A couple of days ago, I gave you a sneak peek at the graphics-in-progress for our season opener:


Well, today, I give you these same graphics-in-progress progressed compliments of 1st Assistant Art Director Kelly Diamond with the assist from artist Victor Mare:





More to come!


16 thoughts on “December 2, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Playback-in-Progress!

  1. Do you know what program(s) were used to create the first two? I assume a 3D program for the gun turret itself, but what about the other animated text and gauges/meters? Thanks.

  2. Very cool graphics, not so cool for the poor schmucks that turret is aimed at.

    Just spent a pleasant evening sorting through 30 floppy disks hunting for a short story, just to avoid having to retype it. And yep, the 2 and half hours spent searching each and every disk was more time than I would’ve spent retyping. I have a bunch of disk I’ve labeled as “bad” and “damaged”. So did I throw those away? Nope; floppies are the empty milk cartoon of data storage. The floppy drive on the Compaq at first made whirring sounds like a blender, then grinding like a woodchipper, and finally wheezing clattering like an injured tapdancer.

    To the writers on the blog Universal Picture’s Screenwriting Program is accepting applications as of Nov 30 2015; the window to apply is short and you’ll need 2 letters of recommendation, good luck:

  3. *Very* nice! Thanks for posting these here where we can really appreciate them. It’s amazing how much work goes into those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. Most people don’t even notice that they’re there, but *everyone* notices when they’re absent. Props to the whole production crew!

    In the meantime, this came across my Facebook feed yesterday: https://t.co/Flpr8eU3Cj . Just curious–any comments?

  4. Really slick graphics – well done Ms. Diamond and Mr. Mare!
    S2 is looking so sharp and spiffy, even before principal photography, it hurts to wait until everything airs in the spring.
    So kind to share the wonderful…

    Good job everyone and keep up the greatness!


  5. @screwball – More Atlantis is a good thing, especially if it leads to more eps airling. They didn’t quite get Shep’s hair right in the comics though; gotta honor that wicked cowlick of his.

  6. How much time actually goes in trying to create one of those graphics? I can only imagine.

    Cool thing about the SGA comic. Glad it got funded.

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