August 27, 2015: Win A Dark Matter Script – And Secrets!

Here’s the deal.  I’m giving away a signed copy of the Dark Matter season one finale.  But this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill signed script.  No.  I’m offering up an annotated version of the script for Episode 13 with notes on EVERY page, offering behind the scenes insights, episode secrets, and a hint or two at what’s in store for season 2.

So how do you win?  Simple.  Correctly answer all four of the following multiple guess questions.  Vote in the polls below and then leave your answers in the poll’s comment section (don’t forget your username so that I know how you are!). Everyone who guesses correctly on all four questions is entered into a chance to win.  A winner will be randomly chosen – via my handed Dungeons and Dragons many-sided dies!

*** By the way, just noticing a lot of people voting…but not many leaving their usernames and answers in the comments section.  If you don’t, I have no way of knowing if you guessed correctly.

Ready?  Okay, here goes!

August 27, 2015: Win A Dark Matter Script – And Secrets!
DARK MATTER — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Zoie Palmer as The Adroid, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Mark Bendavid as One, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Roger Cross as Six — (Photo by: Dennys/Ilic/Syfy)

Question #1…

August 27, 2015: Win A Dark Matter Script – And Secrets!

Question #2…

August 27, 2015: Win A Dark Matter Script – And Secrets!

Question #3…

August 27, 2015: Win A Dark Matter Script – And Secrets!

Question #4…

Easy, no?  Get your answers in before 6 pm PST/9 pm EST Friday, August 28th. Open to all Dark Matter fans worldwide – except those who’ve already screened our finale.

Good luck!

142 thoughts on “August 27, 2015: Win a Dark Matter script – and secrets!

  1. no one, one, someone else, they’ll all survive. I don’t have a wordpress but @hvdley on twitter 🙂

  2. Those are hard. I prefer freeform questions. They leave more room for parlor tricks.

  3. I think.. No one, the Android, Five, and they’ll all survive (I hope).
    If somebody were to decide to leave, it would probably be One, disenfranchised by the changes in Two.

  4. Well, that was fun. I’d been avoiding drawing any definite conclusions about each crew member’s role in the finale but you forced my hand. Now I’m feeling anxious and edgy. I know things are going to happen that I probably won’t be happy about in the end but your’re driving the bus. Us viewers are just along for the ride. Just don’t drive us off a cliff without a parachute. Or some magnet thingies in an anti-gravity unit. This will be epic.

  5. Voted, and commented under each vote. I am a horrible guesser, so I’ll be surprised if I even get one right. haha!!

  6. Woot! Do we have to answer before the finale? That makes it kinda hard.

    I said many weeks ago that Six dies by the end of the season so that’s gonna have to be my vote. I’ve got no idea about any of the other questions. I might just have to guess “The Android” for all of them! 🙂

  7. It’s a bit annoying that SYFY UK are making us wait an extra week for the finale (at least that’s what the current schedule is showing anyway). Unlike in the US they are splitting the episodes.

    I have a One related query though. Are there any plans for more of the real Jace Corso in series 2?

  8. No one, the Android, someone else, all survive.
    I’d like to point out that I live in the lower mainland and can pick up the script in person, but don’t let that influence your decision. 😉

  9. Q1 – no one, Q2 – Two, Q3 – One, Q4 – They’ll all survive (I hope!) @girlingray on Twitter

  10. I love trying to guess what is coming, although I generally am not very good at it. Although I do enjoy the fact that I am not alone on who I think wiped their memories. Oh and on the stuff you need to get rid of. I know someone said do an auction, so what about a Kickstarter campaign and the swag is the stuff. You can call it your My trip to Japan fund or get the horror movie off the ground fund.

  11. 1. No one 2. the android 3. Someone else 4. They ALL survive (!!!)
    Cheers from Italy and thank you for this gem!!

  12. 1. No one.
    2. Someone else
    3. Someone else
    4. They all survive. 😬

    @briculberson on Twitter.

  13. After an intense discussion with my ̶p̶a̶r̶t̶y̶-̶i̶n̶-̶c̶r̶i̶m̶e̶ sister, we came up with these answers:
    1 – One
    2 – The Android
    3 – Five
    4 – The’ll all survive

    We practically tried every possible scenario, with all the different answers, and after sometime we could not make any sense of it. But this is our best guess.
    Now we can’t wait for you to destroy our (few) certainties, and plunge us into a black hole of despair with your evil, evil plot twists. (We’ve learned to expect at least five or six of them >=P )
    You’d better be renewed!

