13 thoughts on “July 26, 2015: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day – Soda Edition! Celery Soda!

  1. And five more delicious flavors to come! 😀


    I chose a different selection of sodas for myself; a black licorice soda, a peach soda, an old-tyme medicine soda (think really old cough medicine), a tamarind soda, martian soda (I think I may have repeated that one with Joe), and a really sour green apple.

    My selections for Joe were more on the savory side…

  2. @ Sparrow_hawk – I’m guessing the answer to your question to JeffW and Barb is… “hell no!”. 🙂

  3. You really did not need to comment on the celery soda. Your expression pretty much said it all. Priceless. Though your ranking on the disgustometer was rather high I feel the urge to search out these selections and try them for myself. Of course I’ve been known to drink just about anything above sewer water at least once. I’ll find some really cheap booze to use as a chaser just in case. Alla salute!

  4. Soda selection reminds me of when back in the 70s there was a store called “pick a pop.” Can’t remember how many flavors they had but is was in the dozens. You would would fill a case of 24. I think I will continue to get my fresh source of yeast from my home brew, thank you. The chicken/krispy kream burger did look pretty good. Hot sauce love hot sauce but Hahaha. . Oh and fish sauce, actually Squid brand is some to the best. Great for Thai cooking. But never would I eat it on its own. I tried it on rice once like my house mate did; not good. ตลกมาก ๆ Very Funny !!

  5. the place to try a bunch of soft drinks/soda/pop without committing to a whole bottle is at the world of coca cola in atlanta. they have stuff from all over the world. avoid something called beverly, very nasty. although some may argue it’s not worth the $16.00 ($15.00 when i went in 2009) admission.

    BTW i think my fave WFPotD is the astronaut ice cream. manly for carl binder’s declaration that it was like eating a shoe, you then asking what flavor he had & he said shoe.

  6. Nestle are quite good with their chocolate flavors, especially with Kit Kat and Aeros. I tried the Blueberry Ice Cream flavored Aeros recently.

    Anyways unrelated. Just saw that Dark Matter Episode 5 got 1.99 million viewers and a 0.5 18-49 with the latest 7 day DVR figures.

  7. Does celery even have a taste? I always just thought of it as water and fibre. In any case, I imagine that pop is pretty gross.

    And oh yes, I remember the “nutritional” yeast. It tastes like dirty, sweaty socks. Or, um, at least what I imagine they would taste like. I’m still having bad flashbacks from that yeast! 🙂

    Oh, I’m home by the way. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!!

    Maybe some pictures tomorrow.


  8. The last one was the best. I have had nutritional yeast mac and cheese with my friend who brought some to a book club meeting. I politely ate it but did not ask for seconds.

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