I was all set to cancel Christmas following my Snow Monkeys upset loss in fantasy football league play (Thanks for – next to – nothing Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, and DeAndre Hopkins), but had a last minute change of heart.  And so, this morning, we were up dark and early for our road trip, leaving Toronto at 8 a.m. and pulling into my mother’s driveway at 12:20 p.m.  4 hours and 20 minutes door to door.  Any faster, and I would’ve been piloting a puddle jumper!

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

Sis and mom, ever affable hostesses.

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

Mom serves up one of her specialties – and one of my favorites: chicken fettini.

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

Along with another specialty – and another personal favorite: sweet and spicy peppers.

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

And one more specialty/favorite: the crab mousse!

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

For dessert, mom’s trademark (not actually trademarked) Friendship Cake.  Recipe here:


December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

Sis’s new addition to the family: Kona.  Look at ’em eyes!

December 21, 2015: Back In My Hometown Of Montreal!

When we finished dinner, we all sat back to relax.  Except mom who immediately started work on her eggplant parmigiana for Christmas Eve dinner.

Tomorrow’s plans: Less driving; more eating.

So what are YOUR holiday plans?

26 thoughts on “December 21, 2015: Back in my hometown of Montreal!

  1. *Waves hello to Momma M and Sis!*

    So good to see your family looking well! 😀

    I’m not into the holidays, which means that I have absolutely nothing to do! Woo! 😀 My sister and her husband were just here for a visit (they helped us install a new back door…nothing like free labor!), and so this week will be quiet. I think I may try to organize my closets and drawers (the ones in the dresser, not the ones covering my butt). Or, I may just sleep. I have no plans…I’m just gonna make stuff up as I go.


  2. Suggestion: If we agree to pay her flight and lodging, would your mom let you rent her out? I could sure go for some awesome Italian cooking once in a while.

    For Christmas, not much. Just the family ripping open their Christmas presents and me cleaning up the mess. Then making the turkey dinner which will be consumed in 10 minutes with, me cleaning up the mess. Then everyone sitting down to watch some Christmas movie on tv and enjoying eggnog and spirits until the wee hours, with me cleaning up the mess. Next year….Hawaii, by myself. Nyah!

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  3. Thank you for sharing moms yummy stuff, and the drooling commences… Welcome to Kona, love the eyes. Enjoy, relax, and don’t eat too much,, well delete that last statement, eat all you can.. ~~Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Mom, hi Sis!

    Holiday plans … we went to Vegas for Santa Rampage. I did not take a single picture, but we had a blast. The horrific incident took place the evening of the day we left. Damn, that was terrible.

    I have major surgery the 28th, the weekend is prep for that, so I doubt we’re doing Christmas. My sister-in-law has invited us for dinner, but I think I’d rather relax and not face her cooking and a strained evening. Family drama, none of us need it. New Years Eve? Hospital on clear liquids. Not Perrier-Jouet, either.

  5. Hi, Momma Mallozzi and Andrea! Buon Natale!

    @das: You wanna come over and help me cook for Christmas eve? Since you seem to have a lot of time on your hands…

  6. TAILWIND..?? Or is your watch still on Vancouver Time??
    geez! Santa’s gonna want to be borrowing YOUR sled! — BTW, when you get back “home”, check your mail for “SPEEDING TICKETS”!

    BTW, MOM is looking GOOD!

  7. Same plans as every year — stay home, have Pokémon battles, think about the future, and reminisce about the past and people who used to be friends, but aren’t anymore. 🙁

  8. Glad to hear that you made it safely, and in pretty good time by the looks of it!

    Your Mom’s food looks great as usual – she is so cool! And treats you very well, clearly.

    Kona looks like a real sweetie and those eyes, indeed! Many treats coming to that puppy, I bet.

    No holiday plans that I know of yet.

