I’m pleased to report that I finally pushed through that pesky today.  In the end, I went with the one tried and true writer’s block-breaking method I failed to mention in yesterday’s blog entry: When in doubt, use humor!  With that done, it was a nice segue into that delightful Android-Tabor scene.  One more scene to cap the act and it’s smooooooth sailing!

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

This week has been like Magic: The Gathering, but without the magic part.  The other day, Anthony Lemke (THREE) dropped by the production offices with his family.  Today, it was Melissa O’Neil (TWO) with her adorable frenchie.  Yesterday, it was Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR) who took the time to stop in and regale us with tales of his summer in Moscow.  Next time you see him at a convention, ask him to tell you the one about the receptionist, the Brad Pitt lookalike, and the drunken overprotective co-worker.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American fans!  Let’s celebrate with behind-the-scenes pics of our sets-in-progress: November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!It’s okay.  You know the showrunner.  Come on through.

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

Warden Treihan’s office window.  Room with a view.

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

All the comforts of home.

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

Hyperion-8 is a doorknob-less environment.

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

Come on, guys.  Let’s move things along.  My laundry isn’t going to do itself!

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!Damn, our Construction and Art Departments do good work!

November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats And Teasers!

And, of course, this is the…well, I’d tell you, but then I’d have to hire you.  And make you sign a non-disclosure agreement because the only way to keep you from talking about it would be to kill you and that, of course, would be illegal.  And very troublesome.

12 thoughts on “November 26, 2015: American Thanksgiving Treats and Teasers!

  1. Some design bits from the last one remind me of the third to last one. I prefer to think of it as a giant, oh, you said no door knobs. How about a Zelda-themed floor puzzle that tosses bad problem solvers through the air with perfect comedic timing and springy sound effects? Never mind, I know a futuristic prison delousing nozzle when I see one. Oh, was laundry a hint?

  2. Somehow the couch doesn’t look ridiculous anymore. It’s amazing what well-placed accent pieces can do.

  3. Looks like a fancy table at a space bar. Drinks on Joe! Ooops, sorry, Joe. It’s the turbulence…gotta get those space stabilizers fixed.

  4. You could probably rent that room out but first, add a TV and Wifi. 😉
    The sets are looking great!

  5. The other bad part about killing us, Joe, is that you don’t really want to do that to all your viewers.

  6. So. When They’re done, They can come by my place and reno my house! Perhaps, toss in a shed out back under the trees disguised as a Shuttle..? And/or, a Space Station in the front yard for Santa to dock with..?

  7. Thanks for another tour, Joe the sets are looking great.

    Loving ‘guessing’ so, a transporter?
    I’ve already signed the official secrets act, so what’s a non-disclosure agreement between friends – am I hired? lol #nokillingneeded

    Android-Tabor scene 👍 #nowords

  8. “Damn, our Construction and Art Departments do good work!”

    They damn sure do! The detail is incredible. Come on Joe, tell us what that last picture is. I know you want to.

  9. Psssst! psssst! hey!…. mr joey. psssssst! look. over here! on the set. behind the lit sign that says quiet, production in progress.

    (Trench coat cloaked insane woman, with dark sunglasses, opens coat to reveal 2 dozen boxes of large chocolate chip cookies,
    A dozen pistashio macorons in a beautiful fanciful box, 2 jars of nutella, 3 bottles of the finset scotch in the land and 4 personally autographed 1st edition never before seen printings of Joe Abercrombies best selling novels hard bound in an exquisite leather and embossed in 24k liquid gold).

    All you got to do is quietly whisper in my ear what that last picture is and the loot is all yours my friend!

    ( insane woman quietly lets out a slow demonic laugh under her breath, removes dark sunglasses and gazes at Joe with warm loving
    wide innocent looking brown eyes)

    Its ok. You can tell me. “Really”. I promise not to reveal DMs secrets to anyone outside this room.

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