1. Time IS speeding up.  At first, I thought this was merely a personal perception.   As my friend, Alex, once pointed out – people experience “time flying” as a result of repetitious experiences.  In other words, when you’re younger, everything is new and the memories made are more vivid and concrete whereas, as you grow older, you tend to cover the same unmemorable territory which leaves no lasting impression.  It simply feels like time is flying because there are fewer recollective touchstones to harken back to.  It sounded like a plausible theory, but I prefer a more cosmological hypothesis.  Time started ticking off at a glacial pace with the Big Bang but has grown speedier as the universe hurtles towards its inevitable end, the Big Crunch.  Alternately, a microcosmic application of the same hypothesis holds that it’s not the universe but my life that’s nearing it’s inevitable conclusion  and that the relative speed of MY time’s progress hints at my own impending end.
  2. Never put your faith in any Green Back Packer during the fantasy football playoffs.
  3. All of my dreams are interconnected, elusive, opaque pieces of the same chimeric puzzle.
  4. No joke.  I can’t gift-wrap for shit.
  5. It’s impossible to write while on set.  It’s taken me this long to realize this because, up until this year, I’ve never really had to.
  6. Realistically, I won’t have time to work out again until May of 2016.
  7. The plastic spoons on the craft service table on the Dark Matter are lethal, their edges honed to razor-ship perfection.  This I discovered while trying to eat my morning oatmeal.
  8. Vancouver is SOOOO much better than Toronto.
  9. How to tie a trinity knot.  Thanks to Jessie Gibbs in the Dark Matter wardrobe department for changing my world.
  10. December 20, 2015: Things I Have Learned Of Late!

13 thoughts on “December 20, 2015: Things I have learned of late!

  1. Love the list! All packed up? I am. Off tomorrow for a quick trip to my mom’s. I’ll be back before Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful visit and a safe trip!

  2. That tie is blowing my mind!

    Have a safe trip Joe, Akemi, and pups. Can’t wait till we get there! And safe travels to @Tam Dixon and @Everyone else who is traveling over the next couple of weeks. Have fun when you get there! And tell us all about it!

  3. Pssst.. It’s the 20th!

    I heard a theory once that what makes time seem taster is that each additional day (or whatever) is a smaller and smaller percentage of your total lifespan, thus it seems like it’s going by faster. It’s like approaching a wall, even though your speed is the same, it seems like you’re speeding up relative to it as you get closer. Maybe that wasn’t a good analogy.

    @Lily: The internet is not big enough to hold the listed reasons!

  4. If fancy tie knots catch on, I might be willing to get another corporate job. I’d be able to look at my colleagues like I was thoughtfully considering their words. I’d be spacing out pondering knots but I’d look professional doing it.

  5. Word of experience coming from Minnesota, NEVER trust the Green Bay Packers.

    Vancouver? one of the joys of watching Continuum. They spend much time around the glass building(now a casino) that once served as the point of departure in 2010.
    And as for another reference, I was watching S.1 of Defiance. There is a subject of bug that oddly resemble the Replicators of SG1. While Rockne Obannan worked with the Hive concept on Farscape “Exodus from Genesis”, these creatures moved and reacted like the replicators and the queen had similar characteristics. Guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery(?).

    Time Flies, realized this many time especially at work. When my head is buried in a 5 lbs bag with 10 lbs of poop, and I come up for that breath of fresh air, my relief asks “what’s going on?” On bright side no major snow storms, yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Time flies as you get older because you realize how much you still have to do and you’re running out of years to do it in. It’s not unlike that feeling when you have to cram a week’s worth of housecleaning into the hour before your in-laws arrive. 😛

  7. I am offended by number 8 on your list. Can’t we just say they’re both great.

  8. So where ya going all dressed up in that cool Trinity knot? Maybe create an oasis at work to write at; find an office no one knows about to sneak off to write, Time to write; that’s what every wants, but it’s always something and being super busy with the show is a great reason to not have time to write. If I could unplug my router I’d have more time, I used to go wireless but these days I can’t imagine not having twenty sites going at once.

  9. Cool tie. I think time speeds up as you get older because of all your responsibilities (the older you get the more you have and the more time they take up). Let’s face it–an 8-year-old doesn’t have to worry about doing too much unless your parents have scheduled every minute of your waking hours with something for you to do (sports, clubs, dancing, etc.)

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