“Well, it’s Christmas.  They’re a little busy.” – Dark Matter script coordinator Alison Hepburn.

So…fine.  I’ll just write the script myself.  After I hammer out this outline.  Which is taking a little longer than I was hoping.  As it turns out, I have learned from experience that I do some of my best writing while:

  • I’m driving.
  • In the shower.
  • My significant other is talking to me over dinner.

And I find it VERY difficult to write while:

  • I’m on set.

I’m sure that fifth act will work itself out.  They inevitably do.  I just hope it does so in a timely fashion.

December 14, 2015: The Script Elves Have Forsaken Me!

Back in Gen. Pop. today with the new girl!  And a few of our Raza regulars.  Plenty on display today including a skirmish, other prisoners, and the delicious Hyperion-8 cuisine:

December 14, 2015: The Script Elves Have Forsaken Me!

And while director Amanda Tapping shoots Episode 201, director Bruce McDonald preps Episode 202.  This afternoon, we sat down to go over our second episode script with all of its clues, callbacks, and layers upon layers upon layers.

December 14, 2015: The Script Elves Have Forsaken Me!

New hat for Bubba.

Right.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, tomorrow on set, it’s Code Black!  While, back at the office, I’ll be sitting down with X to talk about the show and his character, Devon.  And then, it’s sushi dinner with Akemi and Maku-chan (aka Marc Bendavid).

Okay, back to that outline…

17 thoughts on “December 14, 2015: The script elves have forsaken me!

  1. Could you write into your script our boys performing Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock? Your set is perfect for it and it would take up about 4 – 5 minutes with all the dancing too. And you know they are so good at singing Elvis tunes.

  2. Hi Joe I figure were getting close to a mailbag so I thought I would get the ball rolling. When food is consumed on the show by the actor’s where is it prepared and how is the type of dish decided and any other details you might have pertaining to the in-show cuisine would be great.

  3. Best of luck with the rewrite!

    And Bubba looks very fashionable (and embarassed with that “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, please don’t post this on-line, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee?” look on his face, lol)

  4. PS: if I lived closer, I’d happily help with the writing, even if it was to put in a crazy description like “Suddenly, a lion jumped out who was being chased by a teacup poodle named Fang!”

  5. I do hope some of the writing you do “while driving” involves a tape recorder! LOL The nature of this medium calls for rewriting “there are none so blind as he who will not see” as “there are none so deaf as … who will not see.” So a little “there are none so blind as … who will not hear” to churn circumstances even more thoroughly seems right at home.

  6. Bubba doing his impression of Bill the Cat?

    I got to thinking of your fair city Toronto with the picture of Christmas lights, and news today of a native son from Moose Jaw passing away in Toronto. Glenn Sonmor was an legions for Minnesota Hockey and hockey in general for the many years of his life. It is with some great pleasure I was able to see the Hockey Hall of Fame this passed Summer with the names of Minnesotans and Canadians who were a large part of his life story.

  7. …. Hold on a minute! Maku-chan (aka Marc Bendavid)? …
    … Another name?!!!
    . … or a disguise?! 😉
    I’m gonna get this wrong again, aren’t I!

  8. @Ponytail – a futuristic Jail House Rock for sure, I can hear that techno rockabiliy beat now. Man those are neat tin plates, my inner Girl Scout envies the shinyness. I adored my shiny tin camping plates but after one day of camping my tin plates were decidely not shiny. Never got the s’more/mac n cheese gunk out of ’em. Turns out 9 year olds make terrible dishwashers.

    Totally obsessed with The Flash now, one of those shows I swore could not be as good as advertised and then turned out to surpass expectations. Trying to stay spoiler free as I zoom through season 1.

  9. Funny about when you do the best writing. Although, I’m sure Akemi is not thrilled when you’re dining out.

    So exciting! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Love Bubba’s hat. 🙂

  10. I do always love how I get inspiration for the project due next week when there is another due in just a few days. The had is adorable.

  11. Yes, Bubba looks adorable, but where are his ears?

    Doesn’t Paul have any helpful assistance for your script? Surely, you aren’t writing the entire season alone, are you?

    As to “the delicious Hyperion-8 cuisine” which looks suspiciously like smooth oatmeal… what, no greens? I assume it is meant to actually be eaten, so I doubt it is simply wall paste from props. How are inmates to sit at that table? Where do everyone’s knees go?

    And if anyone here is from Flagstaff Arizona, please send New Jersey some of your snow. I doubt we’ll be seeing any of it with 66’F temps day after day here. Oh, we will get snow — in March.


  12. That is really a pretty picture of Bubba. You can tell Akemi fusses over her son. No weepy eyes, no crusty boogers coming out of his nose, no leftover lunch around his mouth, no lint in his whiskers, and a nice pink tongue. Such a handsome boy. He is well pampered and looks like he is ready for his close-up on Dark Matter.

  13. Love how Bubba is sticking his tongue out at you while taking his picture.

    I understand the shower thing. I do my best creative thinking there — whether it is a clever fix to something to help Patrick or prevent Patrick from doing something (or same with Boomer) or a decorating idea that would work well as we make our way through our house to update the interior from 1992 to 2016, or a single line that would make a great song lyric, that I put in my book of lyrics that hopefully will be able to find other words to create songs at some point in my life (LOL).

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