August 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11!  What’d You Think?

So, what’d many of you think?  I use the term “many” because our international friends have yet to see the dark, adrenaline-charged, action-packed recent episode.  All I’m going to say is: “One more question answered – and a couple of more asked.  Like what the heck happened in those closing minutes?!”

More answers to come including further insight into one kick-ass crew member.  Oh, and the final reveal on who wiped their memories and why.  But, like I told the cast in the lead-up to our grand finale: The individual who wiped your memories may not be the one you have to worry about!

August 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11!  What’d You Think?

If you live in Canada and missed an episode, you’re in luck!  Tomorrow, Sunday, SpaceChannel will be running a Dark Matter marathon!  That’s 11 glorious hours packed full of twists, turns, surprises, action, and humor!

If you live in the U.S., on the other hand, and can’t wait until next week to find out how FIVE got out of that airlock way back in Episode 6, well click the above link and take in a sneak peek courtesy of SyFy.

So what did you all think of Episode 11?  Here are what others are saying – but be forewarned!  If you’ve yet to see the episode, be forewarned…spoilers abound! = DARK MATTER: THE RAZA STRIKES BACK:

” It was an episode full of terrific performances, exciting action and an answer to a major question that’s had us scratching our heads for weeks.” = DARK MATTER REVIEW: “EPISODE ELEVEN”:

“Oh, hey there Dark Matter. You are looking mighty fine these days and I, for one, am incredibly happy you’ve turned into this exciting and character-driven sci-fi show.” = Dark Matter Episode 11 Review – Out with a Bang

“Okay, THIS is my favorite scene and I’d say it pretty much tops the list of WTF moments. It’s not as personal as when we watched Two fly out into the vacuum of space, but c’mon, a whole…” – Dark Matter: Episode Eleven Review:

“And that’s really what Dark Matter is: a peeling back of layers of questions and revealing answers that contain new mysteries.” – Dark Matter – Episode 11 – Review: “Full Circle”:

“This was by far my favorite episode of the season.”

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.  And also post your questions for actor Alex Mallari Jr.’s upcoming blog Q&A.  Deadline is tomorrow!

August 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11!  What’d You Think?

33 thoughts on “August 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11! What’d you think?

  1. I don’t know where to begin with this episode – SO much to ponder! But I will say one thing – I was kinda sad to see the Big Bad go Bye-Bye. He was rather fetching… 🙂

    das…who really needs to do something about her attraction to bad guys… 😛

  2. Episode 11 was one of my faves of season 1 and cant wait to see what happens next

  3. Forgot to mention I hope The Android will have a bigger part in the final episodes

  4. The whole episode was excellent. But those last few minutes… WOW!

    @das: All things considered, I think Wexler is one baddie that I will leave all for you. 😉

  5. Well, it’s official. This is my most-look-forward-to show on TV now. So much great stuff on this episode and it’s so fun to see the characters unfold week after week. I won’t get into it any more than that for those who haven’t watched yet.

    Well done, Mr. Mallozzi, well done…

  6. Favorite scene was 4 napping in the vault, while 3 was freaking out. Perfect contrast of characters.
    Question for Alex: what is your best source for protein? Is it soy based or something else? I am looking for an alternative to soy based protein product.

  7. I really believe you are short changing the show by hardly having any Android..there is such scope there but it’s ignored which is a pity, just my humble opinion.
    Other than that the episode was great, Wexler was such a great baddy and 2&5 tag teaming was excellent, 2 is such a great fighter & 5 surprises us every week as for 1…I’d still jettison him 3 & 6 have stamped themselves all over this show but 4 still not there yet.

  8. Episode 10 and 11 rocked!! Writer Paul Mullie and Director Martin Wood did an awesome job as did our beloved cast. Wexler and his gang were devilishly brilliant. I’m going to miss them, the poor SOB’s! 😉 I sat watching and thinking how perfectly each main character role had been cast. I love ONE through SIX equally. Each have their own personality and questionable backgrounds but have blended into a tight family (I guess FOUR will stay and not go back to his home?). When TWO “returned”, I gasped. I was shocked. Guess I should not have been, but I was. In the very end, I sat in disbelief. My thought was they gave it to someone who didn’t know what they were doing and look what happened. OMG! Can’t wait till next week, but I am sad it is the end of season one. Too short!! Next season, please do 16 – 18 episodes. Pleeeeeasssee!

