19 thoughts on “August 31, 2015: And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter’s first season!

  1. What awaits? I’m sure we’ll find out next season, which is definitely happening. I hope. I has to.

    One thing I found so interesting about the last couple of episodes is how TWO’s realization of who/what she is even further works on the theme of how much of us is preprogrammed or can we decide to be something more. Can we or can’t we be more than the sum of our parts? Her journey is yet again different from the rest of the human crew or the android, but still parallels it. Really good stuff.

  2. Raaaza! Raaaza! Raaaza! Raaaza! Whew whoa!! Rowdy cast.

    @ Kimm & @ airelle – Thanks for the info! I remember the scene you are talking about. I’ll have to go watch and look for Tara.

    So what does await our intrepid crew? Come on Joe, do tell.

  3. Love the show. Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    If any of the readers of this blog hear a ‘Raza’ chant at DragonCon this coming week join in! I’ll be rocking out my (three second $30) Three cosplay.

    If we could happen to get a good shot of those sidearms i’d greatly appreciate it! 😀

  4. I only saw one person posting the right answers to the quiz (unfortunately it wasn’t me), but when are you going to post the winner?

    By the way, I hate you at the moment. How could you (and every one else involved – I hate you all) do this to us?

    I have to admit that I never saw that particular ending coming (and I should have guessed the numerical sequence would kick in for the quiz).


    WARNING: If you haven’t seen the finale, potential spoilers lurk below.

    So when does Season 2 start? I think we’re all going to go nuts trying to figure out how our illustrious crew gets out of the mess they’re in. Not to mention what could happen to them in the meantime.

    Yes, Three and Four are exactly who they’re supposed to be, kind of. They’ve definitely grown over the course of Season One to become more than what they were before the memory wipe.

    But we know One isn’t the real Jace Corso, and the GA should find that out in short order if they don’t already know. However, as Derrick Moss, he could just be a valuable commodity to one of the various megacorps.

    Two has a very big problem at the moment, while Five appears to be someone that the GA wouldn’t be interested in. Then again, a lot of her friends were killed because someone was looking for her in order to retrieve what she stole, which could mean she’s got a big problem, too. (I like that she was named after Das – a perk of being such a loyal follower and always entertaining commenter. Go, Das!)

    Someone suggested the Android needs to Krazy Glue that chip into her neck. I think that’s probably a wise suggestion since she seems to be getting taken out a lot lately.

    Six is very much the question of the moment. Was he always working for the GA? Was he really a patsy in the destruction of the space station, or were the victims deemed to be “acceptable losses” in relation to the Big Picture? For that matter, what is the Big Picture? When did he reconnect with the GA if he no longer knew who he was or remembered his past when he awoke from stasis?

    Does that slimyTalbor Calchek have his fingers in this mess? Did he know the job was a set up? David Hewlett was perfectly cast for the role, he does slime like no one else. Even though we didn’t see much of him, I hope the plans are to have him around more.

    Overall, the events of Season 1 seem designed to isolate the crew of the Raza from any allies or assistance they might have, which begs the question: Are they really being arrested or are they being taken for some other nefarious purpose?

    And who’s the “old” guy that wants them all dead because they know what Two really is? I’m guessing she was a “test run” of a body for him to inhabit, one that won’t deteriorate so quickly.

    By the way, speaking of One, why did Three continue to think he was the person after them when Three had been sitting right outside of One’s door when Six went down? Unless he can teleport or has a clone (no, the real Corso doesn’t count since he’s not on board), there’s no way he could have been off doing anything to any other member of the crew without Three having seen him leave.

    Ah, so many questions and no official Season Two. Did I mention that I hate you all at the moment?

  5. @JackFarfri – will be looking for 3, will be listening for the chant.
    Hope to into Zoie’s autograph line to autograph the Graphic Novel.
    (who’da ever thought we would call a comic – a graphic novel??)

    By the way – Sunday – 7 pm, there is a panel on Dark Matter.
    That could be a place to raise the roof for RAZA.
    Description: 6 people and an android wake up in a damaged spaceship.
    Syfys newest show joins its new Friday lineup…

    hope to hear/see more Dark Matter and Raza Crew chants.

  6. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as SyFy UK only played Episode 12 and didn’t go for the double

    Will have to wait until next Monday night to find out who did what to whom and why !

    Booo and all that

    Can’t read the blog for another week 🙁

  7. There was one huge problem with Dark Matter…not enough episodes! When it gets renewed, would it be for just 13 episodes again or more? I noticed lots of shows are only 13 or less episodes and still considered a season. Will this be the new new norm for TV series? Dark Matter better be up for many seasons then. 🙂

  8. Four days later I’m still pondering the events of season one. I can only imagine what future episodes will do to my aching brain. That SIX guy, I’d still buy him a beer at whatever station they happen to dock. There’s a lot going on with him and I want to know what the hell is happening. TWO scares me, ONE and THREE should kiss and make nice, FOUR needs to keep his cutlery sharp, FIVE may be the most mature of the bunch and the android needs a name. A worthy name.

    Thanks again one and all for all the fun.

  9. I just saw on Twitter that Dark Matter is renewed for season 2!!! I’m so glad we get to find out what the heck is going on with 6!

  10. Happy renewal day Joe. As an awesome producer/writer/person you deserved this 🙂

  11. Congratulations, Joe! I’m thrilled that the crew of the Raza will be back! Looking forward to Season 2!

  12. Seeing the post on Facebook that the show was renewed was awesome. I liked how it just happened to be the post I saw when I signed on for 5 minutes. I would have missed it. Congratulations to you and Paul and everyone. I am looking forward to how the story evolves.

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