Our double episode finale airs tonight at 9 p.m.!  That’s 9 p.m.!

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So, what do the members of the press who received advanced screeners of tonight’s double episode season ender have to say about the finale?

Well, here are a few choice quotes:

“Fans of Dark Matter who have been tuning in each week, and/or binge watching via Hulu, will be stunned by events that take place over the course of the season finale. Two hours of this exciting verse in one sitting that will leave the viewer gasping as the end credits roll and asking a collective question or several.”


“When I talked with Dark Matter Executive Producer Joe Mallozzi at mid-season, he made the following statement about the show’s season 1 finale:

Episode 12 will be another character-centric episode where we actually delve into the backstory of one particular character. Then, finally, episode 13, the season finale, and I really can’t say much about this one except it will be pretty epic. I think once that episode airs, the messageboards and fan forums will be on fire.

After having screened both episodes, all I can say is “No effin’ sh*t!”


“You may be expecting a bigger than normal preview since this covers two episodes, but given the amount of “holy shit” moments that I don’t want to spoil this is going to be the most vague preview ever.”


“Be prepared for a sweat-inducing, heart-pounding finale that will make you question everything you thought you knew about Dark Matter and our beloved crew, especially in the final hour.”


“Syfy’s space-based TV series “Dark Matter” wraps up its first season tonight (Aug. 28) with back-to-back episodes and a jaw-dropping revelation that even the cast didn’t see coming.”


“The result is a tense hour of television as writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie create a sci-fi Ten Little Indians scenario that works its way to a genuinely surprising conclusion – ”


“To describe the season ender Jodelle Ferland warned fans to “expect the unexpected.” Roger Cross labeled the finale episodes as “unpredictable,” while, Melissa O’Neil predicted that “it will blow your mind.”


August 28, 2015: The Dark Matter Season One Finale!  9 Pm Tonight!

August 28, 2015: The Dark Matter Season One Finale!  9 Pm Tonight!

August 28, 2015: The Dark Matter Season One Finale!  9 Pm Tonight!

August 28, 2015: The Dark Matter Season One Finale!  9 Pm Tonight!

See you on the other side!

55 thoughts on “August 28, 2015: The Dark Matter season one finale! 9 pm tonight!

  1. one of the few moments i wish I actually had cable. I have to wait till tomorrow when it finally posts to iTunes. Maybe I’ll go for a late late night and hope the show posts and midnight and watch it then!! Cannot wait find out what happens. I will so be avoiding fb till after i watch.

  2. Hi Joe
    I take that ‘pocket dimension key thingie’ was nothing but a red space herring…


  3. Pizza, Guinness and Dark Matter. And more Guinness. THEN more Dark Matter for dessert. Ready for a ‘Holy crap, did that just happen?’ sort of evening.

  4. Who are considered “members of the press”? How would said members be able to see an advanced screen of Dark Matter or other Syfy shows?

  5. So looking forward to this.
    Its my birthday so this is going to be a treat. Thank you in anticipation for what will undoubtedly be a great show. I just hope I am still the zobots #1 fan at the end of it…

  6. I just want you to know that I’m skipping the gym tonight just to be home to watch the finale live.

    Stop laughing, das.

    I LIKE the gym.

    I just like Dark Matter more.

  7. I think I’m going to hedge my bets and state that, if no one gets all four answers right, I should be declared the winner by default.

  8. I laughed out loud at,,,

    A serious FIVE to Red Android: I need you to do something for me.

    Red Android: Of course.

    FIVE: Shut the hell up.



    I think I hate you, Joe.



    d as in DANGER!!!!!!!

  10. O.M.G – Are you kidding us? Must get renewal…can’t leave us hanging like this.

    No spoiler – loved how Andy started to “fit” in. Sniffing the wine and drinking some too…aaawwwwwww.

    Andy HAS friends, family, and FANS.

    I hope to get Zoie to autograph the combined 4 book issue while a Dragon COn.

    FYI – in the American Sci-Fi and fantasy media.
    Topic: Dark Matter: In the blackness of space.
    Marriott M301-302
    Sunday Sept 6
    7 pm

    No indication of who is moderating or participating…at least not yet.

