The Dark Matter season 2 check-list:

1) Expand the “world” of Dark Matter, from the rule and reach of the Galactic Authority to the structure and rivalries of the interplanetary corporations; the place of humanity in colonized space to the place of Androids in a system driven by humanity.

2) What lies beyond the realm of colonized space!

3) Introduce new technologies, from cutting edge personal devices to far-out weaponry.

4) Explore more scifi concepts.

5) Continue our journey of discovery, both internal and external.

6) Build on our established relationships.

7) Build on the revelations revealed in season one.

8) Greater, more dazzling visual effects sequence.

9) More action, adventure, and humor!

10) MORE twists, turns, shocks and surprises!

Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check, and check!

Tonight!  An all-new episode of Dark Matter!  What’s in store for our intrepid crew?  Well, you can always check out my past blog entries for the behind-the-scene insights.  Allow me to make it easier for you…

August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
Braving the deep woods.

And here are some fun behind-the-scene pics of Episode 109:

August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
Anthony Lemke gives this update a steampunk thumbs up!
August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
Running through a scene with Anthony, Roger, Melissa, and Marc.
August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
The gang on the bridge.
August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
Russell Yuen (Akita) and Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR) in the wild.
August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 Game Plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!
Ready to roll!


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30 thoughts on “August 7, 2015: The Dark Matter Season 2 game plan! Dark Matter Episode 109!

  1. Your check-list didn’t include the episode where the crew uncovers a shipment of peanut butter soda on board the Raza and use it to power the ship to ludicrous speed to outrun the Galactic Authority. And it’s a mutagen.

    Cannot wait to see that ‘Check’ next to ‘Season 2 Confirmed’.

  2. What about 11) Making Season 2 better than the first?

    That’s always a great goal for anything, to try and surpass what you’ve done previously. And if you can’t, that’s okay because really, no one expects you to surpass awesome anyway 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to S2 already!

    Also can’t wait for tonight’s show. It’s hard to believe that there’s only a few more episodes left.

  4. Yes Yes Yes More exploration of Androids, their place in society, and the true nature of sentience! And it goes without saying, MORE ZOIE!!!!

  5. Well done sir, well done!
    I rue the day that TV series stopped making 24+ eps /season.
    Looking forward to S2!

  6. Are the writers’ meetings at The Bridge again? I feel a treat is in order.

  7. Oh, question! Where was the location for the emperor’s palace? I can’t remember if you ever mentioned that.

  8. The Principality of Zairon. Oh, Joe, you’re such a nerd – in a very good way :D. Gundam got me interested in anime, so that little nod is much appreciated.

    And I loved the scene with Charlotte’s Web. ‘nuf said for now.

    Great episode.

  9. Great episode tonight! And of course you ended it on a cliff-hanger. You’ve learned your craft well Joe.

    On your checklist, does #2 mean space aliens?

  10. Joe, you forgot to add aliens to your checklist, like what was written on the whiteboard several weeks back. 🙂

  11. Loved this episode. Good to see Alex getting lots of screen time in dealing with his family demons and background. Slashy McStabberson lived up to his nickname! FOUR is brutal. I did not see that last move he made coming.

    Loved the steampunk look on both FIVE and THREE. I’m glad ONE has put his issues with THREE behind him… for the time being. I like them better as friends and teammates. Looks like he is going to give him the benefit of doubt until he finds out the truth, whatever that may be. And TWO continues to keep her secret while lecturing the others. Makes me wonder what other secrets she has.

    I’ve noticed that SIX can talk revenge with a lovely smile on his face. How sweet! But then, he is a generally nice (and handsome) man. Maybe. And he’s good with kids! The Android seems to be getting more insecure about herself as she tries to please the crew and fit in. She worries too much.

  12. Joe loved this week’s episode, glad to see FOUR actually talking and doing. 🙂
    Sad there wasn’t a periscope chat after, because I have a few questions..
    1. Why oh why won’t TWO spill her secrets… I know spoilers so I assume you wont answer.
    2. On social media there are a few complaints that are every where. A. Seems a lot of people really don’t like ONE. B. More ANDROID screen time. C. TWO is becoming unlikable, either from her secret keeping, or the romance aspect.
    I’m curious if you take these complaints to heart while mapping out season 2? Will there be any changes made to these characters in season 2? Or with your 5 season plan will you continue with your plan.
    I’m asking because I’ve always been curious on if shows actually do listen what is being said or do they stay with their plan?
    With all that being said, I’m getting very anxious about the slow movement by TPTB to announce renewals for not just Dark Matter but all their summer shows

  13. Another great episode. FOUR proves he isn’t someone to mess with. And of course another OMG moment at the end. The cliffhangers from week to week are killing me. I’m kinda starting to dread what must be the mother of all cliffhangers at the end of the season!!

  14. Speaking of anime, the super long Sword Art Online Underworld arc that has taken 3 years, 6 months, and 9 novels and counting is soon coming to an end. I would expect something on Season 3 in the near future. I’m kinda excited for it, although Asuna fans would probably be disappointed by the lack of focus on her character, it’s pretty much Kirito all the way.

  15. Opps. Kinda meant to say Alicization arc there. Underworld is the game Kirito finds himself in.

  16. Great episode! It might seem silly but I’d have to say, my favorite scene was Three reading “Charlotte’s Web”. I loved the glimpse into his personality. Did Deni guess which book that was? I never would have guessed that book!

    Hope Lulu feels better today.

