December 16, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Is Going To Be Epic!

Only two more days to go on Amanda Tapping’s directing tour-de-force and I miss her already.  She’s is going to deliver one hell of a second season premiere episode and, quite frankly, it’s bittersweet.  Sweet because it’s sooooo damn good and will cause many heads to explode.  Bitter because you’ll have to wait until summer of 2016 to experience that cranial rupture.

And, hot on Amanda’s heals, is another favorite of mine, Bruce McDonald who will be sitting in the director’s chair for the EPIC Episode 202.  You are all in for such a treat.  If you thought season 1 was bingeworthy, just you wait.  In the next thirteen, the effects will be bigger, the stories more compelling, and the twists and turns a hell of a lot more shocking.  I CAN NOT WAIT…on your behalf.

December 16, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Is Going To Be Epic!

That guy sitting on the infirmary bed?  He was admitted after hearing everything we have planned for the show’s second season.

So, have any questions you’d like answered?  Post them in the comments section and I’ll try my best to respond in the coming days!

17 thoughts on “December 16, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 is going to be epic!

  1. Mailbag? Great! I’ve been mulling these questions.

    1. Are you requested by “powers that be” to cast guest stars from other NBC /Universal /Syfy /SPACE network series or films?

    2. Do you anticipate any 21st-century product placement in Season 2? Or any coordinated advertising that reflects DM’s plot line?

  2. Questions? Okay.
    Did 6 have his memory the whole time or was he triggered somehow?
    Will the Android get the respect she deserves?
    Will 5 change her hair color to red to match her mood or go green if she gets stranded in a forest environment?
    And how did you find so many animal lovers to work with? I thought it was just my company.
    You do great work.

  3. Mailbag:

    Do you have a bigger budget for Season 2?

    What is the budget? (Ballpark)

    Is it wholly paid for by SyFy or does Prodigy foot some of the bill in return for profit share?

  4. First of all, thank you for the hard work you are all doing for Dark Matter. I really hope Season 2 will be great.
    1. Will we see stargate actors in season 2?
    2. Will there be a lot more space battles?
    3. Is there going to be answers for white hole technology that was encountered in episode 11?
    4. Is Dark Matter going to become as great as Stargate?

  5. I can’t even… with this season & it hasn’t even started yet. It is just so exciting to watch a part of the process. ♥ 🙂
    1. Besides deadline pressure, what gets your inspiration flowing when you stumble on a writers block?
    2. Is there a certain number of seasons you envisioned this show to last?
    3. What is the best part of creating a TV Show and what is the worst?
    4. Do you have from the start of creating a story an idea how it’s going to end or does it come to you during the writing process?
    And two questions from my friends:
    5. If you were an actor and had the opportunity to be one of the main characters, who would you choose to be and why? (no hard feelings towards the others ;))
    6. Which character was the hardest to create in the Dark Matter world?

  6. So, the opening episodes of season 2 are going to be epic. But is that REALLY EPIC or
    A B S O L U T E L Y E P I C !!!

    Please could you explain a little more about the change to the storyline in Season 2 episode 9 which, due to circumstances, has to be moved up to episode 5? What circumstances are they? Was it due to the actor involved or external pressure to move the story along?
    (It’s been bugging me ever since you mentioned it! 😌) Thanks!

    PS What’s happening in the ‘blue lit’ image at the start of this blog? You didn’t say … teaser !! 😒

  7. Mailbag Q’s:

    So did ya decide on a new agent yet ? If so, curious which one ya decided to go with? The one with the impressive literary credentials? or ……………….

    S2. Are we gong to see Bubba, Alex’s cute little orange tabby, or neither on screen serving as RAZA’s mascot or perhaps a stow away alien eh 😀

  8. Gonna avoid asking the spoilery questions at the tip of my tongue. Glad to read that Torri is going to be on DM. Who else from the SGVerse or beyond would you like to cast in the future? I vote for more of the adorable Bill Butt and his camping briefcase from SGU.

    Besides DM what are your fave Syfy shows either new or upcoming? And will our favorite

  9. 1 more Mailbag Q: If I head over to sesame street, kidnap cookie monster and brig him to ya as a gift, (along with a few dozen boxes of exquisite extra large chocolate chip cookies), Can I pop over to the set to take the new shuttle out for a spin before things get into full swing for ep 203 forward after the holidays

  10. I like the sound of epic! It’s going to be a long wait until summer.
    So, a big thank you for your daily blog entries 😄

    Another mailbag – awesome

    So much hard work has been put into the fantastic prison set, how many episodes will it actually feature in?

    Really cool news about Mike Dopud – which character is he playing?

    I like the techno-crane – how long did it take to set up the shot?
    And how much screen time will the particular shot have?

    How many episodes will David Hewlett’s character Tabor Calchek be featured in this Season?

    How many different whiskys does your club have/had?

    How many episodes are going to be shot on location? Who gets the dream job of scouting the locations?

    Is Jeff Teravainen’s Lt Anders character a friend or foe of Six?

    What will make Transfer Transit 3 different from ‘earlier’ models?

    How far into the Season will we get to know what that interdimensional key is for?

  11. Ooooooh I love Mailbag… feel free to pick the best questions

    1. You’ve been quiet on the football front…. how did the Snow Monkeys go? I limped into the playoffs with four straight losses. I’m planning a comeback. Do you think Derek Carr can get me through or should I gamble on Marcus Mariota lol?

    2. You said you get your best ideas driving or doing other things. Do you take a recording device or notepad with you wherever you go to jot down the inspiration before its forgotten?

    3. How’s your Mom?

    4, What was the most challenging scene to shoot in the first episode?

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Mailbag questions:
    What is the penal system in the future? Guilty until proven innocent? Due process? Lawyers – and if so machine or man?

    How do you imprison an android? Wouldn’t you just wipe her memory banks and reprogram her?

    Why does Five seem to be drawn to Four’s memories more than the others? Will we find out who Titch is….sooner rather than later.

    I love the idea of a clean slate….no longer having a ledger in red so to speak. Will our beloved characters change course for the better or go back to their “muscle memory” ways…thieving, murder, betrayal?

    And just a statement: would love to learn more background info on our characters, how they came together, and the different factions.

    Have a safe and happy holidays!!

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