Dark Matter’s first season may be over (or nearing an end in other parts of the world), but that doesn’t mean you all have to wait until next year for new material. Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be offering up behind-the-scenes insights, pics and videos of our awesome first season.  Then, when we start rolling into production in late November, stay tuned to this blog for updates on Dark Matter’s spectacular second season.  No spoilers, of course.  Just teasers to whet your appetites – and reward you all for your amazing support.

Today, I offer up some behind-the-scenes videos of Episode #12 (aka “Android’s Day Out”), the shooting of the Android Drop.

Check it out!


Zoie – ever the joker!

That’s one helluva noisy fan!

Like Stargate, one of the trickiest aspects of production – timing the closing of the doors!

14 thoughts on “September 5, 2015: Dark Matter behind the scenes! Filming the Android Drop – Episode #12!

  1. Very cool!
    When is the background from green screen added – in post? I dabble with Adobe Premiere for little video stuff, but I can imagine it being a lot of work to add backgrounds to HD film. How many film editors does DM use?

    Just wondering…

    2 cats

  2. She nailed the feet clap though. Pretty funny. It’s always nice to see behind-the-scenes footages.

  3. oops forgot small …let me try that again
    one small step for man…… one giant leap for The Android

  4. That was pretty cool when she stepped out of the shuttle. They didn’t want to stop long enough for her to get out? She won’t break? Or get stuck in a tree? Or an arm or leg, or her head, get ripped off?

  5. So, I was thinking about the clues that make more sense in retrospect, now knowing Six is the/a mole. Those are the best kind of clues, when the story means something different later.

    When Six killed his crew mates after they stole that ship… If he was a Galactic Authority operative in that scene, that would have been him recovering his memory of that role. If he were stealing the ship in order to gain notoriety to join The Raza, that goes doubly for the regained memory. That puts more into that short scene than his learning of being used.

    When he urges Five not to learn to fight, that came across as emotional to the point of irrational. Guns are tech that modify her status as the most vulnerable member of the crew. It was cruel to deny her such an equalizer in light of the myriad of circumstances they could find themselves in. But if he knew a sure thing circumstance was that the Raza would be taken by overwhelming force, her holding a weapon would not be an equalizer, but a reason to mow her down.

  6. I am already suffering from Dark Matter withdrawal. Still thinking about the obvious betrayal of the Raza crew by that SIX guy. He had me fooled. Or did he? Truly dastardly people just don’t display that soft side like he so often did. Or demonstrate (what seemed to be) genuine empathy. I really can’t wait to see how you’re going to write your way out of this condundrum.

    If we do go down one crew member by subtracting SIX will we be adding another? If you can find another mercenary running around the galaxy without a memory that would be convenient.

    How’s about we call the android Pandora? Even though she’s not responsible for most of the bad stuff that’s happened she always seems to be the one who gets to break the news to our unfortunate crew. I hope we have more android humor in season 2. Zoie Palmer is wonderful in the role.

    Will there be any repercussions when the crew finds out who wiped their memories?

    Can the Raza find a stray dog in one of those remaining hidden compartments? A dog would have sorted out the whole mole thing in a trice.

    Lastly, thank you for the character of Talbor Calchek. Finally someone I can cosplay with a few bucks and a trip to Goodwill.

  7. At DragonCon – had photo op with David Hewlett. I could not resist – I walked up to him and said Talbor Calchek – He blinked then said…YEAH.

    He is hoping as am I for more Talbor Calchek in Season 2…

    Zoie is amazing. She has a HUGE range of reactions and expressions. AND she manages to do the Android in “neutral.”

    Seriously – PLEASE may we have a name for Android.
    Our Android is family!

    And, shirts – gee, there are a bazillion shirts for every show under the sun. and NOTHING for Dark Matter…yet.

  8. I started reading the “Paradox Series” per your recommendation. Fun read and Thanks!!!

  9. Someone on Twitter was called The Android — Ann Droid. There you go for a name @Sylvia I thought it was cute.

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