  17. This episode was so good. I love everyone’s interactions. Lots of nice small one on one conversations that fleshed out the characters. And the last act of Four on the planet! That one actually took me by surprise. I’ve decided his brother is not very smart, though. Poor boy is just being led by the nose.

  18. I’m really enjoying the teasers you pose.

    I reckon she’s a stressed Android because she was originally an advanced prototype model, with emotions, but the reboot messed up her initial programming and now she’s confused!

    This may be another spoiler question, but why did all their mugshots have the same info – ‘Subject No 18-92’?

    Did I read the name correctly, on the sign on the freighter – SOLIS Safety Of Life In Space compliant. Mm..pronounced solace or taken from sol, meaning sun?

  19. Hello Joe. Hope you and your 4 legged babies are happy and well.

    Wanted to take a moment to address #s 3 & 4 on your Dark Matter game plan.

    I’ve been watching the episodes of your new series and I believe it does indeed have potential. Albeit, first and foremost, you have to get the ratings so you can remain on air to continue learning, developing & growing in other areas.

    Tech & sci fi concepts are a HUGE draw for sci fi viewers, so I encourage you to place strong emphasis and focus on the details of this, in future episodes.

    #3 Cutting edge tech: Here are some do-able, inexpensive, but highly effective, suggestions: Mind controlled objects and direct human brain to brain interfacing. In the science world we call it BMI ( brain machine interfacing).
    It is currently a reality in tech but its imagined potentials, both healthy & destructive, are far from fully realized. If you’d like feel free to get in touch, via NewScience101 at gmail, and my science education team can fetch you some of the best cutting edge examples, currently in the works.

    Also evolving Artificial Intelligence is currently of great interest to many and if you’ve not yet seen the series 1 of the show “Humans” I strongly encourage you to watch, pay attention and develop more than a loose interest or hint of this. Your latest episode (where your Android character hints at possibly developing emotions) is a good start, but think deeper! Really get into it – Don’t just hint at it.

    Also you can tackle both # 3 & 4 on your check list at same time via the following:

    What if your android character(s) evolved and self adapted to have new technical abilities: I can think of some excellent concepts that have not been done before, that would fit nicely for Dark Matter, (but would neither want to spoil it for your viewers or cause any usage of concept/idea legalities), so again, feel free to email me and I’d be more than happy to sign any release forms and share those ideas, (free of charge, of course). 🙂

    Hint: Think along the lines of what some of the holographic characters had the technical ability to do on star trek NG & voyager, some of their individual episode story plots and blend it into your android/AI characters and progress those abilities 1-2 steps further.

    No matter what you decide,
    I strongly encourage you to look outside the box and have your androids and human characters do what has not been done before. Adapting elements and characters from previously beloved shows like Andromeda is good, but you are definitely going to need more than character development to continue growing / expanding your audience.

    I’ll be watching and looking forward to see what you & Paul come up with. 🙂

  20. He has a smoking hot talented thespian cozying up to him on a cold day, and he keeps his hands in his pockets. Ivon you are a gentleman.

  21. This so far was my favorite episode. I sure hope Akita can come back in Ryo/Four’s flashbacks in the future (maybe for more lessons when he was younger). One wonders if that bad guy didn’t appear behind the tree if One would have shot Three. Loved the scenes between Griffin & Das/The Kid. (Sorry I’m getting better on the character’s number designations but not fully there). Three’s crying to reading Charlotte’s Web was priceless. Was that the “classic” book that was eluded to earlier in the series. Can’t remember the episode off the top of my head. I need to sit down and watch all of the episodes again. I think it would help tie it all together for me since I’m feeling so fragmented as of late. I’m sure I would pick up on things I’ve missed. I wanted to pause on a lot of the episodes to look at things in more detail, but I think maybe I’ll try watching them on Syfy’s internet site so I can expand those scenes in my Surface.

  22. more examples of #3 & 4 in check list:

    There is a renewed / resumed interest in the science world in Phase Shifting:

    ( the ability to turn solid objects molecular then back again. In sci fi this is mostly done with humans so they can walk thru walls n such.

    It’s Always a crowd pleaser. 🙂

    Meta materials: objects and even whole rooms that morph shape and function.

    (The crew are traveling on a rather large hi tech ship. Perhaps your youngest character will jump into the vents one day, escaping some sort of immediate danger and takes a wrong turn to discover a new area/room. I wonder what she shall find there?? Cant hardly wait to find out!! 🙂

    #4 -concepts: I always seem to strongly recall and hold rather fond,
    alternate reality concepts/parallel dimension episodes of shows like Andromeda, star trek, The SG series, etc. Yes – Another crowd pleaser,
    (especially when alternate versions of characters appear).

    Albeit, this concept is not entirely explored to its fullest potential.

    Somehow I bet if you and Paul put your minds together you can merge your cloning idea with alternate dimensions concept and come up with something brilliant and new.

    Think along the lines of blending concepts to create hybrid concepts that are both familiar yet new ( not seen or done before)

    I’m rooting for you guys! Okay this science geek has spoken peace.

    Shutting up now!

    🙂 🙂 ~Best Wishes to you & The D.M team!~

    May success be yours for a long time to come, with lots of chocolate treats at the end of every work day for all and absolutely NO horrifying juice cleanses!
    Yuck!! Its rather obvious, You’re going to need lots of psycho therapy to rid you of such extreme masochistic tendencies, eh! You must learn to love and accept yourself just as you are, young man! LOL 🙂 🙂

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