First off, a little something I received today from Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter‘s Android) who is at Dallas Comic Con meeting her fans – some of who, it turns out, are Stargate AND Dark Matter fans AND read the blog!

Thanks for the hello’s.  Wish I could’ve been there!  Next time you see Jason Momoa, ask him to tell you the story of how he scared the crap out of two would-be burglars in Vancouver.

October 17, 2015: Fan Hello’s!  Dark Matter Season 1 Dvd Reviews!

Bring the crew of The Raza home with you in this 3 disc DVD set which includes all 13 episodes plus special features including the infamous mole reveal!

Here’s what reviewers have to say about Dark Matter‘s first season:

“Overall then, a series which opens intriguingly and ends with the possibility for danger pushed to cinematic levels. If you’ve ever enjoyed a slice of TV sci-fi, or just love a good drama with winning characters set in an engaging environment – you’ll find plenty to enjoy and perhaps even obsess over here.”

“The series is action-packed, but also has a gripping way with cliff-hanger endings, meaning almost every week ends with some sort of hook that makes the show not just a good weekly watch but a good binge too. In fact, it’s exactly the sort of show one used to look to Syfy for back when it was Sci-fi, and it’s great to have this sort of thing back on the air.”

“As a first season, DARK MATTER has set a good basis in the direction it’s going, paving a clear way for something significantly unique and new while keeping an identity to the genre. There is more than enough mystery with the memory loss sub-plot and even displays some nice action set pieces.”

“From the pens of the dynamic duo who brought us such great Sci-Fi as Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and SGU Stargate Universe Joseph Malzlozi and Paul Mullie, they bring us a 13 part series that stands out as a riveting show.”

“Much the shows humor comes from a combination of the Android and Anthony Lemke as Three aka Marcus Boone. Boone starts off as the most out of control of the characters and also the least sympathetic. This kind of changes by the mid season point where we get a glimpse of his softer side.”

“Dark Matter is stronger than its opening would suggest, becoming a more intricate web with each episode.”

P.S.: Capped off yesterday’s birthday festivities with a 12:35 a.m. (false) fire alarm.

P.P.S.: I’m going to try to catch up on the mailbag tomorrow.  Post anymore questions if you got ’em!

P.P.P.S.: Production Designer Ian Brock is sending me some amazing sketches and design work in preparation for season 2.  Interested seeing what we have in the works?

23 thoughts on “October 17, 2015: Fan hello’s! Dark Matter Season 1 DVD Reviews!

  1. Mailbag question: Do the actors get paid for appearances related to a show (not only DM but just in general) or is it part of their contracts to do things like talk shows, Cons, ,appearances? It seems like some days I see the same actor on Good Morning America, Live with Kelly & Michael and The View (all pretty much air one after the other where I live) and it makes me wonder if they are paid extra for all these promotions? Or are they contractually obligated to do it for free? I don’t think I worded my question the best way I could, but I’m sure you figured out what I’m asking…LOL

  2. Are the Dark Matter DVDs available in Canada yet? I don’t see them on, even for pre-order.

    You and Paul are a “dynamic duo”, eh? Then who’s the superhero and who’s the sidekick? 🙂

    Of COURSE, we want to see the sketches and design work. Don’t make us beg! 🙂

  3. “Capped off yesterday’s birthday festivities with a 12:35 a.m. (false) fire alarm.”


    (Bright side Joe, bright side… Now you know what to do in case of a real fire.) (And thank God it wasn’t!)

  4. Happy Birthday Joe! Sorry about the fire alarm, ugh. So, having not read the comics, will Six be redeemed? Is Two more human than not?

  5. Ponytail is so right! I’m thankful it wasn’t a real fire. Hope you get some rest tonight!

    Does anyone know the names of the Dallas Comic Con fans?


    When do you expect to end shoot season?
    (See my email of Oct. 15, please.)

  7. @KathyC:
    Former volunteer con organizer here. Cons, fundraisers, and other events generally pay the celebs for personal appearances. Payment can be negotiated as a combination of flat fee, per diem, photo /autograph proceeds, travel and hotel costs. The talents often give up hours to days of their free time to make these appearances, so payment is only fair.

    San Diego Comic Con may be an exception to that rule; Joe?

    Talk shows:
    I’ve heard for decades that there are union minimums for TV appearances, paid to the guest by the show’s producers. So, for example, if Chevy Chase did a “surprise walk on” on “The Late Show with David Letterman”, Chase would be guaranteed a minimum payment, probably from the producer, World Wide Pants, rather than CBS (US broadcast network).

    Joe and others are welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.

  8. Do you have your directors lined up for season 2? Hope to see some familiar names from season 1 (or from some of our old favorite series). It will be hard to surpass the quality product your directors provided us last season.

    Will the the twists in season 2 be comparable in magnitude to those in season 1 or will things settle somewhat? If you plan to get the roller coaster going again in season 2 I might have to visit the cardiologist before episode 1 premiers.

