December 17, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  And The Return Of Cat T-shirt Thursday!

The onscreen greeting awaiting us in Warden Treihan’s office on Hyperion-8!

December 17, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  And The Return Of Cat T-shirt Thursday!

Playback mayhem courtesy of this man, Dark Matter playback operator Patch Whiteside.

December 17, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  And The Return Of Cat T-shirt Thursday!

Cat T-Shirt Thursday returns!  Best Boy Andy Gondek partakes in the grand tradition.

December 17, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  And The Return Of Cat T-shirt Thursday!

As does 1st Assistant Camera Marcel Janisse.

December 17, 2015: Dark Matter Production!  And The Return Of Cat T-shirt Thursday!

And stand-in Alyssa Pawlak.

10 Shows to Binge Watch Over the Holidays.  Check out #7:

Finally, let me leave you with this sneak peek of some Hyperion-8 infirmary playback, courtesy of 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond.

Keep those questions coming!  I’m aiming to do a mailbag before I head for Montreal on Monday!

14 thoughts on “December 17, 2015: Dark Matter production! And the return of Cat T-Shirt Thursday!

  1. My only question isn’t about Dark Matter, but about SyFy. With the loss of what I presume has been their main money maker, wrestling, do you think it puts them in danger of closing shop?

  2. Will the scene between Five and One that was cut from Ep13 be in Season 2 as part of One’s backstory?

    What’s the process in deciding what the shooting schedule will be for each day?

  3. Hi again!
    In Season 1, which scene or sequence did you find hardest to write, and why? Also, what is your most favourite bit in Season 1 😊
    Note, ‘all of it!’ is not acceptable! 😉

  4. @Ponytail, I think it should be Best Bro and Greatest Gal, just to toss in a little superhero alliteration.

    I’m glad I live in a world where cats ride dolphins.

  5. Too bad you’re not somewhere warmer, where those T’s could be appreciated more. 😉

    Thanks for that binge list! You gave me a few good show ideas. I’m waiting to binge on DM, until closer to S2.

  6. Happy Christmas to all the cast n crew! 🎅
    Have safe journeys to your homes too! 🎄
    Thanks for all your creative, hard work! Much appreciated 😊

  7. Here’s something I’ve always wondered about wardrobe/costuming(you may have to ask Noreen or someone else in that dept.):

    If a cast member spills food on their costume or gets dirty in any way non-show related, do you guys ever wash or try to clean their costumes(or parts thereof) for reuse or do you just make new ones? I’ve noticed that a lot of fabrics used for these special costumes and outfits don’t necessarily use standard “clothing fabrics”, so I imagine they might be more delicate and therefore difficult to use standard cleaning practices(machines/dry cleaning).

    Yes, I like to ask the weird, oddly-specific questions. You should know that by now. 😉

    -Mike A.

  8. Andy Gondek definitely looks like a best boy. They all do.

    Question, in case you didn’t write it down: How do you determine how many characters you will need for a series? Is there a magic number that just seems to work really well?

    Although you didn’t create the characters for Stargate, they seemed to follow as, The Leader, The Genius, The Heart Of The Group and The Strong Silent Type. However, in Dark Matter, you have also added the morally ambiguous character. Do you feel that these sorts of characters provide the richest story mining opportunity? Now that you are a year in to the story, is there anyone else you would have liked to have added to the mix?

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Wishing You Akemi Lulu & Bubba Happy Christmas and safe journey to Montreal.

    I’ll be sure to read the Q & A s after Christmas festivities finish next wk

    Here are 2 more for mail bag I forgot to ask: before:

    When do we get to see and/or hear about what you finally decided to give cast and crew as season 2 opener gifts?

    Decide anything about season 2 contests?

    Am still hoping to hold a fan run contest beginning end of jan or so to increase U.S viewership. But I wouldn’t want it to coincide or in any way to interfere with other contests you might have planned. ( hope that makes sense . if not I can elaborate another day)


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