  14. My guesses to the questions: No one, the android, someone else, they’ll all survive. @TheLostFoodie on Twitter

  15. Our Guess;
    1. Six
    2. Someone Else
    3. Someone Else
    4. They´ll all survive.


  16. Thanks for the giveaway and for this awesome show. Crossing fingers for renewal!

  17. I have a theory about one…we’ll see if Joe goes this direction:

    One dies in the revenge attempt against Three, but learns as he is dying that it was really an outside (to the crew of the Raza) antagonist that killed his wife. The crew is devistated as they realized what was happening under their noses.

    In the meantime, the real Jace Corso runs into hard luck and finds his criminal empire crumbling, and in a sweeping turn of fortunes, finds himself on the run from elements within his own organization that are now out to kill him. During his flight, he runs across the Raza (who are seeking an answer to the identity of their antagonist and the architech of One’s wife’s death and by extension One’s death), and due to his desparation, he joins up with the Raza as he flees (and they pursue) their respective antagonists. Yea! We have One back (sort of)! Jace reluctantly joins the search for the Raza’s antagonists (since it takes him further away from those that want to kill him), but he’s continually looking for an exit strategy as he goes along with the crew’s plans. Cue the fish out of water scenes and Jace’s awkward interactions with the rest of the Raza.

    Re-reading the above, it sounds a bit like a greek tragedy, but what the hey…it was fun thinking out this scenario.

    I’m getting ready for a big smoking/BBQ cookout this Saturday (Slyvia and Sparrow_Hawk, you all are welcome to come if you like…it starts at 4pm on Saturday), but I’ll still be taking time out of preparations tomorrow night to watch the Dark Matter season finale. It’s going to be great!

  18. My votes:
    1. The Android
    2. Three – he wants a new start.
    3. “Someone Else” mwah, hah, hah!
    4. I voted for Two, but I really thing it’s One.

    Hey, thanks for the invitation JeffW! Unfortunately, I’ll be down visiting my mom and can’t make it. I like your scenario for the finale.

  19. 1. One
    2. The Android
    3. Someone else
    4. They’ll all survive

    I’m really enjoying the show and hope they all survive for Season 2 and beyond.

  20. Oops-er-oni
    pls change to this:

    Q1 Four
    Q2 Someone Else
    Q3 Someone Else

  21. Who wrote episode 13? As long as it’s not Martin Gero, then there’s hope that they’ll all survive. 😉

  22. Who wasn’t at that Comic Con? I would think if you went to the Comic Con it means you are happy and you survived episode 13, and are safe. TWO, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX were there. They seemed happy. They should be safe. Android wasn’t there but you can’t kill an android. So she is safe. FOUR wasn’t there. How can you kill the meanest crew member? You can’t. He’d chop your head off first. ONE wasn’t there. Hmmmm, described as the “fish out of water”, and “no obvious skill sets”. Could it be ONE? That would be like kicking a puppy. And I like him! No, they are ALL safe. Whew!! I’m so relieved. …Aren’t I Joe?? I’m relieved right? I can rest easy?

  23. Those are toughies. And guess work really so it’s kinda random. Still that script sounds cool!

    I’m not convinced my answers are right at all. I sure hope no one gets killed although as someone from SG said once, “no one ever really dies in science fiction.”

  24. 1. No one, 2. Someone else, 3. The Android, 4. They all survive. 26mengel on Twitter

  25. 1. No one
    2. The Android
    3. Someone else
    4. They’ll all survive

    @Messalovitis on Twitter

  26. Here are my guesses:

    1. Four (because he wants revenge for his ouster)
    2. Android (hence the quirk in her programming)
    3. Two (because she’s just scary dangerous)
    4. All survive (however, this will be the WTF moment when it appears that one of them died (probably Five since she’s the innocent one, and her “death” would raise the most ire) and because you folks like to throw curveballs to get your viewers upset and yelling at you, but episode 201 will reveal the truth)

    So, even if I have any of them wrong, I should still win because of my impeccable reasoning 🙂

    1. I have three words to discrible how good Dark Matter Is. ” awesome, awesome and awesome” I can’t get enough. It’s to bad the season one is ending. Please let’s have unlimited future seasons….Thx

  27. Can’t wait until tomorrow night! I’m addicted. Just started watching this show, downloaded the episodes I couldn’t get on demand then ended up buying the whole season on ITunes. Now I watch whenever I want but had to cloud some SGA, SG1 & Firefly episodes to make room for this new crew on my iPad. Fingers crossed for a season 2!

  28. Thanks for this offer! I am all for at least 8 more seasons! And I’d love to see an repeatingly ever evil counterpart from Torri Higginson! Her part to give the crew a hard time is great!

