December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Awwww.  One of the pictures sent in from Mrs. Faversham’s first grade class over at Admiral Farragut Elementary on Torren-5’s third moon.

December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Prisoners are a resourceful bunch.  And, occasionally, violent.  Arts & Crafts classes offer them a great venue for their hidden talents.

December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Some of the Do’s and Don’t’s on Hyperion-8.  Missing: “Bathing caps must be worn when entering the prison swimming pool”.

December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Medical supplies.  Or futuristic pudding containers.  You’ll find out in 2016!

December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Pharmacological Skittles!

December 1, 2015: We’re Going To Space Jail!

Today, we made Elliot Sokolsky model one of the prison tattoos we’re considering for our opener.  At first, he was all like: “It’s temporary, right?”  And, of course, we were all like: “The temporary ones aren’t as convincing and our viewers demand realism.”  Anyway, it all worked out in the end.  Except for Elliot who we had to let go because the production charter prohibits us from employing individuals with gang designations, even if they are fictitious futuristic gang designations.

Other things we accomplished today: the Episode 201 Art Department meeting, the Episode 201 stunts and SPFX meeting, the Episode 201 wardrobe meeting, more casting, AND I hit the 50 page mark of this script.  Transfer Transit 3.0!

On tap tomorrow: the Episode 201 VFX meeting, the Episode 201 background meeting, the Episode 201 location look-see, the Episode 201 schedule meeting. AND I’ll hopefully complete work on the fifth act of this script.

Hey, check this out.  That jerk THREE is played by a pretty big-hearted Anthony Lemke:

18 thoughts on “December 1, 2015: We’re going to space jail!

  1. There’s a disadvantage to high definition TV, having to stick to realistic wording for signs on the set. They say one of the medical monitors on ST:TNG said “medical insurance remaining”. At least the H8 signs can still be creepy.

  2. That’s a great “kid’s” pic for the prison. I hope that poor child finds his parent back home in time for space-Christmas!

    I love the assembly of various shivs and shanks. There’s a whole festival of stabbiness there.

    Pharmacological Skittles – Taste the Pacification!

    Poor Elliot. I hope you at least gave him a parting gift of some sort. Although, I suppose he got a free tattoo out of it.

  3. Pharmacological Mason Jars?

    And are Cascade dishwasher tablets a drug in the future (or maybe it’s a drug now?) I can’t keep up with what the youngins are doing for fun nowadays, dag nabbit! 😉

  4. Todays entry is like a roller coaster ride … aaah, ooow, hmmm, errrr, ooh (but maybe not!), mmmm….. ah poor Elliot!
    Great news regarding H.I. Canada’s new ambassador! They’ve chosen well, haven’t they!

    Gosh, all those meetings …

  5. Pretty cool stuff! I’ve known a few guys that were in prison. They said you could make a knife out of nearly anything. Plus, they would make a type of moonshine from bread.

    At least Elliot didn’t have to go full tattoo like Jamie from Blindspot. That must take hours. 🙁

    I guess this “full steam ahead” you’ve got going, means you’ve gotten over the writer’s block. 🙂

  6. “Missing: “Bathing caps must be worn when entering the prison swimming pool and no slapping the other inmates with your wet towel”.

    Three is not a jerk! He’s a “charismatic jerk”! Congrats to Anthony Lemke! Nice guy.

    Jelly beans make good pill poppers too.

    No singing? 🙁 I was hoping the boys could get together and form a choir.

  7. all looking pretty sweet. I thought the pewter cups were for the Christmas grog. Oh ow, eating red jasmine rice with Sriracha sauce. Had to cut the burn with some dark chocolate. works nicely. I think I would avoid the brown color pill.

    And so that is why Timmy can’t have nice things.

  8. Congrats to Anthony! I knew he was a good guy. The tattoo could have been from the Dr Who epi, Mercy. Loving it!! Weapons look scary, not gonna ask who you went to for that particular item. You all have so much fun, mixed in with all the hard work, thanks for sharing!!

  9. Interesting stuff on those pudding jars. It’s seems to be an anglo-saxon rune type font, but unless it’s actually in some other language, it appears to be just gibberish. And the stuff in the circle is a wholly different thing altogether. Strange, bringing two different people’s historical writing styles together like this.

    Or is Victor challenging me to figure this one out, too? 😉

    -Mike A.

  10. Great news about Anthony.

    They’re (upside down) wine goblets ready to go in the dishwasher?
    Got to have something to wash down the concoction of pills, right – and where are the blue pills? There are always blue pills.

    Nice tattoo, Elliot!
    I like the diagram on the wall behind him too 😉

    A typo on ‘Inmate Privileges’? Shouldn’t it read ‘else’ and not ‘esle’ ?

  11. Congrats to Anthony but I don’t know what “ersons with disabilities” are. Sounds like some exotic new wildlife or something.

    I’m not a fan of the Cascade pod depiction; toddlers are dying from ingesting those things. But everything else is very cool. Love the prison signs. One should say something about them being immediately spaced for some sort of infraction.

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