“I think he is crazy, Joey. He makes people anxious!”

My mother halfway through watching the Dark Matter season finale.

Sorry, mom.

My sis followed up with this text: “And I have no nails left.”

Would love to open this blog up to discussion about the finale, but I’m going to hold off until next week, after our viewers across the pond have caught up.  All I’ll say now is that, contrary to io9’s assumption that we just pulled the “big reveal” out of our collective asses at the last minute, it was actually something we worked towards – and oh-so-subtley set up – in the episodes leading up to the big finish. In fact, a number of fans have put together the pieces and posited some dead-on theories of the how’s and why’s.  Well done!

And another ?Well done!” to our recent contest winner who correctly guessed all four questions I posited in the lead-up to the finale.  I’ll be revealing the winner next week!

Also next week, I’m going to do a rewind and take you through the show’s first season run, behind-the-scenes style, offering insights, pics, and vids to accompany every episode.

Speaking of which, here are a few behind-the-scenes non-spoiler pics from that finale…

September 3, 2015: That Finale…

Anthony Lemke (THREE) and Melissa O’Neil (TWO) kicking back between set-ups.

September 3, 2015: That Finale…

Director Andy Mikita, Director of Photography Craig Wright, and actor Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR) take in “the infirmary scene” run-thru.

September 3, 2015: That Finale…

Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) checks her light before heading into the dark.

September 3, 2015: That Finale…

Who is this masked man?

If you have any questions for me, post ’em in the comments section!  I’m going to try to do a mailbag in the coming days!

31 thoughts on “September 3, 2015: That finale…

  1. I have to admit I’m annoyed at having to wait an extra week for the finale to be screened here but I have no doubt it’ll be worth it

    One question I have though is if there are any plans for the return of the real Jace Corso in season 2? Also why does the Android keep getting stunned?

  2. Too subtly, mate.
    Until you pointed it out, I considered Six’s actions to be a shooting-cannon-at-a-fly solution to get Five out of any Raza-related danger, with her unwillingness to leave the ship forcing him to pull the ship from under her. Any debrief Six could get from Anders in Episode Eight was cut out, Anders’ question being the only hint he was someone more than just another Insurrection mook. Earlier foreshadowing, like Six killing the people directly responsible for the bombing, could have been explained with him being just as much of a psychopathic loose cannon as the rest of the crew – just with a slight bit of conscience.

    Still, that ending wasn’t as much of a trainwreck as what happened in Killjoys…

  3. Hey Joe, two quick questions for you.

    You mentioned in an earlier blog post about having a dispute regarding which way of editing a particular scene was “funnier”, and finally taking your laptop around for an office poll – and losing. Can you elaborate now on which scene that was, And what your take on it was?

    The whole concept of “Transfer Transit” pods seems rife with problems. Such as, wouldn’t every wealthy person only use the pods to leave their fortified house, as an insurance policy against dying? Are these kinds of issues going to be addressed in the future?

  4. Questions… because I’ve got to ask them Joe… people want answers!! 🙂

    1. Is it just me or was that stun stick used way too many times on the android?

    2. Why weren’t there more space battle scenes in Season 1? It seemed like every time the crew was about to get into a fight with another ship, something would prevent the fight from happening (i.e. other ships dropping out of FTL, weapons system offline, enemy warping away instead of fighting). Was this done to save money on VFX or were there actual space fight scenes that were cut out of the script because of the episodes running too long? Or were there none planned at all for Season 1?

    3. Can you please, please, please make sure there are ACTUAL space battles in Season 2, like what we saw MANY TIMES in SG1, SGA and SGU?

    4. Will there be aliens in Season 2, like what you posted several months ago about there being a list in the office with things everyone wanted to see in Season 2, and aliens being one of them?

    5. Any plans on bringing back Torri Higginson and David Hewlitt back? Any other previous SG members you might have an idea on getting as well?