    For a first visit to Canada would you recommend Vancouver or Toronto? Looking for an adventure some spring and a trip up north is long overdue.

  9. Joe, I most certainly do read the blog (i’m the big guy on the left that mentioned the apartment). We all big fans (from way back). Glad we got to meet Zoie (she was great) and Jason handled the sword like a long lost friend. Good times were had by all.

  10. OK this is probably a dumb question… I’ve been meaning to go back and rewatch the final episode, but just haven’t had a chance… so my question is…

    Did 5 really wipe the crew’s memory? I was just wondering because isn’t 6 the one who ‘found’ the information on her system and said she did it but since 6 has now been revealed as the villain, did she really do it or is she just taking the fall for something 6 has done?

  11. One of my biggest regrets is that unlike star trek and star wars where there are lots of collectable’s available especially ships i.e models and display only collectibles but being a huge stargate fan there just wasn’t a huge availability of collectable’s available for me uniquely I always wanted a model of the destiny from sg-u if Dark matter takes off and gets as popular as stargate was do you have any plans for merchandising I personally wouldn’t mind owning the raza really like her design quite a bit oh by the way if you by chance have a production model of the destiny lying around in your attic my birthday is around the corner as in next week.

  12. Long hectic week here and its not over for me yet so here it is 4:30 am edt and am only just now climbing into bed and having my heated cognac night cap. Thus, sending you details to look into on better GTA housing for season 3 forward will have to keep till next wk. ( not like you can do anything immediate with the info anyway). I just want you to have it so you know you will have options for ‘much’ much more comfortable housing for S3 forward without having to sell your house in Vancouver. I felt so bad for your situation I spent the last 4 wks researching, making inquiries and verifications. (Not really a big deal. As a project coordinator, its a large chunk of what I do all day for a living anyway. I was able to easily handle it as simple multi task during lunch hours). I just wish I’d had more free time and could have worked faster so you didn’t end up having to settle for the horrible apartment you got stuck with.

    Though, its too bad Seinfeld isn’t still on the air. He probably would have been able to write several hilarious highly neurotic episodes about your current residence eh! 😀

    Hope you went and got yourself some of that 240 mg pseudoephedrine Claritin D 24 hr pills for bed time and are sleep comfortably as I type this. It really does work! Unless of course you happen to be from another planet with alien DNA?

    Mail bag questions before I hit the pillow and sail away for the next 4 1/2 hrs. Another long day heading my way much tooo soon.

    1. Have you decided on a new agent yet? If not what can you tell us about the other two you met with?

    2. Have you checked on Mrs Shanks schedule yet to see if she is avail for S2? I’d be so cool to see her on screen with Miss Two Boss!

    3. Has any of your recent misadventures made their way into the scripts yet?

  13. Overworked Tired Girl said, “240 mg pseudoephedrine Claritin D 24 hr pills for bed time and are sleep comfortably” – are you kidding me? Those kept me wide awake and alert for 24 hours! They were rougher than Prednisone! I couldn’t sleep until half way through the next day.

  14. Production Designer Ian Brock is sending me some amazing sketches and design work in preparation for season 2. Interested seeing what we have in the works?

    Just for the record and future reference… heck yes!! We want to see anything you got and can share. Especially the behind the scenes work of your talented crew. (Even if you shouldn’t share – we won’t tell.) 🙂

    @ Greg F – I am sooooo jealous you met Jason Momoa, and got to see him handle his sword! Too cool! How is he doing?

  15. – are you kidding me? Those kept me wide awake and alert for 24 hours! They were rougher than Prednisone! I couldn’t sleep until half way through the next day.

    240 mg pseudoephedrine is not intended as a sleep remedy but soley to dry one out so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night with cough and congestion.
    Simply avoiding caffeine and late night consumption of foods beyond a relaxing cup of hot tea is best. I have heard from a couple folks in the last few yrs or so that it kept them awake but they also confessed that they consumed something with caffeine that day, snacked after dinner hour and did not bother with a relaxer tea in the evening

    I am so sorry you found it too rough. It is not the experience of most. I stand less than 5’5, weigh only 100 lbs and have developed a highly sensitive system ove the years and have never had that experience on it at all.

  16. Joe,

    For your future SG giveaways I wanted to offer a copy of the 2nd Propworx Auction 2 catalog to go with yours… So the winner has the set!

    It will also be signed by the Chief Editor… ME! =)~

  17. Quick question: Could you see Nyx being a really tough farmgirl, about 5’4″? 😉

    (Sorry, resistance was futile in asking that, not expecting an answer, haha!!)

  18. Ponytail, sorry for the delayed response. Jason was looking well and really fit. I’d assume he’ll need to be for his next role. He was chatty and in good spirits overall (especially since he had quite the line to work through after us). A real nice guy who was really enjoying the sword. Only negative I’d have to put up there is that he needs a different hat :-). The one he wore was……interesting.

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