With the hopes that all our work will not be in vain, we started spinning and breaking episodes for Dark Matter’s second season this week.  We have our season arc in place and thirteen terrific stories – chock full of twists, turns, surprises, action, adventure, humor, character moments, scifi elements and, of course, those WTF?!! moments you’ve all come to know and love.  We’ve beaten out our first three episodes and attack episode 4 tomorrow.

Let’s take a break for another Weird Food Purchase of the Day video:


Scott B. writes: “Part of the fun of DarkMatter is them not knowing their pasts. That’s changing. Will they ever get all their memories back?”

Answer: There are no plans to have the characters fully regain their memories.  Well, except under very specific circumstances.  But that’s a story for another season…

Alisa Scott writes: “could it be possible that 2 is part of the federation & they had her genetically enhanced”

Answer: Federation?  You have us confused with Star Trek.  I think you mean the Galactic Authority.  Is it possible?  Sure.

LasseOleBosse writes: “Are there any plans for a Blu-ray release of Dark Matter Season 1 yet?”

Answer: Alas, DVD releases are out of my jurisdiction.  My sphere of influence extends to scripts and lunch orders.

Glenda writes: “Will we ever find out who shot at the ship, in the first episode?”

Answer: Eventually, yes.  Who fired at the ship.  Who deleted the ship’s data stores.  And, most importantly, who wiped their memories.

CraigLivesHere writes: “If the crew of the Raza are wanted criminals with their pictures/photos being broadcast all over “TV”, how is it that no one recognizes them when they dock at the space stations?”

Answer: For starters, it’s a big galaxy and while their faces may be recognizable to members of the Galactic Authority, they are the stuff of legend to much of colonized space’s civilian populations (note the miners’ take on The Raza back in Episode 101).  The space stations they had are independent entities, some hosting unsavory travelers just as notorious as our lovable anti-heroes, making it easier for them to blend in and go unnoticed.

Fecrabond writes: “Do your ideas for scripts come naturally or was their training involved?”

Answer: I’ve been sitting on this project for quite a while and, in that time, have had the opportunity to really flesh out the character backstories, their world – and a five season game plan.

“Also, can we expect any kind of pets for the raza crew?”

Answer: No definite plans but Jodelle Ferland has requested a cat for her character, FIVE.

bambamfans writes: “1. Judging from your blog posts, it seemed like the cast and crew of Dark Matter bonded quickly, much like the Stargate days. What did you do to achieve this?”

Answer: I can’t take credit for the friendships that have formed.  We were just fortunate enough to cast some very talented, very good people.

“2. The show is heavily serialised. Do you think there’s a trend towards more serialised TV, as opposed to procedurals?”

Answer: There is a definite trend toward more serialized show.  Back when I was working on SG-1, the emphasis was on standalone episodes.  Now, people are looking for long, involved story arcs with plenty of twists and turns.

“3. Dark Matter is extremely well cast with strong performances from all of the main cast and an array of awesome guest stars throughout the season – David Hewlett, Wil Wheaton, Ruby Rose, Torri Higginson, Jessica Sipos, Ennis Esmer and Jon Cor. What were the performances that really stood out for you?”

Answer: I can’t single out a specific performance.  All the actors you mentioned were a delight.

“4. The production shot some days on location in Hamilton, Ontario. How did this compare to the forest locations near Vancouver during the Stargate days? Any bear or other wildlife stories?”

Answer: No bears – just more warehouses and A LOT colder weather.

“5. Cloning has become a reality on the show. It’s only been experimental in our lifetime but do you foresee it being used in other capacities?”

Answer: Uh, sure.  You can have your dog cloned in South Korea for about $100 000.

“6. Name one surprising thing you learned about 2 members of the main cast on Dark Matter.”

Answer: Anthony Lemke was a lawyer before dedicating himself to acting.  Roger Cross is a professional poker player.

“7. Can you give one dialogue tease from an upcoming episode?”

Answer: “But truth is, when the time comes that you do decide to leave, I’m gonna miss you kid. I’m gonna miss you a lot.”

“8. What can fans do to give Dark Matter the best chance of a second season, apart from watching the show live? Is tweeting SyFy OK or is it better to write?”

Answer: To be honest, tweeting, emails, and letter writing campaigns don’t do much to influence the network.  If you can’t watch it live, then record and watch it the next day.

Lulu S. writes: “Why hasn’t Five told anyone about how she entered the Raza? Or has she and I missed it?”

Answer: No, she hasn’t.  Probably because she hasn’t had the opportunity to tell anyone – or seen the advantage in doing so.  After Episode 6, events proceed at a rapid pace.  There’s very little downtime between episodes leading up to the finale.

Mark4 writes: “Why are you looking for a new agent? Isn’t an agent supposed to find you work? You already have a job, don’t you? Or is there something we Dark Matter fans should know?”

Answer: Who knows what the future holds?  Nothing is definite and I want to be prepared for any eventuality.  Keep in mind, the show still hasn’t been picked up.

ceresis64 writes: “I think these questions make sense – but no promises! And apologies, if they’ve been posed before…”

Answer: Great questions but all of the answers would be major spoilers.  Answers to all these questions coming in the episodes ahead – and season 2.