  9. Holiday plans? Just like you… Driving… Family… Eating. In detail… 23rd: We will leave our place around 10:00 to collect my Mum around 12:15 in Frankfurt & heading straight for the Ruhr Area; Mum will bring a picknick – as it does not make sense to stop for food – too much traffic on Christmas Eve. Once in Bochum we will head for Carmen’s parents & my 95-year-old Gran-law for coffee. Then check-in at the hotel and a short break for Mum. Around 19:30 off the the Christmas market to meet some friends and to have the world’s best Eggnogg! Then: stumble back to the hotel and sleep! 24th: In the morning just a coffee with Mum in the hotel-room; 12:00 Lunch with Carmen’s parents; 14:00 Coffee with Gran; 17:00 Christmas Mass with Ma; 19:00 can you imagine? At last… more to eat: Christmas Dinner the in-laws. 25th: In the morning just a coffee with Mum; 12:00 everyone joins us at the hotel for brunch! Around 16:30 heading back to Frankfurt and a hopefully quiet evening in front of the telly 😉 26th: Mass at 10:30; lunch with Mum; after lunch cemetery; 15:00 Coffee; 17:00 heading back to Stuttgart… 27th: Relaxing from so much family and too much food 😉 Uuuups…. When I re-read this, I am reminded of: The Vicar of Dibley’s #ChristmasLunchIncident. Ever seen it?

  10. Mama! So good to see you again! You look marvelous!
    Joe, your sister is awesome. Always has room for one more dog.
    I want some of your mom’s chicken fettini. (you spelled it wrong) That looks so good!

  11. Very sorry to hear about your Snow Monkeys… I have Larry Fitzgerald too…. I have awesome news – I listened but ended up taking Carr and it was lucky because he scored 24, but Mariota got injured and scored -0.90. Anyhoo after all the agonising over the team and late night waiver pick-ups and moves I WON!! I’m in the Superbowl for our Fantasy League. More agonising to come. Congratulations also to Ivon for making the Superbowl in your league. I hope he wins. Go Ivon!!!!

    We’re celebrating Christmas Eve. After work I’m off to my friend’s house, then my sister’s place for dinner. It is really hot at the moment but should be nice and relaxing in her air-conditioned home.

    Christmas Day I’ll go over to Dad’s and we’ll have a relaxing meal and maybe binge-watch some Arrow. He’s a bit behind.

    Merry Christmas to everyone in the blog community. Stay safe and healthy.

    Joe, your Mom & Sister look awesome and the food looks divine… *hugs to all*… What a cute dog your sister has.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Aah, 😏
    There’s no place like home …
    and no cooking like mum’s cooking …. !!! 😋

    Enjoy Joe. Enjoy!

  13. Plans? Am spending my first holiday season as openly secular and finally very happy.

    My bat-crap-crazy sister-in-law is appalled and can’t understand. My new mantra when dealing with her, a smile and a quote…. ‘Not my circus, not my monkey.’

    Maybe there is a Santa Claus…LOL.

    Happy Solstice and Merry Holidays to all.

  14. Hello, Andrea, Mom and Kona! Merry Christmas!

    We’re having a quiet 4 days at home, and doing nothing besides opening gifts. Me, my wife and even the dog are sick with some upper respiratory thing. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a coffee table covered in tissues.

  15. Welcome home, Joe. {{{{HUGS}}} to Mrs. M and Andrea. Welcome to the family Kona. {{HUG}} and ear scratches. <3 Merry Christmas to you all.

  16. Seriously I’m with articgoddess. Heck will your mom just adopt me? Plans, Christmas Eve in Central Park, not the one in NY. 🙁 Then to a Christmas Eve party at our Pastor’s house, then I hope for my husband and I to have a quiet Christmas for a change. I have readied more packages for shipping this year, which was pretty time consuming and designed more invites and than ever which was pretty time consuming too.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

  17. Spending Christmas in Madeira this year (already here) Then it’ll be a family ‘gathering of the Clans’ for New Year’s Day for a traditional Scottish family dinner.

    I adore Italian food, so when do we all get to taste your Mam’s incredible cooking?

  18. Joe, those sweet and spicy peppers look to die for! Could you post the recipe so I can try it at home?


  19. That drive is like The Woodlands to Dallas or The Woodlands to San Antonio. And I’ve done it as a day trip going back later that evening. It’s about 3-1/2 hours to Austin. Food looks delicious. My holiday plans at least through the 29th was working (A LOT). After the 29th, things tapered off a bit. We took Patrick bowling.

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