  11. Hey Joe
    How the Hell are you going to write them out of that? Mind you I said the same thing after the Ori came through the supergate and there was the “Big Space Battle” cliffhanger on Stargate.


  12. I hope nothing REALLY IMPORTANT was “discussed” in the first 7 minutes of the last ep because for ??SOME?? reason, the “verbal” audio track was coming through really low while the music and other background audio track were just fine!? – And it *wasn’t* anything that I did! – [SPACE via ROGERS in Ottawa] – Anyone else have a prob?

    Otherwise, *COOL*!!

    Well, except maybe for seeing Wheaton… He’s changed so much… I still remember him as the SKINNY kid running around the SEATREK CRUISE ships with his Siblings back in the Day…

    So…. Is that Dying Guy “THE GENERAL”?

  13. Long time, no post. Joe, you’ve all done it again with Dark Matter. I’m a life long Stargate fan from the original movie onward. I’ve been watching Dark Matter since the premiere, loyally every week, like the Stargate days. There are so many stylistic points that feel like “home” when I watch the show. In a weird way, it’s like Stargate is back with so many familiar faces, directors, writers, producers…. SyFy better allow your full story arc to run. After the SGU cancellation, it took Dark Matter to bring me back. Thank you for showing great science fiction again. Incredible finale!

  14. WTF indeed! Great performances by Zoie and Melissa in hour one. And in hour two I was completely floored by the reveal. Now we know who Two and Four were going to kill on the audio recording. They must have found out he was G.A. If Dark Matter doesn’t get renewed we should storm the castle of SyFy. Joe, the cast, and everyone involved, great work on one of the best premier seasons of any TV show ever.

  15. Well…yeah. “Holy shit!” just about covers it.

    Wow! I did not see that coming. At. All. Well played Mr. Mallozzi. Well played.

    That was a fantastic season finale. And I can’t believe (don’t want to believe) I have to wait 9 months to see season 2. And there damn well better be a season 2. You hear me SyFy? Yeah, I’m talking to you!

  16. @ Sparrowhawk – I’m not laughing…I totally understand. I skipped a chance to watch fireworks over the ocean. We are such suckers. 😛


  17. Wow! What A Rush!! Many Thanks to you and Paul for all your time energy & talents! And ‘extra special’ thanks to Akemi and your 4 legged babies for helping to keep your wits about you long enough to get it all produced so we could enjoy it!

    xo #RenewDarkMatter xo

  18. I just watched the two-hour season finale and I have a question for Joseph Mallozzi. I don’t really expect to get an answer, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to ask someone connected to a TV show for a while now;

    Do you even consider your fans’ feelings even a little bit when writing season finale cliffhangers?

    What will you say to the fans if Dark Matter doesn’t get renewed? “Shit happens, get over it?”

    It’s a crapshoot whether any particular TV show will get renewed. Sci-fi shows have it even tougher as it’s a smaller audience. So when you end the season on a cliffhanger, it says to me that you don’t care if you leave your fans hanging in the event of a cancellation.

    And what happens if Dark Matter gets renewed? You’ll make another 13 episodes, end it on another cliffhanger and then all the fans have to wait and see if it’s going to be renewed again, or if that will be the point that they all get left in the lurch. Anyone remember the season 2 finale of Alphas where it appeared that all but one of the cast died? Or the season 2 finale of Revolution where the nanites were planning to take over the world? Or the season 2 finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles where young John Connor is trapped in a future where he apparently doesn’t exist. How many more should I list?

    I understand that TV shows get canceled if they’re not profitable, or if the network feels they don’t have the right demographic. I’m always disappointed when a show that I like is gone, however I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is the idiotic practice of ending every single season of dramatic shows on a cliffhanger when you have no idea if the show will be back or not!

    Please don’t tell me to relax, that the numbers are good, that the show will almost certainly be back next year, because there was no way you could have known that when the finale was written.

    It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to start watching new shows because I know there’s about a 50% chance they will be canceled without any kind of ending. Would you waste your time reading a book that was never finished? How about doing a jigsaw puzzle where a quarter of the pieces are missing? So why should I get invested in a show and care about the characters if there’s a good chance that the show will be canceled without ever providing an ending?

    I can’t stress enough how angry it makes me to see shows end the season on a cliffhanger when the people behind them don’t know if they will ever be able to film a conclusion or not.