    Thanks Joe for this open communication, and keep making Dark Matter amazing!

    All the best from Germany.

  29. no one
    someone else
    someone else
    they all survive

    Besides, someone needs to feed THE FISH…

  30. Oh man….tuff exam.

    1. Four – but it is just sharing intentions only…
    2. someone else
    3. someone else
    4. they MUST survive

    Counting minutes until we learn the answers.
    Oh….they all better survive for seasons 2-10.

  31. So cool of you to do this! I’m trying to avoid any and all possible spoilers since I want to be completely surprised, but I’ll take some wild guesses.
    1. One
    2. Five
    3. Android
    4. Six (but I know he’ll be back for S2!)
    Can’t wait to see how wrong I am!
    @reel64 on Twitter

  32. My best guesses based on the twisted nature of Dark Matter and attempting to draw conclusions based upon characters who have absolutely no idea who they really are:

    1 – TWO
    2 – The Android
    3 – ONE
    4 – They all survive

    Maybe they all survive but will the be the same after this finale?

  33. 1) One
    2) Android
    3) Someone Else
    4) They’ll all survive

    Looking forward to finding out.

  34. that was fun Joe, I love a contest with cool prizes!! Hope your day is going great!

  35. Q1: No one
    Q2: Five
    Q3: Two
    Q4: One

    Of course, the way you like to play these number games, I would not be surprised to see the answers end up being… one, two, three, four! Great job in season one!

  36. 1: Three
    2. The Android
    3. Someone else
    4. They’ll all survive!

    Can’t wait for tonight! If I can’t watch it live, I’ll leave the TV on to get your numbers up.

  37. 1. Four
    2. One
    3. One
    4. One

    Argh, these storylines could go in so many different directions, all of them intriguing! Love that you keep us guessing all the way, Joe. Great show, great cast, great writing = Great Fun! There’d better be a Season 2…just sayin’…

  38. You do realize that there are 4,096 possible combinations to answer. Therefore, a random guess has only a .025% chance of being correct. I’ve never been a lucky guesser, so I already admit defeat and wish a hearty Pre-Congratulations to the eventual Winner!

  39. Agh the pressure!!!

    1- 2
    2- Someone Else
    3- Android
    4- All Survive

    Joe do I need to enter this on the polls too?

  40. 1. One
    2. Two
    3. Someone else
    4. They’ll all survive.

    A fantastic group of characters, but that’s my best guess. Can’t wait for more!

  41. Gee, reading everyone’s comments was quite entertaining. I have to go with JeffW though, for a very reasonable sounding scenario. Once we knew there was an imposter Jace Corso, that kinda left the door open to have him “disappear” and the “real” Jace to step in. Now the interactions with the bad Jace and our crew will be fabulous.

    My answers:
    1) Two
    2) The Android
    3) Someone else
    4) One (the imposter)

    I’m now at work, counting the hours until 9pm tonight and absolutely NOT concentrating on my job. The anticipation is so-o-o great Mr. M.

    Thanks for that.

  42. Boy, Joe, it sure gets crowded in here when you do a giveaway. You wanna see some numbers how about giving away a date with the android? Or a turn piloting the Raza? Just a quick jaunt around the solar system.

    It’s Friday, folks. Invite your kin, coerce your co-workers, blackmail your adversaries or just plain beg strangers to watch. Get everyone in front of a TV set this evening.

  43. Ok, I’m with 2cats. I also think JeffW is right. ONE dies. I’m not sure if it happens like JeffW says, but that makes sense that ONE could die and the real Jace Corso could take his place. Just don’t let Marc Bendavid go! Don’t let nobody go!

  44. I hope JeffW & 2cats aren’t right. I’m not a fan of Corso. He doesn’t seem like a team player.

  45. Six, Four, Someone Else, They’ll all survive. What can I say? I love the show, from the characters, to the lighting, and especially the background music. The music sets the tempo. There is so much more to be developed in the story both with the characters and the universe. If we have a planet an empire based on Japanese culture, I wonder what other forces lurk out there? I would love to get a glimpse of the various Corporate head offices and planets to see what life is like there!


  46. Hello!
    2:The android
    3:someone else
    4:They’ll all survive.
    Thanks. I love Dark Matter.

  47. @ Tam Dixon, Ponytail, JeffW I agree, the real Jace Corso is a “I’m all for me” type of guy… but just imagine the possibilities, the interplay with Three, with Six, my God with Four?! It’s exciting to think about – yes?
    If we’ve learned anything at all about Joe & Paul is they have tremendous imaginations and such strength writing character-driven story lines. So I really think having the “bad” Jace join the crew is possible. And it would be such great fun!