FuturaSG writes: “Can you promise you’ll work on Dark Matter for as long as it airs. The show is your baby and, like you said in a recent blog, you’ve set up a bunch of stuff you’re going to pay off. How can someone else step in and try to do the same thing. Guess?”

Answer: As much as I’d love to work on the show through the entirety of its run, that’s something I can’t promise.  Season One was a lot of fun and, as long as I’m enjoying myself, I will continue to write and produce Dark Matter.

Ponytail writes: “HOW IS LULU?????”

Answer: Lulu is still suffering from the same issues.  She seems really rundown of late.  Her endoscopy suggests inflamed bowel disorder.  Awaiting the results of another test.

dasndanger writes: “Joe, did you see Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Answer: I did see – and enjoyed – Guardians of the Galaxy.  Hmmm.  I’m thinking it’s time our resident film critic, Cookie Monster, caught up on his reviews.  I feel a “My Top 10 Superhero Films” blog entry percolating.

27 thoughts on “August 6, 2015: Weird Food Purchase of the Day = Bacon Soda! Mailbag!

  1. Yay for Q & A day! Thanks for the Lulu news. So sorry she’s still feeling bad. Poor little girl… Praying for some relief for her.

    They clone dogs in S. Korea? Reminds me of that Arnold movie with “repet”. I can see the appeal.

  2. Dang. I think my question about how/who came up with the Transit Transporter idea must have been too early. It’s such a great idea and (obviously) lends itself to some great story concepts.

    It worries me to hear about Lulu. I hope they figure out what’s going on soon and she gets better.

    Yes, I miss Cookie Monster! Make sure he gives us a little advance notice to pre-watch the movie too! I miss those fun movie-of-the-week reviews that he (and we) did back then.

  3. Joe! You’re not suppose to drink your baking soda! You’re suppose to cook with it. You put it in cakes and cookies. I’m beginning to think JeffW doesn’t really like you after all. 😉

    Poor Lulu! It sounds like she has what humans get sometimes. My 15 yr old niece had something like that for several months before they got it under control and her healthy again. She lost about 35 pounds in the meantime. I hope Lulu gets well fast. I am always thinking of her.

  4. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in the labeling of that bottle and they actually meant “baking soda”? I can’t imagine how possibly something like that could taste like bacon and still be good. Sounds like it doesn’t though and is even worse.

    Thanks for once again taking one for the team! 🙂

  5. Sending ear tussles and belly rubs Lulu’s way! Get better soon Lulu! Let us know how the next series of tests come out.

    On Dark Matter, I’m looking forward to Four’s backstory and story-arc tomorrow night. My son got his driver’s license this week, so I won’t have to pause the show (or the Twitter commenting) to pick up David from work this week (he’ll be driving himself). One full hour of Dark Matter!

    On the Soda list so far:

    1. Martian (Plum) Soda
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. Celrey (Celery) Soda
    5. Bacon Soda
    6. Peanut Butter Soda

    So far this is looking like a race to the middle. And I just noticed that the label said “ARTIFICIAL Bacon Soda”. Hmmm…I didn’t pick up on that before. I guess artificial bacon tastes like plastic? Maybe this stuff is distilled from those plastic dog toys that are shaped like bacon? Two more to go, and then the misery is over. 😀 In the end, I think there’ll be quite a distance (on the likeability scale) between the 1 and 2 slots.

  6. Hey Joe!

    I’ll be traveling to Dallas later in the month (before my Savannah trip in September), and I found this in a Dallas suburb:


    Now’s your chance to put in your requests…how about Zombie Brain Juice, Toxic Slime, Butterscotch Beer, or Sweet Corn Soda? Taking orders now… 😉

  7. I think FIVE should adopt a raccadillo. Just sayin’.

    (Newcomers: It’s an old suggestion that I revive occasionally to yank Joe’s chain.)

  8. How hard would it be to get permission to show a Dark Matter episode at my local indie movie theatre? I think it would be awesome on the big screen.

  9. G’day

    I know I do not post much, I am a fairly quiet person.I try to read the blog everyday and I am totally loving “Dark Matter.” Give the doggies a belly rub for me, especially Lulu.

    However I feel this is rather important.
    Toni is a loving and generous woman. No matter how she is feeling, Toni always manages to brighten the day of everyone.
    Joe – please delete if not appropriate.


  10. ~Joe , your videos make me chuckle, thanks.
    ~I have now watched all the episodes so far of your really great terrific show, wow, so many twists and turns I did not see coming. wow, enjoyed fast forwarding thru commercials to get to the real action. Can I have some more please!!. Looking forward to another episode, keep ’em coming. WOW…Bring on season 2…
    Hope little Lulu feels better soon, squishy hugs for her.
    and thanks for the mail bag..

  11. I’m off the cable grid, so it was with great joy I found Dark Matter on Apple…How does SciFi count these cash purchases toward decisions to pick up the series?

  12. Oh wow Joe you answered them all…. Thank-you!!! I never knew about the cloned dogs…. How do they react to each other?

    The dialogue tease sounds like THREE to FIVE…. Very interesting.