    Cliffhangers should be illegal unless you have a guaranteed renewal or a legally binding contract stating that the network will film one more episode to wrap up the plot.

  19. Joe you are going to have a lot of very angry people after you if Syfy and Space doesn’t renew the show. A lot.

  20. Dark matter season was awesome!!!! I have not went out any Friday nights since Dark Matter has started so I can watch the plot unfold and I have enjoyed every moment. Dark Matter is cool, entertaining and fantastic and the finale has left me speechless with all the twist. Thank you for this incredible program and I hope to see Dark Matter for Many years to come. Please I hope you and the cast come to New York Comic Con!!!!!!

  21. Well, well, well… didn’t see much of any of that coming, no sir. Glad One lived, but WTF —Six!? If I were Android I’d superglue that neural chip inside my neck, lots of trouble caused by that.
    I’m sill unclear why Five programmed the memory wipe. Did I miss something?

    Okay, now the long wait, until the premier of season 2. Meanwhile, I will be re-watching all the epps online.

    Good job crew, cast, production company of Dark Matter. This was the BEST new sci-fi show in a Very long while. Congratulations to all involved!

    A grateful

  22. In terms of man power, I think that’s a pretty realistic response from the GA. Especially given that they’re dealing with the galaxies most wanted lol. I wanted to give more of an opinion than that but given that some people may not have seen, a vague opinion works.

  23. Who was 2 talking to on the recording that 5 found in the mess hall? I thought it was 6, I’m going to have to watch it again…

    Overall, I thought the series was really good. I’m glad that the big question was answered but that there are enough things unresolved to start up the next season…

    I’m still confused by the numbers though… mental block… every time someone mentions a number I have to think back to the first episode, about the order that they woke up in, and then I’ve missed half of what they’ve said… Lol

    I hope it gets renewed. When will they hear?

  24. OK, the last episode was a serious chunk of WTF, but at least it’s justifiable. I noticed that you know how to tell without telling, though.

  25. @ Joseph Mallozzi. I hate you. Really. You’d better fix this. I won’t say more cause I know some haven’t watched, but really. Since I don’t do message boards for any show, I can only vent here. Did I mention I hate you? No, I didn’t see it coming and yes, I’m pissed.

    @ >>It’s a crapshoot whether any particular TV show will get renewed. Sci-fi shows have it even tougher as it’s a smaller audience. So when you end the season on a cliffhanger, it says to me that you don’t care if you leave your fans hanging in the event of a cancellation.<<

    Are you f'ing kidding me? So your idea is that a writer should write some weak script that sort of nicely ties things up in case it doesn't renew… or they don't care? Holy moses, go write your own fanfic or something. Writer's write what they think is BEST for the long haul. If that does't happen, yeah we kind of have to make up our own ending. I'd sure rather have a writer (even if I hate him like I do Mallozzi at this moment) do an all out episode, ramp up responses and expectations, than some weak spine pandering "just in case it gets cancelled." There's some huge gap in respect between not liking what someone did and being delusional that you know the hell if they care about their fan base. You leapt that gap with a good margin to spare. Making your frustration a personal attack on someone who spends every freaking day staying in touch, maintaining this long term community.. no okay.

    I have a suggestion… seriously. Invest in a dvr, record any show you are interested in, don't watch til you know it has been renewed. Problem solved. Heck, I've had a few I was mildly interested in, didn't think would last, and did precisely that til they were renewed. Occasionally I watch them anyway.. or I just delete and go on.

  26. Joe, I just wanted so say congratulations on your first season of Dark Matter! No matter what happens with SyFy and a renewal, it was one fabulously fantastic ride. The stories were tight and engrossing. Casting was perfect. The writing and direction was spot on. I love these characters and the people who play them. Congratulations to you, cast, and crew for one heck of a job well done! Thank you! Here’s hoping we all get several more seasons!

  27. @Tim G – Thank you. I was still wondering who Two and Four were planning to kill, and I didn’t catch if they spelled it out that it was Six. I can be a bit dense.

    One thing that wasn’t answered, probably because nobody asked, was “what is Five’s real name?” I don’t recall if the memory retrieval episode had the boy (who died in the cargo hold) address her by name.