    @ SyFy – the ball is in your court. Don’t fumble it!!!

  9. I appreciated the uniqueness of the planetary explosion as it was unlike any I’ve seen before. Great visual details! To me, Farscape had the best sci-fi series finale of all time and so I always compare to that. After seeing this episode, I believe that Dark Matter could compete with Farscape as it isn’t afraid of high-stakes situations or mass destruction. It certainly is proving that the story concerns a much larger scale than just the Raza.

  10. Well, that’s one way to be rid of bothersome planets… I didn’t notice, but was there some label on the Device that said, “MADE by MCKAY”..? — Anyhoo, it should make “mining” the planet much more easier for “certain parties” once the cosmic dust settles…

    And I *knew* that 2 would survive the Airlock. Although I had forgotten about “the Trench”… BTW, nice touch on using the Life Signs Monitor and audio-link to convey that whole Space-Walk-of-Doom scene. – [was so #RedShirt! 😀 ]

    oh. And about time THE BANDAID was ripped OFF!! – Personally, I’d’ve slapped it on PRETTY-BOY’s mouth before DYSONing him out THE DOOR!!

  11. .. Wait.. A single, two hour finale!?
    You mean there’s only one more week!?

    My fingers, toes and other crossable appendages are all crossed in the hopes of getting more. It’s been one heck of a ride.

  12. Those nanotech bots inside Two offer up a lovely assortment of extraordinarily exciting possibilities for future seasons.

    In real life, leading AI, robotics, computer sci and bio tech engineering labs around the world have been creating nano bots that not only self repair but are programmed with deep learning algorithms to come together and create/morph into a new tool or object whenever necessary.

    So maybe once Two gains mental control of her internal bots, and begins to learn more about their capabilities, she can mentally will them to leave her body, whenever necessary, to take on new shapes/functions and go do all kinds of really cool things:

    To go into the walls of Raza to repair it.
    To create a replica of herself to go fight bad guys or to fake out/ pull the wool over her crew mates eyes.
    To form a weapon when she needs one in a crucial moment.
    To enter into a crew mates body to save their life, when they are severely injured.
    And maybe? even so much as –
    To change her personal appearance, while they are inside her, so she can hide from an immediate danger in plain sight. or just have some fun with her appearance via making her hair shorter or longer, changing eye color,
    etc., etc , etc.

    Or maybe?, she will discover, the nano tech is controlling ‘her’, rather than the other way around, so the bots simply self evolve within her and begin to spontaneously do the above mentioned things, on their own, without her prior permission and there is little she can do about it!

    Perhaps these nano bots, simply tap into whatever her brain is thinking at the moment and choose an action based on those immediate thoughts, much in the same way, (as Android mentioned), they quickly and automatically sprang into action to form a protective shield around her when she was blasted out of the air lock, without any prior commands needed from her.

    In fact, Two having been ‘bio fabricated’, in general, most definitively provokes quite a few super-licious questions and possibilities:

    Does it mean she is basically indestructible and immortal? Will she age? or is she secretly already a couple hundred years old? Are there others out there like her? And if so, what are their unusual capabilities?

    Its interesting that Two decided to say adios to the odious Wexler. It would have been fun to have him stick around and have it eventually revealed that he is part of her romantic entanglements back story and that they might still be harboring a subconscious passionate deeply intimate lusting for one another.

    Of course, in that realm of infinite possibilities, we call Dark Matter, we are starting to learn the dead need not necessarily always stay dead, unless the dearly departed is demanding more money than is in the DM budget to reanimate, eh! . LOL 🙂

    Much looking forward to seeing what 112 & 113 brings us and what sort of cliff hanger we will be left to ponder as we pass thru the waiting room doors and begin our painfully slow walk down that overly loooooong corridor towards season 2.

  13. The show really improved over the course of its first season and I’m pretty interested now. It took a while but it’s nicely moved away from the Firefly character and story parallels and established its own identity.

    Hoping to see a stronger metastory presence in the second season – the titular “Dark Matter”? Increased visiblity of the mysterious hand that’s manipulating this powerful group?

