While we’re no closer to settling on a name for Dark Matter fandom, we’ve got some pretty terrific candidates for the individual character fan groups.

Roll call!

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#FANDROIDS = Fans of The Raza’s whimsically endearing Android.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#SIXPACK/#6PACK = Fans of The Raza’s principled shuttle pilot.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#FIVEHIVE/#5HIVE = Fans of The Raza’s quirky tech monkey.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#FOURCLAN/#4CLAN = Fans of The Raza’s  detached but deadly royal.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#THREESCOMPANY/#3sCOMPANY = Fans of The Raza’s resident rogue.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#TWOCREW/#2CREW = Fans of The Raza’s kick-ass commander.

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

#ONESIES/#1SIES = Fans of The Raza’s principled warrior.

Artist Jon Hrubesch, whose artwork was just featured in Episode 108’s Transfer Transit sequence –

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

– left a comment on yesterday’s entry.  I followed up and had him send me links to the gorgeous works on display –

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

August 2, 2015: #darkmatter Fandom Roll Call!  The Art Of Jon Hrubesch!

Mighty spectacular, no?  You can check out more of Jon’s art here:


And, while we’re on the subject of eye candy, check out the work of our VFX team on Episode 108’s Vega5:

Finally, here a few more Dark Matter Episode 108 reviews for your perusal:


“Each episode moves the story forward while simultaneously shedding more light on each character and generating still more questions. This formula ensures attention levels do not wane and keeps the viewer guessing. Dark Matter is part of SyFy Friday and is great television that should not be missed.”


” And what’s more, how will this revelation affect the group dynamic going forward since they’re trying the whole no-secrets-and-lies thing? This should be good.”


“First up let me just say that I love everything about the cloning transporter system, it’s such a brilliant idea and one that is so wonderfully SciFi, just the concept of it is awesome enough so it’s brilliant to see it used to such an effect here. Also great was the strong focus on Six who for me is easily the most easy to connect with of the bunch which is largely down to him having the clearest and most compelling back story, at least so far.”

29 thoughts on “August 2, 2015: #DarkMatter fandom roll call! The art of Jon Hrubesch!

  1. I was a member of FOURCLAN from way back when Alex M. started tweeting about it. Also, it started out as THREEGANG, but I guess it got changed along the way – I still kind of prefer it though.

    I did notice the wall art during those sequences and was thinking how great it looked. It really adds to the atmosphere.

    I was wondering also about the Transfer Transit concept. Did you come up with it alone or did the idea evolve in the writers’ room? It really is a great and novel idea.

  2. Razanettes?

    Yeah…that’s all I got. 😛


  3. Good post. I love good sci fi art ☺ Where is the fandom naming discussion happening? Because if no one else has suggested it i would suggest “DarkMates” ☺

  4. Count me in as part of the #TwoCrew. She’s my favorite character. Very interested to see how she survived being bitten by the zombie. I do wish we had gotten to see the crew working more jobs though instead of just finding a bunch of money behind the locked door.

    Question: If the crew of the Raza are wanted criminals with their pictures/photos being broadcast all over “TV”, how is it that no one recognizes them when they dock at the space stations? Aside from the Doctor recognizing Six a few episodes back (mainly because the computer alerted him to the fact that Six was a criminal) no one seems to notice a gang of criminals among them despite Four and Six being pretty high-profile killers according to news reports of their deeds in their past lives.

  5. When are we gonna get more into the pasts of Two and the Android?
    And while I’m not interested in hook ups between the crew, I am curious to know if Two is strictly into guys or do women turn her head as well?

  6. Jon’s artwork is mighty spectacular, yes! His Gandalf on deviantart is wonderful. Some of it reminds me of book covers for Heinlein’s novels. It just has that feel about it. I should probably tell him that.

    Dark Matter gets curiouser and curiouser. That bombshell at the end opens up a whole new can of worms. I love the concept of traveling via clone. Don’t like what happens to the clones when they meet their end, but even that is a great idea. Very shocking, at least the first time,

    How about Dark Matterers? Enh, maybe not.

  7. Darn! I didn’t notice artist Jon Hrubesch’s artwork. I was too distracted by ONE in his underwear.

  8. Thanks for laying the groundwork of Transfer Transit back in Episode 4. It’s more fluid and believable when something like this is introduced long before it’s a key element of the story. It very rewarding watching a show that has it all planned out ahead of time.

  9. Do your ideas for scripts come naturally or was their training involved? Also, can we expect any kind of pets for the raza crew?

  10. Glowyzoey you did tell me as I just read your comment. I’m thrilled to be compared to Heinlein’s book cover art! Thank you so much. 🙂

  11. I really like how #fandroids rolls of the tongue but as a matter of possibly being copycats there is an android o/s news publication called phandroid.

  12. Hi Joe

    I’ve been using Raza Crew for the overall name of fans. I’m a member of lots of the groups as I like them all.

    Here’s some questions from an interview that fell through if you’re interested in answering yourself… Pick the ones you like ☺️:

    1. Judging from your blog posts, it seemed like the cast and crew of Dark Matter bonded quickly, much like the Stargate days. What did you do to achieve this?

    2. The show is heavily serialised. Do you think there’s a trend towards more serialised TV, as opposed to procedurals?

    3. Dark Matter is extremely well cast with strong performances from all of the main cast and an array of awesome guest stars throughout the season – David Hewlett, Wil Wheaton, Ruby Rose, Torri Higginson, Jessica Sipos, Ennis Esmer and Jon Cor. What were the performances that really stood out for you?
    (episodes or scenes)

    4. The production shot some days on location in Hamilton, Ontario. How did this compare to the forest locations near Vancouver during the Stargate days? Any bear or other wildlife stories?

