This is what Akemi gets up to with the dogs while I’m at work…

November 27, 2015: Rude Dogs And Dark Matter! November 27, 2015: Rude Dogs And Dark Matter!

According to her: “They love to wear their hats when they go out!”

I remain dubious.

Meanwhile, back on the work front: a little something props has been working on…

November 27, 2015: Rude Dogs And Dark Matter!

We’re going to lose the light at the bottom.

Work continues on the script front.  Act 4 was looking a little short, so I moved a scene up from Act 3 which was a little long.  Now, Act 4 is perfect.  But Act 3 is a little short.  Tabor, meanwhile, has been an utterly delightful guest.  We need to get him on the ship more often.

Back to my dogs.  Lulu has no manners…

I think she broke the sound barrier on that one.

22 thoughts on “November 27, 2015: Rude dogs and Dark Matter!

  1. Lulu’s eyes in the first pic: “Help me. Please!”

    Apparently, by the video at the end, Lulu is all, “I just don’t what anyone thinks anymore.”

    Good for her.

  2. oh no. don’t you go getting me started Joe. I can think of a thousand immediate chain reactions to Lulu’s spectacularly musical rendition albeit I fear you’d have to redact them all. Thus, this is going to have to be one of those insert every possible response you can think of here -> ______________ and you’ll have mine, comments.

    hmmmmm. So somehow I get the dang’dest feeling we are in for one hell of a comical ride this upcoming DM season eh.

    Not sure why? really. Perhaps I’ve simply been snorting the concentrated air rush from one too many whipped cream cans of late.

  3. Das: 😆

    Love the hats Akemi! They look cute!

    Quote from Shrek: It’s a compliment. Better out than in, I always say.

  4. Ugh. The word dropping must be contagious! I meant, “..just don’t CARE what anyone thinks…”

    Busy day today – still unpacking and getting things straightened around in the house, plus there is our SJ Chorale annual Christmas Gala tomorrow so I need to do a little at-home practicing for that. I’ve already been out for breakfast, went to Home Depot for shelving and driveway markers, went hunting for an auger belt for the snow blower (no snow yet thankfully) and gotten groceries and still back before 10 am!

  5. Tabor, meanwhile, has been an utterly delightful guest. We need to get him on the ship more often.
    YES, please! Can’t wait to see the crew’s reactions…..

  6. I’m in the process of trying to create a prop weapon that “doesn’t look like a gun” due to restrictions set out by our prof. I am thinking I will retool a broken goalie stick I found with some duck tape….

  7. I’ve got a totally off topic question, and I’m a bit afraid that you may take it the wrong way. This is is NO WAY a criticism. I’m asking for the education benefit. I have always heard that long term immigration visas called for the immigrant to have a job. How come Akemi isn’t required to have a job as a requirement of her immigration? Or is that rule particular to the USA?

  8. Too funny. My dog Lucky has one look for bandannas and other decorative elements – and it’s the same one he uses when we’ve had to put on the Elizabethan collar (aka cone of shame) “What terrible thing did I do?”

  9. Wait, Tabor’s ON the ship? Interesting…. Is that part of the Tabor/Android stuff you mentioned? I just figured it was over visual communications like before. Sounds like a fun scene. If he’s on the ship I will expect an extremely subtle Harmony easter egg. I prefer it be nonverbal/something in the background as it makes it more fun to search for and find.

    I call dibs on the prop gun when y’all are done with it. 🙂

    Damn, Lulu! Although, this must happen a lot since Akemi was ready with the camera, seemingly waiting for the inevitable.

    -Mike A.

  10. Love the prop gun. Nice details with the light (make it strobe for a cool effect) and magazine release on the trigger guard. Looking forward to additional weapon and set teasers.

  11. The hats are fabulous. Dogs do actually get cold so it is natural to assume they need attire to keep them warm. Some dogs more than others. I have a little dog client who needs to have a sweater on before we go out for a mere 10 minutes at lunchtime so she can go pee and get some fresh air. She shivers without it.

    And listening to this video was a great start to my morning. As I am thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a burp out of Boomer. He has hiccupped, farted, gagged, sneezed, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a burp. I will have to pay attention and see if I do.

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