  14. Alex, I just watched the preview for episode 12. If some issues havn’t already arose in episode 12, how badly do you think 4 will fight for power once he finds out he used to be in charge or even owns the ship?

  15. A planet is destroyed without Rodney McKays involvement? What kind of magic is this? 😉

  16. Best sc-fi series since the Battlestar Gallactica reboot. Great humour, great cast, and great stories

  17. Another fantastic episode! Peeling the onion.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Cain told TWO to drop her weapon. I actually said out loud “Dude, TWO IS A WEAPON! ” Then his anticipated ass kicking was shockingly foiled by FIVE getting her hands dirty. That was unexpected, although I knew it had to happen eventually.

    I need season 2 now. I’m going to miss DM during hiatus. SyFy damn well better step up and place that 4 season order.

  18. We thought it was great, but we were confused why the mercenaries would be talking about keeping the crew alive and relatively unharmed for the bounties when they were willing to kill Two even after they had the information they needed.

  19. I loved the episode and it was a great conclusion to the previous one. I too also really enjoyed that the story turned the heroic male rescuer stereotype on its head and had the boys be the ones finally rescued.

    As usual, there were some great character moments. I really liked when THREE said that ONE had never had the experience where he just wanted to see someone dead, and ONE responds that he shouldn’t be so sure.

    I can’t think of any additional questions for Alex that haven’t already been asked, and I hate to get them to answer almost the same ones twice. I’m looking forward to the Q&A though!

  20. I looked and DM isn’t having a marathon anytime soon here. I’ll keep checking back though. Son says that they watch Netflix at college the most. Any idea when DM is going to Netflix?

  21. I remember you said that when you make pizza, the dough is always soggy. I saw this fun technique on “Dinner at Tiffani’s. She grilled the pizza dough on inside grill pan and then tops the dough. Then she baked the dough with the toppings. Interesting idea! and the dough would have some crunch. Anyway, she had some very delicious looking toppings too. I’m including the link in case anyone wants to try it out:

  22. @ponytail – I consistently love your posts.

    I hope that there is more Zobot in season 2…please. Pretty please.
    And 18 episode seasons would be great. “Please, Sir. I want some more.” 🙂

    I loved the speech about how the men need to rise up and save the day, while the women were doing that exact thing. I love Three’s complexity. Check that. I love ALL of their complexities.

    Great show. Sad to think that it will be a full year before we get to see season 2 – unless those $#@%^&*%$#@S at SyFail f%$# it up AGAIN, and I don’t even want to think about that. I’m still mad about SGU.

    @Drea – REPLICATORS! :-O

  23. One of the best episodes so far. Something was very different in 11. Tone, setting, writing, directing? Something made this ep a joy from start to end in a way i havent seen before more than on rare occasions. Less spoonfeeding maybe? And definitley more mature, grown up and gritty.

  24. Loved the episode. Everyone did an amazing job as usual. The only thing that would have made it better would have been more Android. Zoie Palmer is such an amazing actress and I just love watching what she brings to a character. I can’t wait to see the final 2 episodes. I have my fingers crossed that we get a second season. Come on SyFy, stop keeping us hanging!

  25. @MrsTigerCat :Somewhat Similar to ‘replicators’, but I was more so thinking along the lines of taking it a few steps further and having it merge with another concept, to morph into something new we have not yet seen. ( as was mentioned to Joe in a previous post).

    Although, I did much enjoy the replicators of the SG series, I do know the writing team have not exhausted the possibilities of nano tech or bio fabrication capabilities and can take it to brand new heights in future seasons.

    We are only just now observing the tip of the ice berg, so to speak, in seeing the story, concepts, tech & characters evolve, (move away from the familiar comfort of their “been there-done that” parent concepts) and establish its own identity.

    I have much faith in the collaborative imaginations of Joe, Paul, Bob C & Trevor to take us All on a seemingly surreptitiously serendipitous journey of discovery, as we experience the evolution of that thing we call ‘Dark Matter’.

  26. my big question is why did they go into stasis , that doesn’t appear to be normal procedure in this universe for long flights , love the show though, I hope you get a multi season renewal

  27. That was awesome! I am loving the fact that once we find an answer, 5 more questions pop up. I am interested to see how Six takes Five actions at the end of the ep. One of the articles refereed to him as Papa Six, which is so fitting, especially when it comes to Five.

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