Notes session tomorrow with Jay during which we’ll be covering Episodes 201 and 202.  We reconvene on Tuesday for a discussion on the merits of Episodes 203 and 204.  Meanwhile, concept art and actual construction continues on our new sets. We’ll look to nail down Nyx, Misaki, Devon, and Arax this week – and, hopefully, Treihan and Shaddick.

Guys!  I think this is really happening!

Don’t believe it?  Neither did I until I saw more concept work and designs compliments of the Dark Matter Art Department: Production Designer Ian Brock, Art Director Russell Moore, Set Designer Doug Slater, and Concept Illustrator Sanford Kong:


Variations –

November 1, 2015: More Sneak Peeks Of Dark Matter Season 2!


November 1, 2015: More Sneak Peeks Of Dark Matter Season 2!


November 1, 2015: More Sneak Peeks Of Dark Matter Season 2!


November 1, 2015: More Sneak Peeks Of Dark Matter Season 2!


And, the view…


November 1, 2015: More Sneak Peeks Of Dark Matter Season 2!


Pretty amazing, no?

30 thoughts on “November 1, 2015: More sneak peeks of Dark Matter season 2!

  1. Fantastic. And I never believed it *wouldn’t* happen!

    Also, that is amazing looking disco floor/transporter pad/weird living room carpet.

    Musical preps are progressing, if exhausting. Did a 6 hour tech rehearsal yesterday and a dress rehearsal today (that took about 5 hours in total). It went pretty well! Performances are Thursday-Sat. It’s fun, but I’ll be glad when it’s over!

  2. Oh, the house *still* isn’t ready. It’s so close to being done, but it’s very slow going which is very frustrating.

  3. So amazing! The room on the first picture has tatami I guess? Very cool. As Japanese myself, I feel so thrilled to see sense of Japanese some times in this series. Thank you. Good luck for the rest of work. Will be watching it as fan!

  4. Very cool.

    @gforce: I hope you get into the house before the snows come. Whenever that might be. Good luck! Music rehearsals? Dang, I’ve been busy and have lost track – what are you rehearsing?

  5. Coooool!!! Ok so when do we start filming??Best of luck for the 2nd Season!!! Don’t let BBC have anything to do with a hit show… they cancel those. i.e. Atlantis, The Paradise…

  6. @Sparrow_hawk: I’m hoping the house will be done within the week, but we’ll see. They’re very close to finishing it, but it was supposed to be last Friday.

    The musical that I got involved in is called “Back to the 80’s” and it’s being put on by the staff of a local high school. The music teacher there is the wife of a good friend of mine so that’s how I wound up getting involved. It’s been a huge amount of work, but a lot of fun too. They’re putting it on to fundraise for a scholarship fund they said up for a school alumnus that was killed in Afghanistan. This fellow:

    Keep in mind this is all at the same time that I’m in rehearsals for a Remembrance Day choir, as well as our own Saint John Chorale Christmas concert, as well as a Christmas performance of Handel’s Messiah. Oh yeah, also I’ve got to move to a new house sometime in there.

  7. Those pictures are spectacular especially the one of the city. Reminds me of your Tokyo.

    @ gforce – you are amazing! So much energy. How are you going to get out of your new house after a snow storm? Seems like you would be snowed in.

  8. Wow Joe! That Hotel suite and view really is fantabulously fantastikal! Even inspires me to daydream about being there in that futuristic off world scene! Albeit, is that a see thru window on the hotel room door?? Seems kinda outta place in that hi tech 5 star elegance setting.

    @gforce Hey Gary. Good luck and have fun at the opening Thursday! Be sure to have someone take lots of pics of you rocking that 80’s look ta share with us. 🙂

  9. I like the 2nd one.

    and now I am caught up. Tomorrow I’ll go into what has been going on here and why I’ve been missing. I said I would stay up until I finished it and now at did at 12:39. I have to get up for work in 4 hours so I will talk to you all.

  10. The city looks beautiful, especially with the two moons in orbit. Even though I prefer a quiet rural lifestyle myself, I can’t help but always be amazed at how gorgeous cities appear during the night.

  11. Beautiful artwork! It reminds me of Blofeld’s underground volcano base from You Only Live Twice. Was 60’s Bond Villian one of the vibes you were going for?

  12. Thanks for sharing the concept work, simple design, wish my house was so uncluttered, and the view is yes,, amazing. So a hotel room,( I figure a bed is there somewhere, and a wet bar), not a jail cell, sounds like better times are ahead. Love the size of the tv. Book me the room next door, or down the hall,(might need to be farther away as not to get in the middle), can’t wait to see the fun adventures ahead!

  13. Yes, it is amazing. I vote for the second one but all of them look very Asian. That clean, uncluttered look appeals to my OCD.

    Das and Jen are right, the weeping angel…Yikes! Blink was one of my favorite Dr Who episodes.

    Gforce: You’re busy but it’s a good kind of busy. Hope the moving goes off without a hitch!

    maggiemayday: Good luck on the roof!

  14. I just noticed how close that moon is to the planet that city is on. They must have some crazy tides there.

    @Ponytail: It’s not that I have a lot of energy – it’s that I’m really, really tired! 🙂 As far as the house goes, I will have to get the driveway plowed, it is way to long to shovel or even snow blow.

  15. Also, meant driveway is way “too” long, not “to” long. Ugh, so tired I committed one of my own pet peeves.

  16. That view is stunning – spectacular and fantastically detailed concept art.

    So much happening and lots more to come, it would be really cool if you could Periscope some of it 😊

  17. Hi Joe
    @gforce Nice talking with you yesterday. So, another week for the house, eh. And yes, you have more energy than one of us mortals. I get tired just reading about what you do. That goes for you, too @JeffW


  18. Joe, those sets are phenomenal.
    I’m hoping to get into my house before the snow flies too. The big hole in the side is almost repaired. The stone masons did an awesome job on the foundation…bricks above next. We are taking this opportunity to switch from oil to propane (living in the country) and the furnace should be installed this week, hopefully then the plumbing for it. Insurance has been balking, somewhat…not impressed. I need your set guys…!

  19. That stuff looks a-ma-zing! I LOVE close proximity planets in the skyline of other planets! It really brings home the fact that you’re someplace extraterrestrial. It’s that slight mix of familiarity(human colony) with the completely foreign surroundings(strange planet with unfamiliar night sky) that is really great to see in sci-fi.

    -Mike A.

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