    So, did Six inject himself with a very small dose of the neural toxin so he would wake up and continue to terrorize the crew? Otherwise, how did he wake up?

    Now that the Authorities have arrested the crew, and the Zobot is offline, what will happen to the Raza? Are they going to tow it back to space dock and impound it, or just leave it out there abandoned?

    All things considered, is Roger Cross leaving the show? I can’t imagine Six being welcomed back by that crew ever again….assuming they can escape from prison.

    Are we going to start calling Two/Portia “Rebecca” now? What about One/Jace being really “Derek?”

    ……and now we wait………for almost a year……for season 2. *sigh* Hey, if those bastards at SyFail don’t renew, will you go to Netflix? Then, we would get our show back, and we’d never have to speak to the SyFail channel again. Ever. Have I mentioned lately that I’m still pissed about SGU?

    Great job, Joe, cast and crew. Please keep up the good work. {{{HUG}}} to you and Akemi, and back massages for LuLu and Bubba.

  28. Another thing, I thought it was obvious it was Six out of the four crew left because.

    One: Although he made a questionable decision to impersonate Jace Corso. He seems like that honest, caring guy who actually cares about those around him(Would have nothing to gain betraying the crew).

    Two: Seems to have a bit of PTSD over the revelations about who she really is. Out of all of them, she seems like the one who needs the crew of the Raza to stick together so she can find the answers she needs, and learn more about her past(And meeting Alex Rook again I’m sure is something she’d love to do!)
    (Would have nothing to gain betraying the crew either)

    Three: The ships jerk, although he has that arrogance, there seems to be a nice guy under all that talk. He doesn’t seem like someone who would be dumb enough to betray the crew by inviting the GA over, as there’s always that chance he himself could be arrested if they re neg on the deal.
    (Would have nothing to gain betraying the crew)

    Five: Just lol
    (Would have nothing to gain)

    Six: Has the deaths of all those people hanging over him, arguably if convicted he would have the most the lose among the crew and if he could make a deal to save himself I’m sure he probably could.
    (In my opinion would have everything to gain with the right deal offered his way)

  29. Well played, Joe. Well played. I think my jaw actually did drop at the reveal. Now I want to know *why*?!?!?!

    Also, I’m hoping one day the Android will be given an actual name. Personally I’d vote for “Seven”. (Yes…I know…there’s that other Seven on that other show…but that’s sort of ancient history now.)

    Bravo, Joe and Paul, on a fantastic first season. Now all I can say is: more, please!


  30. I suspect that it is far too early to write Six off.

    The plot is simply thickening. Just in time to end the season and FORCE US TO WAIT FOR MONTHS to find out what happens next.


    Now I’m off to take Mom to see Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. She’s more of a romance fan, but (woohoo!) there are no new romances out. At least not romances suitable for my 80-something mother.

    wish me luck.

  31. And yep, you really outdid yourself with this finale Joe. It was great the whole time. Hopefully the ratings reflect this too. I would love nothing more than to see your show end on a high this season. And yep, I did overthink their motives just a bit above, it was fun to guess who may have done it before the reveal.

  32. I’m surprised no one here has asked what seemed to me to be the most obvious question. How long has he had his memories back, and what triggered their return? It couldn’t have been before he discovered his pre-Raza memories, because he seemed genuinely surprised at that point. It also doesn’t seem likely that it was during that incident, or he wouldn’t have spent all that effort doing that if he had a more immediate mission to worry about. Was it the process of cloning himself and then returning his consciousness to his own body that somehow triggered all the other memories? That would explain why he gave up that quest for revenge so suddenly.

    And was he telling Five the truth when he said she erased all their memories, or was he covering for himself to distract the most likely person to figure out the truth until his plan could come to completion? I don’t think what we saw made it clear either way. And whichever one it was, I don’t think we have much of an answer of what the actual purpose of the program was supposed to be if it wasn’t meant to wipe their memories.

  33. What the hell Joe! That was great, so did not see that. The paranoia was solid, cannot wait till next season. Please be a next season!

  34. I think everyone covered the big twist at the end, so I have a different question. Was the old man Mad Scientist Wil Wheaton was talking to at the end Chris Heyerdahl? It sure sounded like him, but I couldn’t see enough of his face to be sure.