    5. Cloning has become a reality on the show. It’s only been experimental in our lifetime but do you foresee it being used in other capacities?

    6. Name one surprising thing you learned about 2 members of the main cast on Dark Matter.

    7. Can you give one dialogue tease from an upcoming episode?

    8. What can fans do to give Dark Matter the best chance of a second season, apart from watching the show live? Is tweeting SyFy OK or is it better to write?

    Hugs for Lulu… Hope she gets a little better each day… I just booked a stress ECG…. they hook you up to a ECG machine while you’re on a treadmill. I’m unco-ordinated and treadmill is my least favourite exercise…. Should be interesting.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Hi Jon if you’re still reading, they’re among the most beautiful SciFi art I’ve ever seen… and I’m a Star Wars and Stargate fan…. Do you ever go to SciFi conventions?

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Oh and I’ve never heard anyone say twocrew or threescompany and I’ve never really liked onesies.. I thought it was 2BOSS and THREEGANG.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Ok so One/Three dynamics just went from haha-interesting to OMG-I-can’t-wait-to-see-what-happens-interesting. Will the issues between these two be resolved this season?

    Do we ship One&Four? Lol, I definitely enjoyed seeing them together in ep.8. Now that I remember, in episode one, the show’s very first pairings were: One+Four, Two+Five and Three+Six. Someone suggested that the the first parinig might be important? Is it? Does it hold a deeper significance?

    Why hasn’t Five told anyone about how she entered the Raza? Or has she and I missed it?

    A simple fandom name would be nice and easy :p I haven’t read all comments but I like the ones suggested by dasndanger. Razars sounds good to me.

  16. “The twists, turns and revelations come fast and furious as we pick up speed and hurtle through the back half of this season toward our big BIG season finale.” You bet gain.
    Ben là! on est tout mêlé !!

  17. Bambamfans thanks! I have not been to any conventions. The closest I have been to being at a convention is the Gencon this last weekend. KnA Games showed off the Space Movers board game there. I did most of the artwork for it and continue to do more with expansion card sets.

  18. The Scifi art is so beautiful! I’ll pay special attention when I see the show again.

    I like Das’s Razcallions. It reminds me of The Little Rascals.

    I saw that you are watching “The Fall”. I’ve been enjoying that show too. It’s hard to stop watching. Gillian Anderson’s another actress that is aging well.

    How are the ratings? Do they factor in DVRs?

    Any Lulu news?

  19. Yesterday, when you kind of suggested/alluded that Three’s fans didn’t have a name yet, I Tweeted Tony Lemke and asked if he had one. He asked for suggestions. ThreesCompany did not come up, and it’s too long – will take up too many characters. I suggested Boondockers, but now reject it for the same reason. Other suggestions were #threetroop #threecorps #threearmy. Of those, I like #ThreeCorps best.

    That artwork is spectacular! <3 🙂

    How is it that the clones that arrive on the other side of the galaxy have the identical correct clothing and shoes all laid out and ready, vs. some generic coveralls?

  20. I am pretty okay not having a fandom name. But I do like some of the individual names!

    Jon’s art is stunning – thanks for sharing! I’m obsessed with his Saturn piece.

  21. I wonder what happened last Friday. Dark Matter hit a series low for viewers(0.92 mill) but was the highest rated show in the 18-49(0.25) on Syfy. It beat Defiance and Killjoys. Being the highest rated show on a bad night for the network is always a plus lol. Hopefully it rebounds next week 🙂

  22. Also echoing what others have said, Jon’s artwork looks amazing, he has quite the talent.

  23. I watched episode 8 live, but since I only really check your blog at work, I’ll comment on this day’s blog post….

    Damn! Just, damn! Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said some big WTF moments were coming down the stretch. I have to admit, a small part of me thought you were just talking up your show to a small degree, but WOW was I wrong!

    That twist with ONE is absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to see how that’s all gonna play out!! I have to say, too, it’s a brilliant move to unfold multiple backgrounds at once right along with present-time curiosities and twists(a la TWO’s neck). I really have NO IDEA what to make of the crew, what’s truly going on, and how this group of people not only got on the ship, but even got together in the first place!

    And to think that you’ve stated multiple times that the biggest WTF moments are yet to come, especially in season finale……I’ve wiped away any and all of my own story expectations because if these curve balls keep coming, I’ll just be swatting at flies anyway.

    Excellent work so far, Joe. Can’t wait for the remaining episodes!!!

    -Mike A.

  24. I have a question for you. Why are you looking for a new agent? Isn’t an agent supposed to find you work? You already have a job, don’t you? Or is there something we Dark Matter fans should know?

  25. Fantastic artwork.

    In the UK iTunes have made Dark Matter available, currently up to episode 5.

  26. Since I’m not able to see the next episode untill next Tuesday(!) on @SyFyNL, I’m doing some reading over here.
    About the Dark Matter fandon name: why not look at it more in a scientific way? I know I don’t mind being called a WIMP. 🙂
    And seriously, nobody made up a name for the Hewlett fans?
    How about Ceckmates? Although I’m not sure how the name is spelled correctly? I see different versions on several websites, including your blog Joe. Tabor/Talbor Calceck/Calcheck?? Little help here please?

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