August 21, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11!  Tonight!

Look at what arrived today compliments of blog regular PBMom.  A slew of Dark Matter chocolate bars!  FireRoasted & StoneGround!  Black Chocolate, Black Lava Sea Salt, Black Pepper!  The very flavour of dark matter!

Thanks so much, Hilda!  Your gift couldn’t have come at a better time as we sit down, tonight, to Dark Matter Episode 11 in advance of next week’s big double episode finale.

And here are a couple of links to whet your appetites:

7 Reasons to Binge Dark Matter:

Series review:

An Episode 11 preview:

You have until Sunday to post your questions for actor Alex Mallari Jr., Dark Matter’s FOUR.  Don’t miss out!

August 21, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11!  Tonight!

Firefight Panda!

27 thoughts on “August 21, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 11! Tonight!

  1. The question is, does eating those chocolate bars give you Dark Energy? Also, theoretically, any weight you gain from eating them shouldn’t be measurable by any normal means! 🙂

    PBMom is indeed very gracious.

    Can’t wait for tonight – less than 3 hours!

  2. That PBmom’s is a real life Wonder Woman!

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  3. Yum!

    Okay, no spoilers after the finale, I don’t get to watch it until we get back from the desert after the 8th. The 8th!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

  4. You better not hurt that Panda Mallozzi! I am a Smithsonian National Zoo Giant Panda follower. Mama Giant Panda Mei Xiang is currently under baby watch as everyone is hoping for a little healthy baby panda within the next couple of weeks. That panda above reminds me of her 2 year old Bao Bao, who loves to roll and tumble and kick things around too. So cute!!

  5. Oh shoot!!!! I have to call my friend! She asked me to call her about what went on at work today! I’ve got to hurry!! She talks a lot!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love the show but bleeding LESS after every punch is a little. ..noticeable. 😉

  7. Holy … way to blow up a planet Joe… at least the crew got their payment. Can’t wait to find out what happens next week.

  8. Hi Joe
    They said next weeks episode is the last one, 2 Hour season ender. Yay and OH NO.


  9. Every week it just keeps getting better! Can’t believe next week is already the season finale. If SyFy doesn’t renew this show then they have no clue what a great show really is. Bring back Dark Matter!!!

  10. Holy Crap ! Holy Crap! Holy Crap !
    You outdid yourself, and as we all know that is hard to do….

  11. I got home too late to watch last night’s episode so I woke early and watched this morning. Wow! What fun! Best character moments so far. Though our android had few lines they were pretty darned revealing. TWO, what can I say about you? Nothing without spoiling the heck out of the blog so I’ll refrain from saying too much and just say ‘Huh?’.

    Loved the setups and the payoffs. As much as I despised Wexler and his Weenies I do hate to see them go. Interesting characters and so very well acted. It’s sometimes hard to play the lead villain and nail his slimy nature in a two episode arc but Ennis Esmer rocked the role. And he did so without being over the top with his delivery. Wex, I love you you despicable so and so.

    The Raza boys’ club showed a little bit of their true selves and baring their souls. Actually some touching moments and still funny. And FIVE? Goodonya, girl!

    One week and done. One week of anticipation (and dread). The roller coaster is nearing the final turn and we start that last climb to the top before the stomach churning adrenaline rush that I’m sure will be the season finale. And the announcement of a season 2. That would be the adrenaline rush I need.

    As always, thank you Joe for sharing your creation with all of us.

  12. Funny back story on the chocolate. The first night we were tweeting on the first episode, I googled “dark matter chocolate.” And image of Tejas Chocolate came up. So I clicked on the part where it takes you to the website of the picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The place was 8-10 miles from my house. The bad part was that they didn’t keep any specific hours. I checked their web site and they didn’t ship to Canada. So time went on, and I got busy, and then in the newspaper there was a whole write up about them and how Dark Matter is their best selling chocolate and they were distributing it to the recently opened Whole Foods. Well, geez, I hadn’t been to our new Whole Foods yet. So I went in and not only did I find real macarons that were fresh and the best bagel I have ever had to eat, but this chocolate! So I grabbed a dozen barsI also got some pumpkin Noosa yogurt. Yum. Whole Foods on the whole is so overpriced. Some frozen thai dinners Patrick likes I can get $2-3 cheaper at another grocery store here.

    Then I scratched my head when I saw the instructions on how to ship things with dry ice because frankly, with 100-106 degree heat down here, it would melt horribly it I didn’t send it in ice. I called my friends at the local Box-It store and asked them if they could assist me. I’ve known them for 21 years now and she said absolutely–she has one client who sends chocolate golf balls and something else to a client every year and she is familiar with how to ship with dry ice. So we had a dilemma. It was Tuesday. If I could find some place in the area that sold dry ice, then we needed to do it today because we didn’t want it to get stuck in customs through the weekend. If I couldn’t do that on Tuesday, then she advised I wait until Monday and do it then but she was going to be on vacation. So Tuesday had to be the day in my mind.