  5. Hi Joe
    I’ll just repeat the question I’ve asked a few times, in case you’ve forgotten 🙂

    Will we see what the ‘dimensional pocket key’ is for in season 2? Or was it a red space herring?


  6. Very cool deleted scene!
    Okay, questions coming your way.
    1. When will a DVD of season 1 be available to buy? Hopefully it will include cast/crew commentaries like Stargate DVD’s?
    2. Why was Android carried off like the others under stun gas? The neural chip was out and she was incapacitated, why not leave her aboard ship?
    3. Was there a reason the crew went into the stasis pods in the first place?
    4. Are there plans to return their memories, or just let them “discover” their pasts?
    5. If One was such a cold, psychotic killer before having her memory wiped, how can she be caring and attentive to Five’s emotions now? I’m no psychologist, but I would think a character/ emotional trait like that isn’t affected by memory loss.
    6. The Vault door seemed to have changed appearance from earlier in season compared to later, when there was an entire tall top part with window cutouts visible, or was that just the camera angle?
    7. Will we have more Q&A with the rest of the cast soon? I’m curious how they anticipate S2 activities… as are we all… sigh, it’s too long to wait.
    8. Will Amanda Tapping return to direct or act in S2? (We ALL hope so!)
    9. Will you & Paul M. continue to be very closely involved with S2 writing, editing, producing, etc.?

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  7. Totally forgot about those creepy helmet masks. Until – smack dab in front of us again. Those added to the sense of doom and all is lost for our crew.

  8. io9 may not have been watching the same show I was. Although the reveal was a bit of a shock, it made sense when I thought about it in depth. But I may have to go back and rewatch everything from the start. What with having Friday nights open for a while…

    Did someone really get all of the answers right? Kudos to you!

  9. Those pictures are soooo spoilerific! That’s when Two and Three went on a picnic, Four had just gotten a massage from One, Five was playing, “I got your googles!” with Three, and the Android was goofing around again!

  10. So Joe, what was your reaction to the renewal news? How did you celebrate? Did you hear from the cast? Did you talk to your partners?

  11. I’m looking forward to the finale discussion next week! And, BTW, many of us do not want the series to trot out some lame aliens, played by humans with crazy makeup. A smart take on aliens? That could be OK. Here’s a suggested scene for S2: someone tries to sneak up on Android with a shock stick – she disarms them with a knowing half-smile.

  12. Joe, I wouldn’t worry too much about what io9 thinks. Sure, they’ve got a massive readership, but they’re fickle as hell about every show & they’ve become so full of themselves I rarely visit any more. The REAL fans know you didn’t pull the finale out of anything except a great imagination. Some people just can’t help but rain on a parade simply because there’s a parade.

  13. Are there any plans to start calling the android “Seven” in season 2?

  14. I can see why Six took himself out. He had done everything he needed to do and the GA were coming. By taking himself out, he kept the crew fighting among themselves long enough to prevent them from being able to break out the big guns and fight off the GA. He had already proven he knew a little something about drugs when he took out Four. It was a nice little Red herring, but when you consider that none of the remaining crew had any motive to do all that, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Six could of injected himself with a drug that may have worked its way out of his system prior to the GA arriving.

  15. Hi Joe, thanks for the awesome show. My questions contain SPOILERS (for those who hasn’t seen the finale yet)

    My questions are primarily about Five.

    1. Why didn’t Five tell anyone about her wounded (boy)friend? He obviously died in the same room where she left him. There was a risk that the crew might toss him out of the airlock, but since he was dying anyhow, what did she have to lose by telling them about him?

    2. In the episodes 2 and 3, Five mentions a dream about someone uploading the mind-wipe program and that it wasn’t her. Yet the reveal in the finale seems to suggest that it was Five after all. Unless it was Six who tried fooling Five into believing it was her. Was this supposed to be ambiguous? Can you possibly shed some light on this?

    3, This was actually picked by someone else in another forum, but here goes. There was a conversation in the finale between Five and the Android Projection. Why didn’t Five ask the Projection about who took the Android out? Also, is it really the end of the Projection? It seemed kind of an abrupt ending to otherwise interesting sub-plot.