  35. @Debra,

    What’s so hard about telling a more or less complete story in 13 episodes while leaving it open for the adventures to continue? I assume that if the show gets renewed, the events of the finale will be wrapped up next season. So why is it such an unforgivable sin to include that resolution in the current season?

    And yes, for a TV writer to end a season on a cliffhanger shows a lack of respect for the fans. The history of TV shows is littered with a long list of shows that were canceled on a cliffhanger never to resolved. It happens over and over and over. Mallozzi knew it could happen to this show and he still made the finale a cliffhanger.

    Honestly, which action shows that a writer truly cares about their fans;

    1. Writing a satisfying finale that wraps up the major plot points so that if the show is canceled, fans aren’t left in the lurch.

    2. Writing a cliffhanger, knowing that there is a very real possibility that the show will be canceled and that the fans will never get any kind of a resolution.

    Out of all the dramatic genre shows I’ve watched with a continuing plot, the only one I can think of that had season finales that didn’t resort to cliffhangers was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With the exception of season 6 (which I believe Whedon already had a firm contract for a 7th and final season), every single season finale could have served as the series finale if the show had been canceled. No characters were left in peril, no villains made a last minute re-apperance, but the story was still left open so that it could continue. I wouldn’t call any of that show’s season finales “weak”.

    Answer me this one question;

    Would you bother reading a novel if you knew ahead of time that there was a 50% chance that it would have no ending, but there was no way to find that out before you actually read it?

  36. Questions Questions & more questions!

    Okay so was it just me? or did it start to appear in the final episode that TWO & Three had been in co-hoots all along and Two was just ‘being a player’ with One this whole entire season?? That she never had any genuine heartfelt romantic attraction to him at all.

    Yeah, I too am wondering how six woke up so quick, – but the hint from previous episodes points to him having used transfer transit. (That it was his clone, not him on the ship in the final episodes).

    And did i miss something? How is it 5 has been able to change into a new outfit in pretty much every episode if she stowed away in a hurry without having grabbed so much as an over night bag or nap sack to bring along?

    Glad we got an answer about that whole aging question with TWO…. Though am wondering if she was ‘completely’ manufactured in a lab via an artificial womb or did a ‘human woman’ serve as surrogate to carry her in the womb to term? Hmmmmm? Any chance we’ll get to see a guest appearance from Mikes wife Lexa in season 2?? She’d be the obvious clear choice for that.

    Damn! I’m loving that you and Paul are such fans of trojan horse type themes! LOL

    Hope we get to see more white hole tech and Wendy type bots in season 2.
    It’d be so hilarious to witness planets just randomly blow up every now and again throughout the season just for the heck of it! And have one cast member or another get stalked by a bot they thought was nice but turned out to be a programmed psycho!

    1. @Drea – They’ve stopped at a few space stations along the way, so Five has had opportunities to go shopping since she came on board. I was thinking that Six was doing the travel clone thing, too, but where is the receptor bed hidden on the ship?

  37. @MrsTigerCat: The finale left me reeeeling with so many questions, I decided to go back and re-watch all the episodes again to see what I didn’t catch first time around.

    In the pilot they show how 6 & 2 discover lockers and trunks of personal clothes belonging to the crew and a screen shot clearly shows a jacket belonging to 5 that she wears in a later episode, I knew it wasn’t a station shopping trip because she was changing her clothes immediately from day 1.

    (Joe, is well known within writers circles, for diving deeply into his characters and their storyline, and has always had a highly keen eye in covering ALL the details, which is why I thought it so odd initially about 5’s frequent changing of clothes).

    Haven’t come across any hints of a ‘transfer transit receiving bed’ hiding in one of the cargo bays on Raza yet … but will let ya know if I do once I’ve had chance to re watch all the episodes. Though, if I don’t come across one…. I’m sure it only means that is something that will be revealed in season 2, eh

    Thanks so much for helping out with #DarkMatter tweets/posts Friday xo.

    Hope we get renewal news soooon!!!!

    #RenewDarkMatter 🙂

  38. Why has Syfy in the UK decided to split the finale into two seperate eps? It means we have to wait aweek and avoid spoilers like the plauge…Any ideas Joe?

  39. Loved it! I have this all still on my DVR and plan to binge watch it all again…before the end of the year…October is going to be crazy for me.

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