

    Looking forward to more updates and pics as production progresses. Eagerly anticipating Bubba’s return as well as Lulu and Pip. Will be ready for periscope on Sat just let us know when!

  10. @ gforce – Awe, so sorry about your new bird. That is sad.

    @ Tam – Hope your cat is doing better.

    @ maggiemayday – Hopefully your healing will go by quickly. We’re here for you crankypants. Anytime you need to vent, go ahead.

    Bruce McDonald is fantastic. Alex looks like he is paying close attention. Smart guy. I can’t do Periscope. Wish you could record it.

  11. Yay! Bubba’s back!! Bring it on!!!
    (Hope the batteries are charged up and ready to go?) With Bruce directing, this should be something worth waiting for …(except, the waiting IS soo hard, Joe 😐)

    With your actor clues I feel I should know who some of them are …. but I don’t (see, given up already 😉). Pleeeze tell us soon …..

    Looking forward to and think I’m ready for the Saturday (good choice!) periscope thingy….

  12. PS gforce So sorry about your little feather buddy. They’re such characters aren’t they? I hope the other one will be ok.

  13. Bubba’s back – woohoo! But, how did Three get Bubba back? Someone on the inside helping or have the crew escaped prison and fighting to get back to the Raza? Loads happening and it’s only Episode 2 #bringiton

    Looking forward to the official new cast announcements.
    And, when will David Hewlett be back on set with his new snazzy Tabor Calchek outfits? 😚

  14. @Gary So sorry for your loss.
    You seemed so excited to be getting two new family additions.

    @Tam Hope the tests go ok today Is Ruby keeping anything down yet?

    @Maggie Ditto to what PonyTail said. We’ll be here if you need a laugh, smile hug or just need to vent.

    @Jorie Sounds like you really got your hands full this week eh! Hope your one on one pitches go well.

    @Shinyhula I’ve only tried maple candy once (with the darker Vermont syrup). Personally I enjoyed it very much but am sure its not everyone’s cuppa.

    @JeffW Be sure to let us know if you come across any really super cool A.I or holography innovations this week at CES16!. 🙂

    @Joe Periscope on Saturday sounds like fun. My appointment book shows me scheduled to be at NASA KSC in the morning albeit I’ll likely be home by lunch time.

    Here’s hoping everyone has a spectacularly magical mystical mirthful mayhem filled Wednesday!

    Godzilla sized hugs to all! XO

    mmmm! Delicious! 🙂

  15. I’m not so good with a live thing. I get interrupted too often for something like that. It’s getting a little better with the kids being older and having a working copy of Mario Kart.

  16. Drea Crysel, Ponytail, JeffW: Ruby is a little better. Thanks for asking about her. The new meds are helping her to keep food down. She’s still not eating on her own but vet said that might take a few weeks. Rub’s lab tests were mixed but showed some improvements. She has so many medications (mostly injections), I might have to start a log to keep them all straight. Poor cat. She growls when she sees me and purrs when my hubby comes in. Yesterday, when we were both in the room, she growled and purred at the same time. ( I didn’t know they could do that!) We’re trying to think of a word for it. Prowling? Gurring?

    Gforce: So sorry to hear about your new bird.

    JeffW: Hope the trip goes great!

    Maggiemayday: Glad you’re feeling better! Are you home yet?

    Ponytail: Did you do anything special for your birthday?

    Mr. M.: The new season sounds so intriguing. When does S2 air?

  17. Saturday is good, that means we may be days away from those casting announcements? No? Yes? I’m guessing the SG alum either has messy hair, is a pretty girl or a caveman. Or he played football and has a fondness for leather greatcoats, or he has 7 other mind-siblings living in his head? Or his last name rhymes with Ricardo? Or he’s good at fixin’ things with a rubberbands, gum and a paperclip?

  18. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great new year! I’m back from my mini-hiatus as well(I’ve been on furlough since Christmas Eve), although I don’t get to return to making an awesome pew-pew space drama… 🙁

    I think as a season 4 finale/cliffhanger, you should have the crew meet “the man behind it all”, the one who orchestrated this whole rollercoaster ride they’ve all been on this whole time. The “Big Bad”, as it were.

    He should be sitting at a desk as they are all summoned into his office, looking confused and pissed off as they all look around, scanning the place(whether it’s in a plush private library-esque room or a clean room-style office where the desk is the only thing in there is up to you) and he should have a dog on his lap. A chinese pug, named Bubba.

    Not to say or imply that you are that person, but to give Bubba a cameo and to subliminally tie in as to “why/how” THREE named his gun. Showing that everything they did was orchestrated, even down to the minute details. It would require no verbal confirmation, just a subtle confused glance to SIX, as SIX responds with a one-sided grin during the Big Bad’s explanation of why he did what he did and what he’s going to do next. And then season 5 is the season long battle to take that guy and his organiztation down!

    It’d be a 10 second thing, but a really fun easter egg for us blog-types!

    -Mike A.

  19. @When does S2 air?

    I’m hoping it stays on Friday in the Summer, but in an earlier timeslot. It did better than Defiance some weeks in the 18-49 demo last season, despite being at 10pm. Why not try at 8-9pm? Plenty of shows out there with violence with earlier slots. That said being said, I wonder what will air with it + Killjoys? I think Dark Matter would have pulled better numbers had it been on earlier.

  20. Shaneac1: you need to follow Joe so you are notified when he comes live. Go to the “people” icon and you will find a list of people you follow on Twitter, if you follow him (and I’m sure you do, haha) his name will be there. You may have to scroll down past the “trending” folks to get to your twitter friends. Tap the head with + icon on the right, and you are all set! Turn your notifications on for Periscope so you’ll get the little noise when someone you follow starts broadcasting. Hope that helped!

  21. I’ve downloaded the app and I’m ready – assuming nothing gets in the way of Saturday.

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