20 thoughts on “August 29, 2015: The Bridge of The Raza on our last day of main unit production!

  1. loved Pong! Android has great taste. Thanks for a wonderful first season Joe! You and the crew did a fantastic job

  2. Congratulations, Joe. It was a fabulous show. I loved it. Looking forward to season 2!

  3. I didn’t realize it until watching the ending again that they marched the captured crew down the hallway in order: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Android, and then Six.

  4. Late getting home from work; just watched part one of the season finale (down load was not available until 4:30AM CDT. Hope to watch part 2 by Wednesday. Nice ending, great reveals. I have grown to really like Android. (Why would she not use ship sensors to locate the person in the hall?) I loved the conversation with her double on the bridge. Zoi really put her heart into Android’s mission task. I like Three and he’s “getter done” devil may care attitude-though some times too reckless. Would he be so gung-ho for another crew member, maybe? David Hewitt really played a good unscrupulous sleaze. Obviously now we know he had to have known the results of sending the crew to the planet.

    Film of the bridge too funny.

  5. @Thogar : Hey Tom! Forget trying to afford the funding of DM …

    Am thinking we should all just pool our money together to buy that sweet game room on the bridge!!!!. 😀

    A wee bit o’ classic game trivia: It’s rumored Twiggy served as the model for the right hand paddle on that Atari Tennis game. Mick Jagger – as the inspiration for the left one.

  6. Bridge gaming sensors – now THAT is what I want.

    Had to watch the finale again and again to catch the so many things missed in the first viewings.

    Brilliantly done,

    and now SyFy – PLEASE renew Dark Matter.

  7. Ah, that’s Mario Kart. Specifically Peach driving on Rainbow Road. Looks like the Wii version to me lol.

  8. Actually nope. That’s Rosalina from Mario Galaxy. Had to look again. Anyways great video Joe 🙂

  9. I saw all those video games and thought “So if you give a geek monitors……” Those out there with kids know what I’m talking about. 🙂

    How are your Roombas working out? I swear, whatever room I’m in, the Roomba heads straight towards me. Then I have to do the “Roomba dance”.

    Lulu news?

  10. I really enjoyed the two hour Dark Matter fest on Friday. After seeing how things turned out some things that occurred throughout the season actually make some sense. Though I did note that we don’t actually see the last crew person standing executing the final spate of dirty deeds. Great camera work to keep me doubting the obvious until we get a second season. With all the misdirection thrown our way this first season the only person who’s motives I don’t doubt are Calchek’s. And while I do love the android she does have that glitchy moment here and there that keeps me wondering.

    Loved the season, hope for more, thanks everyone involved for all your hard work. You are appreciated.

  11. Ok Joe, The finale has now aired pretty much everywhere…. So when?? do we get to see that fun clip of You presiding over the crew with the opening line “you probably all wondered why I called you here?” -Just because am absolutely dying to know if you went so far as to don a Detective Columbo style trench coat, while you were delivering that line, … Just to throw your cast off the scent that you were in truth channeling Poirot! 😀

    By the way: For those of you not in (or nearing) the 50+ crowd, I know ya all probably think I goofed again in my typing and wording when I mentioned Twiggy and Jagger posed as the models for those Atari tennis game “paddles”..

    But ya see my lovely youngsters, – way back in the day of us dinosaurs, “AVATAR” wasn’t quite yet a commonly used term for onscreen character reps.. So we just archaically referred to such things as those two stick thingies on screen as “stick thingies” or “paddles”.
    I’m also kinda embarrassed to admit how FRIGIN MESMERIZED those two stupid stick thingees and that one stupid moving dot often kept me for hours at a time!

    (Albeit, in my defense, I recall, that back then, right about the time my household had acquired that game, my mom suddenly developed the most peculiar fancy for frequently serving my brothers and I our middle class meatloaf dinners topped with some rather unusual exotic mushrooms).

  12. Love all those games. I played so many of them. I was really proficient at playing Centipede. There was an arcade at the mall next to the restaurant I worked at. I would go on my breaks over there to play some games to vent my frustrations. I got really good at the game.

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