    Looking forward to more David Hewlett tonight too — woo-hoo!

    SyFy — please take note… WE ALL WANT a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th season renewal of Dark Matter!

    As das would say… thankies,

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  48. Hi Joe
    Looks like we’re keeping you busy. 🙂
    Can’t wait for tonight!!


  49. Am I late? Anyway this is so hard but I’ll give it a shot:
    Q1. Five. Q2. Three. Q3.Four. Q4. They all (better) survive!
    Twitter username : @Miss_Lulu1 ☺

  50. Good luck to everyone entering. And whoever wins will be lucky indeed 🙂

    Oh and Happy Dark Matter Season 1 finale day people! The first of many I’m sure!!

  51. Thought I’d posted so posting again. These are my votes & guesses with explanations. Twitter handle – @nicola_prigg

    Q1) No one.
    Q2) Someone else
    Q3) Someone else
    Q4) They all survive

    For question 1, Android can’t leave, she is part of the ship. Five has always wanted to be part of the crew. She doesn’t like being the outsider so she won’t up and leave. One wants to be part of a team, he’s always arguing that they should stick together. Four, he’s already decided that he’s part of this team and he may use the others at some point to take back the throne that is rightfully his so he’s not going. Six is more of an unknown quantity but he doesn’t strike me as wanting to leave, he’s more of a team player so I doubt he would even say he intends to leave. Three, he might say he’s intending to leave but he’s said that so many times, its a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Two is the only one on the list that could possibly say she intends to leave simply because she’s found out, she’s not human.

    For question 2, based on what we know its between One, Five, Android and Someone Else. One has the motivation to forget everything, maybe he got to know Three and he didn’t want to kill him so he decides to wipe his memories, something goes wrong and all their memories are wiped. But I doubt he even has the capability to do that. The problem with this is, it doesn’t explain why Five was in the stasis pods. Five however has the tech knowledge to do it, but I don’t know her motivation, everyone else is in stasis, she does something to the controls and gets in. Why she would wipe her own mind, I don’t know. The Android has the capability to do it, it might explain why when the crew found her, she was trying to kill them. But again, it doesn’t explain why, Five was in the stasis pods. So that left me with Someone Else, basically what I think happened was some boarded the Raza, rounded everyone up, put them in stasis and wiped their memories.

    For question 3, for me it was between Two and Someone Else. Two because of what she did at the end of ep 11 but I feel like fairly quickly a new bad guy will come in and Two will switch to defending the rest of the crew like she always does.

    For question 4, it can’t be Two or the Android because they are machines and very hard to kill, so its anyone else but I went with All because I think everyone will be in jeopardy but no one will actually die.

    We have a 1 in 4096 or 0.0244% chance of being right so I’m probably wrong.

    But I really want the script because I want to be a writer and would love to read the notes and learn why you chose what. There will also no doubt be questions where I will want to know how that was written in the script.

  52. Four, The Android, Someone Else, They’ll All Survive

    I’m @reading_angel on Twitter.

    (They’d better all survive…)

  53. 1) Four
    2) Five
    3) Six
    4) They’ll all survive

    I love sequential numbers, apart from the last answer because they’ve all got to survive!
    Looking forward to the finale – more David Hewlett 😚
    Bring on Season 2 ,3, 4……

  54. Dark Matter begins 1 hour earlier than normal tonight in the US.

    (I did not know that)

  55. Boy, I stink at this, but here goes:

    1) Five
    2) the Android
    3) Someone else
    4) They’ll all survive

    I’m really looking forward to the finale, regardless!


  56. Joe,
    My wife and I love the show. Thank you and the crew for all your hard work.
    1. No one
    2. Someone else
    3. Someone else
    4. They’ll all survive
    I know that I am totally wrong. I’ll bet that you wrote and filmed every possible scenario and are furiously editing the episode right now based on what ever answer gets the lowest polling numbers. Lol.

  57. OK, here are my guesses:

    1- ONE
    3- TWO

    We are very much looking forward to seeing how the season ends. And hoping for a season two…

  58. Q1: One says he wants to leave, but that doesn’t mean he will. I’m betting his position with the megacorp will have been ousted, and the crew can try to help him retake it next season.
    Q2: Five
    Q3: Someone else
    Q4: Two, but they can rebuild her. They have the technology! (Cue Bionic Woman music…)

  59. Hey there, @thisdarkmatters here. I guessed Q1 Four, Q2 Someone else, Q3 Two and Q4 All survive. Cant wait to watch tonight!

  60. Getting ready to watch now. I am so excited to see the finale. Love for the show and to you!

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