    I called 8 stores before I finally found the dry ice. I went up to Lowe’s to get some paint swatches and to get a second key made of my client (because she only gave me one), ran to the dry ice place, went to client for a dog walk and brought the ice inside. Then went to another client to let two dogs out and brought the ice inside. Then I ran home, got the chocolate, and brought it up to the store. And she took care of it. I kept them in the Whole Foods bag and then put them in a plastic container so the dry ice wouldn’t contaminate them. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!! I LOVED IT. It made me so happy all week that this was finally going to happen.

    Now I am hoping it will be a good luck charm for a 2nd season. I didn’t taste the chocolate. It’s not a flavor up my alley, although I did try the lavender and rose macarons so maybe I might just give it a try.

    If anyone wants one, once we get into the winter months, touch base with me and I’d be happy to ship some out to (most) anyone who wants them. I want to be able to send them when chocolate won’t melt. But I had to get these up there before the season finale.

  13. YOWSA!! Now THAT is what I call a “Reveal” Mr. M!!

    I thought Two was maybe a shape-shifting alien, then I thought she was kidnapped and hybridized, mutated somehow, hm-m, more thinking, nah, she just has good genes, lastly, maybe she was from the future after humans evolved to a higher form… then it’s revealed, by Android — she’s a biological artificial, engineered life form. I was BLOWN away. How awesome is that?!

    So much to love about this ep. I stayed up until 2am EST so I could see the recast from 1-2am. I will be watching both parts again, streaming, as soon as it’s up on SyFy’s site. In fact I will be watching the entire run again as soon as possible. I know I must have missed some Easter eggs along the way.

    Fantastic good guy/bad guy banter and action. Wonderful lead in lines throughout, One saying let’s show what the men of the Raza can do while the women of the Raza are outside the vault kicking ass. And Three saying to One, You have never hated someone so much you just had to kill them. One replying, I wouldn’t be so sure. Three hasn’t a clue that One believes Three killed his wife. And so many more great lines, great acting, stunning special effects – visual and sound. Good gosh this was a fabulous 2-part episode. Now breathe Carol…

    Thank you Dark Matter cast & crew for really blasting the ball outta the park!
    If SyFy doesn’t give you a season 2, they are missing a once in a lifetime, golden opportunity of providing Class A, superbly done science fiction wonderfulness. Dump the Sharknado, ice spiders and zombie crap, and give us MORE…

    2cats (and millions of others with the same sentiment SyFy – read that?)

    DARK MATTER RULES!! Renew for Season 2 and beyond!
    Epic science fiction, done right!!

  14. Basically, saw this coming but that didn’t mean it was any less enjoyable! When she cut that kids air space, I had a feeling of what was coming. I trained my body to endure the adrenaline rush but even then, it was just far too much. The fight scenes were awesome, plus 5 getting out of character to shoot that guy…

    The hand to hand combat scene was absolutely awesome and the fact that all the bad guys were spaced or killed means that 2’s immortal mode is going to be kept a secret at the very least for the rest of this season, it’ll probably rear its head back in next season.

    I will continue to train my body for what is going to be an epic 2 hour adrenaline rush.

  15. Last night’s episode, in two words or less: Holy Crap!!!! I’m almost afraid to watch next week’s season finale, since it means a really, really, *really* long wait for the next installment…

    And a question for Alex: What have you found most enjoyable about playing Four so far?

    Last, but not least, an aside to PBMom–that is one *heck* of a chocolate epic. 🙂 Joe–hope the bars lived up to the tale.

  16. That was quite the reveal about Two.

    I’m both highly anticipating and dreading next Friday.

  17. Very interesting path with Two! (trying not to post revealing spoilers) Also, all the fight scenes with Two were very good. Did she do those or a stunt double?

  18. Ooooo, Joe, you aren’t planning on eating all of that DM Chocolate yourself, are you?

    You are going to share with your blog readers, right?

    {{These aren’t the ‘droids you’re looking for}}

    Question for Alex:

    Is it easier or more difficult to act when there is less dialog for you?

    You seem to have a very smooth and pleasant voice, when we have heard it, I’d like to hear more.

  19. LOL @ 2cats – As I contemplating what word could sum up how I felt about last night’s episode, the word that came to mind was ‘Yowza’. Seems like I wasn’t the only one! 🙂

    What a mind-blowing episode! So much happened – so much to digest. And I keep finding reasons to love Six…which scares me. I know what usually happens to characters I like. 🙁

    Great job, Joe & Co! Eagerly awaiting the grand finale!


  20. OMGosh, the baby panda was just born!! You are good luck Joe!! Hopefully it is healthy. Mama Mei Xiang is busy being the great mom she is and cradling the tiny baby. It has a lot of growing to do.

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