Some of my very favorite moments from Dark Matter’s first season.

Introducing…The Android!

Wendy takes down the Android.

Derrick Moss revealed.



Now THAT is a cliffhanger!

She’s baaaack!

The guys talk a good game.  This gal PLAYS a great game!

Uh, did WE do that?

A long overdue thank you.

A machine…with friends.

Android’s day out.

It was one of us!

The memory wiper revealed.

Finale WTF?!


Thanks to @SpaceChannel for the #DarkMatter gifs!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to blog regulars and birthday celebrants gforce and pennlynn.  Happy Birthday, Gary and Penny!

14 thoughts on “September 17, 2015: Favorite Dark Matter moments!

  1. Happy birthday to Gforce and Penny.

    Tomorrow is mine but the closer I get to 60 the less I care about birthdays, lol. But my dear child will be 24 on the 24th and if that doesn’t make me feel old, not much will. 🙂

    WTH on the “fave” thing… the entire SEASON, total episodes are on the fave list for me 🙂

    Did I mention it is wayyyy to long til next summer to wait for new season.

  2. Oh good! Glad I’m not the only one with no sound.

    Happy birthday pennlynn (ladies first!) and gforce!!!! Hope you two have a great one and many more! gforce how is the house coming? Pictures please!

    I like all of those above too and many more like the series opening scene and all the “who are you?” questions. The comedy. One regret… I wish you hadn’t killed Wexler and his team. An interesting bunch and kinda likeable. The finale was THE BEST moment. Very well done.

  3. Of course, one of my favorite moments was when FIVE was called ‘das’ – that put a smile on my face. 🙂

    I’ll have to think a bit on this – SO many moments! I am just terribly pressed for time these days and don’t have much of it to spend on deep thought…lol. That’s why my comments have been few and far between, and short when I do make them. I’m not really thinking much these days – mostly just re-posting cat videos and pictures of bacon. 😛

    I miss my brain…and I want it back. 🙁


  4. It was mean to put in that last moment!!! I was so shocked back when I watched the episode for the first time.
    Dark Matter is such a great show though, I would have a hard time picking any favourite moments, even though I quite liked it when Ennis Esmer and his crew were on board the Raza.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Any happy birthday to Penny!

    I agree that I can’t pick just a few favourite moments, I really loved the whole season. I always really enjoy THREE character moments and I think one that set the tone for the him from the very beginning was in the first episode when someone (SIX, I think?) asked him as THREE was picking up a gun – “Expecting trouble?” and THREE sights it and says “Hoping!”

  6. @ponytail This is Scifi. Gee! – You oughta know by now The dead need not necessary stay dead –> unless the dearly departed are demanding too much money to re-animate! 😀

    Hmmmmm? Meee thinks Joe may have some serious surprises for us all in S2!!

    @Das We miss ya! xo Posting cat pics can be fun but hope you’ll be fully back with us soon! 🙂

    Happy Birthday @Debra! I know how ya feel. My birthday is coming up Oct. 6th, and though am only turning 52 I don’t much feel like doing anything special this yr. After 50 it just didn’t feel like a big deal anymore to celebrate.

    Poor Gary. I think he was feeling a bit under the weather for his birthday, but hope he managed to have a fun day anyway. 🙂

    And *Happy Birthday* to Penny too!!! 🙂

    Hope the house hunting is comin’ along Joe!

    I did make some calls yesterday to a couple colleagues in GTA to have them ask around on your behalf. Unfortunately, no joy to report here. But, hang in there! Am sure you’ll find something that’ll suffice soon. 🙂

    If Push comes to shove – you can always rent an actual house, instead of apartment, then call an R-A-C, to deliver any basic furniture you might need. (They also come pick it all up when you are done using it).
    Although, it would cost more to do it that way -At least you and Akemi would get a family size kitchen outta the deal instead of having to put up with one of those tiny rectangular kitchenettes GTA apartment buildings are unfortunately notorious for.

    By the way : We know your big 5-0 is coming up Oct 16th, But when is Akemi’s b-day?? 🙂

    Sending Warmest Hugs n Sweetest Smiles your way today! xo
    ~Have A Beautiful Wknd!~


  7. Happy Birthday GForce, Penny and Debra!

    Ug, migraine today. Can’t watch videos yet. I’ll wait until the imitrex kicks in and then try.

    Any luck on housing?

  8. ~~Happy Birthday, gforce and Penny!~~
    Good luck on the house/apt hunt Joe, any of the crew from DM any help? I think they should have a place for people to rent out that work on productions, since its such a big business there. studio housing makes sense..Fingers crossed that it will all workout to your satisfaction and quickly.
    ~thanks for the recap of fav moments,,go android!! I am looking forward to more favorites!! and how 6 is gonna redeem himself (in my eyes)..

  9. I was puzzled by the lack of sound, too, until I read that part about them being .gif files and not video files. .Gif files are a string of still photos (like early cartoons). They never have sound. If those were video clips, they would have sound.

  10. I don’t care what anybody says, I still think SIX is complicit in the memory wiping! He either forced FIVE to do it quickly or he knew just enough programming to be able to do it himself on her computer(therefore implicating her) and rather “crudely”, as he put it. 😉

    -Mike A.

  11. Meant to write on here a few days ago but guess better late than never!

    Thanks for the lovely Birthday wishes. It was a pretty laid back day and very enjoyable. Happy belated Birthday to Debra, Gary!


  12. I think I caught Penny and Gary on FB to post Happy Birthday messages, but not to Debra, so belated Happy Birthday Debra.

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