    I also had no idea about Anthony & Roger…. This Q&A has been most illuminating.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. I finally got to watch the video. Funny!

    My desktop computer’s boot drive died. It has five drives and the computer/drives are nearly ten years old. A pain in the butt but I’m using hubby’s mega computer until mine is repaired. Windows 10 seems very similar to Windows 7.

    Getting back to clones. Did you know that the bananas we eat are clones? Here’s a link to a short history about bananas: http://www.naturalnews.com/032610_bananas_clones.html I was talking to a professor friend of mine about this. He thinks that is why banana candy doesn’t really taste like bananas. Maybe it tastes like the previous banana? He says there a colony of the original version of bananas somewhere (can’t remember where) and it’s on his bucket list to try this banana.

    Do you have banana soda?

    {{{Hugs}}} to Lulu! Is she on broth diet for three days? 🙁

  14. Joe,
    Since these sodas were bought in the South, is it possible they would be better tasting on ice? The proper way to drink soda in the South is to fill your glass with ice and pour the drink over. We NEVER drink warm soda.

    The traditional Southern sodas are Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew and Big Red, though. Anything weirder than those is at your own risk.

    1. Almost all drinks in the south are over ice. And in Texas every soda is called a coke. You ask for a coke and then they ask you what kind.

  15. So Joe you just made a blow against everything with bacon is good, or something like that.
    Like Gary mentioned above, I too am not a cable subscriber. And, having read a previous comment I did go to the Apple Store and picked up the series. I am pacing my self of as to end watching the previous episodes by the time the season ender arrives. I am not a chat room type of person so I do not know if it has been discussed or mentioned, but the beginning title sequence reminds me of a character of a previous show. The lettering reminds me of “Replicators.” Not sure if you agree so hard to ask if it was a conscious or unconscious decision. Speaking of pick up I did send a letter to SyFy Hq. asking for a second season.
    I guess my favorite characters on the show are turning out to be Three and Six. I like Two but, man, is she one manipulator!? She looks very good in black, but then I was reflecting on this show and others. I kind of miss Peter Woeste and Jim Menard as DoP.

  16. @Gary Ansorge

    The C3 ratings of any show largely count towards said shows renewal.

    Anyway I had no idea you had a mailbag, I would have aimed a question or five lol.

  17. @as long as I’m enjoying myself, I will continue to write and produce Dark Matter.

    I think that’s a great way of thinking Joe, if you don’t enjoy doing something, that’s pretty much the time to move on.

  18. @Ponytail:

    I do like Joe, but Joe does these WFPOTD reviews so well, I couldn’t resist sending him these! 😀

    I am starting to think I should have mixed in some of the stranger fruit sodas instead of the savory ones…maybe next time I’ll do that if Joe is ever inclined to do this again after this experience.


    I agree on the ice…a cane sugar Coke without ice is an abomination and with ice it is heaven! 😉

    By putting Dr. Pepper instead of Coke, I can already make a guess about which part of the south you live in…somewhere near Texas or Oklahoma? But I’ve also heard the Dr. Pepper preference in Kentucky too.


    As above, yep you should have it over ice (it does change the taste experience). What part of Texas says “coke” for sodas? They do that in Georgia (where my dad’s family is from), but I wasn’t aware of that in Texas. Then again I’ve mostly visited Dallas when in Texas and not much else.

  19. You said it was terrible, and yet…you kept drinking it. Perhaps it’s one of those things that grows on you…like a wart, or a skin tag?

    Thanks for answering my question! One of these days I’ll actually have one about DM…but for now I’m just enjoying the ride without over-analyzing. A unique experience for me. 🙂


  20. Thanks Joe, for replying and not answering my questions 😄 Looking forward to watching the rest of Season 1 and Season 2, and hopefully saying ‘I knew it’ to some of my questions #BecauseWeAreDangerous

  21. When I lived in NY/NJ it was always a soda. When I moved to Nebraska it was pop. They said, “you want a pop?” I said, “What is it?” Just like they called sneakers “tennis shoes.” Since moving to Texas, I just call what I want by the brand name. Not exactly sure why. Maybe it came about because of the “coke” thing and I really wanted a Pepsi. LOL.

    Great Q&A. Thanks for it. I’m just one brain-fried individual as of late. I really need a long vacation away from my life to recharge my batteries. Somewhere with cooler weather with mountains and ocean. It made it at least to 100 degrees today. It might have been higher. Yesterday my neighbors were talking to me and it sounded like they were talking at warped speed and when they expected my responses, I couldn’t form a cohesive sentence and struggled to find words. They were looking at me strangely. I told them that I was having auditory processing problems in a severe way because I needed sleep and they sounded like they were the road runner and I was the turtle in the road. They were kind enough to slow down the conversation for me.

    I do have a followup question for the Q&A — Do they get info from cable/satellite providers on their DVR watches? Like does DirecTV send them info, or it is still just Nielsen boxes?

  22. And GEEZ….see what I mean…I am just all over the place. Poor Lulu. IBD is tough. I hope it is easily managed. I hope whatever they are still waiting for comes back negative. Give her an extra hug from me.

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