  16. @Joe, I wouldn’t worry too much about what io9 thinks.

    Absolutely agree with this. There’s nothing on this planet, be it books, people, movies, tv shows(Well I could go on here..) that doesn’t have it’s critics. It’s just one of those things. As long as you have people that love what you do, screw the critics, just enjoy what you do and have fun.

  17. souhaitez-moi bonne vacances, enfin! De retour dans quelques semaines pour continuer de vous lire et prendre de vos nouvelles et des nouvelles de vos (nos !) projets !

  18. Questions: I’m a broken record but here goes: How is Lulu? Also, are you moving?

    My son is coming home this weekend and he’ll be sure to catch up with DM. Hope they have it on Netflix soon.

  19. @Tom Gardiner

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I used to call up io9 in my browser two or three times a day. The level of almost constant snark drove me away, though. Life’s too short.

    @Joseph Mallozzi

    There were things I absolutely loved about season one, things I wish had been different, but not once was I ever bored for even a moment. Thank you for all the work and time and effort you put in. Can’t wait for season two.

  20. Just watched the video revealing the mole on the SyFy website. THAT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! So funny. Thanks for sharing the moment. Everyone was really into it. Priceless reactions.

  21. Did you decide who would be The Mole before or after your rib injury?

    How far into the episode 13 script did you announce to the cast who The Mole is?

    Is there any chance of a cross-over with Killjoys? I’ve noticed the range of technologies and authorities in the galaxy is similar between the two shows. These stories could be happening at the same time in different parts of the same galaxy.

    I love the visual of the masks. At this point, the Galactic Authority is doing a good deed to put an end to the Raza’s marauding. But those masks are a fast way to announce that they aren’t good guys.

  22. Hi Joe! Here are my questions:

    1. Now that we know One was the heir to a family fortune, is it safe to assume Titch the farm boy is Three?

    2. Is the Raza the same ship that we saw Six and his buddies steal in episode 6? If so, does that mean that Six was the former captain?

    3. What specifically caused the Android to suspect that Two was different?

  23. I’m hoping that Defiance is renewed, to keep that Friday block together next season. I feel sorry for the fans of that show as they’re in the dark and want another season. Hoping for some good news for them.

    While the Friday block didn’t have huge ratings, it was a stable one and I for one don’t want to see it changed.

  24. @Tam Dixon .. thank you, I keep asking and he ignores me. 🙁
    Worried about Lulu

    As for io9.. I agree with everyone and would loan you my “give a fuck meter” as proof, but I need it.

  25. Why isn’t Dark Matter reruns on tonight? SyFy needs to start running the season again from the beginning.

    What is io9? Never heard of them…and don’t want to…so never mind.

  26. Of all the paramilitary and military garb I must admit I like the GA outfit the best. They have a more menacing appearance than storm troopers. The featureless face is really creepy.
    Never heard of io9 until this bog. Obviously they spend no time this blog or the interviews you have conducted this past year Joe. What is Paul’s Take on things? Are you going to invite him on the blog for a quiz the guest moment? Are you and he working on lyrics for the theme music?

  27. I can’t think of any real questions that could be answered by anything other than obfuscation, so in the interests of cosplay: what can you tell us about those thigh holsters everyone wears?
    It’s a bit hard to see the black-on-black on a small screen, I know there’s two straps, but are they made of leather or something else? What sorts of buckles?

    Any specific details you can give us on Three’s vest? (Why is it such a complicated vest? Why couldn’t he have a simpler iconic outfit?)

  28. I agree with Seriously Mike – there’s subtle and there’s buried. I easily explained Six killing the other people as him just being violent.

    Additionally I found the finale itself tiring. Overall, we spent the season having the crew bond, especially the previous episode rescuing Two, to just have it deteriorate into arguing again.

    Looking forward to Season 2 – would like to see how everything continues to develop.

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