Last night episode of Dark Matter was written by former Stargate creator/writer/director/executive producer/showrunner Robert C. Cooper.  Sure, he writes some pretty good scripts – but what he really excels at is making pizza…which Akemi, Ivon and I can confirm after having had dinner at his place the other night…

July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
Sing us a song you’re the pizza man! 
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
Make us a pizza tonight!
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
Well we’re all in the mood for some sausage and cheese!
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
And a crust that’s crispy and light!
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
Also a half dozen other varieties including this mushroom and cheese.
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
Oh and chocolatey dessert.
July 24, 2015: Pizza And Dark Matter!
With various ice creams no less!

So, yeah, thanks for last night’s episode.  But an especially big thanks for dinner!

So, what’d you think of last night’s episode of Dark Matter? Some of the online reviews…

“Kudos to Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer for their outstanding performances in tonight’s episode. The spotlight was on them, with Lemke getting the lion’s share of screen time, but they both amazed and amused. We got a level of depth from Lemke’s Three heretofore thought nonexistent, while Palmer’s android was simultaneously amusing and sympathetic. That’s one of the things I like most about Dark Matter – each actor has shined when the focus was on their character and every single one of them has done an outstanding job. ”

“Last week on Dark Matter we got a glimpse into the back story of Four, Five, and Six, and this week in “Episode Seven” Three takes the spotlight.”

“Episode Seven” reveals several enticing details about the ship and its crew, and it further explores by far the strongest theme of the show: are humans only what their experience makes them, or are they good or bad by nature?”

“This episode had a lot of the team working together as a team, as well as everyone being kind and respectful to each other, and as the world around them gets more hostile and they keep running into more and more of their past exploits that they don’t know to look our for, that teamwork will be useful.”

“The big metal door was finally opened in Dark Matter‘s seventh episode, unleashing a veritable Pandora’s box within the Raza. While their money troubles have finally come to an end, the consequence of opening it led to a devastating outcome for one member of the crew.”

I followed up both east and west coast screenings with more semi-disastrous post-show Periscope Q&A’s!  Sooner or later, I’m going to get this right!

East coast…

West coast…

Still awaiting Lulu’s test results.  Today, we bring her in for a B-12 shot!  Tomorrow, it’s cosmos and lunch at the Ivy!

23 thoughts on “July 24, 2015: Pizza and Dark Matter!

  1. LOVED last nights episode!

    Knocked it outa the park… I was totally taken by surprise to the layers of and depth of THREE and he is not just this self-absorbed ahole we have all started to love.

    It can NOT be easy to play an android but to find two women who can pull off performances like that… I was laughing out loud for real… I think all women need an Aussie setting! =)

    One has enough emotional baggage now to fill a suitcase and TWO well she just a bad girl no matter how you look at it!

    SIX, well I think he was laughing for real that wasn’t even acting he having WAY too much fun on set!

    Five, she (will always be Harmony to me!!! =) Love the new due girl!

    Great job Joe! Amazing stuff!!!

    PS what do we call THREE’s pulse rifle? Does it have a name? Think we need some weapons pics and breakdown soon for us prop junkies~!

  2. Both of those periscopes were pretty great, actually. We could see and hear you, you fielded a stream of questions, and we got plenty of answers. There was nothing disastrous about them at all.

    The only glitch I saw was the first one ended rather abruptly, but considering you’re broadcasting live to the entire planet using a device that fits in your pocket, it was pretty amazing. This is beyond Star Trek stuff we’re living with now, welcome to the future. (Apologies to Brad Paisley)

    Thank you for hosting these Q&A sessions and please thank Ivon for sitting in!

  3. Very good episode, not that they aren’t all good, but this was really good! My wife has little interest in scifi, but before last nights episode, I started with re-watching from episode 4 (got the series off itunes) and since my wife made it to the end of the internet, she decided to sit with me and watch… She stayed the whole time for 4,5 and 6. Then she was hooked as she had to watch 7 with me. Now we are both waiting to hear of Season Two!!! I did get onto Periscope, but I couldn’t hang since I have to get up at 04:24 for work. Thanks for making Friday nights exciting!!!

  4. Those pizzas look brilliant. I would bet that ice cream isn’t as good as my most recent creation, though – Single Malt Ice Cream with Candied Salted Pecans. (The pecans are really there to stop you inhaling the entire litre of Single Malt Ice Cream in one sitting.)

  5. I can’t look at that last picture of the bowl of…whatever…after your last e-mail. 😛


  6. Just finished episode 7 and it was great!! Well, except the sex part because I was secretly hoping that we’d discover that One was a virginal pupil of a Tibetan monk and had really spent his entire life in a remote mountaintop monastery, but alas, it’s not to be.

    Loved Jealousdroid.

    Nice to see a softer side of Three. Hubby was sad about the girl, but I told him it was bound to happen (because, ya know, sick love interest up and dies is pretty much a standard trope).

    Did I mention that I loved Jealousdroid?

    Really enjoying all the food moments. I think we now need one where they have to eat something absolutely terrible – like Klingon gagh.

    Thanks Joe & Co.! It was a lot of fun! 🙂

    Give Lulu a hug for me – but not toooo tight! 😉


  7. Those pizzas look so good! It is good to see Chef Robert C Cooper again. Does he already have any ideas for next season? He is so talented. How big are those pizzas that he makes? Dinner plate size? I’ll take an extra cheese one. Yum! Good to see Ivon helping you out with Periscope. It was very informative. You answered a lot of questions.

    It was an awesome show last night on Dark Matter. Did Ruby Rose do that roll back with her eyes all by herself or did she have help? Those “peanuts” she was wrapped in were pretty cool. How many more unopened boxes on the ship contain big surprises?

  8. We loved episode #107. It had humor, excitement, pathos (in a good way) and action. The show just keeps getting better and better! Ruby Rose was a delight as the Entertainment Model.

    The Android was wonderful – and was vindicated in the end! My daughter described her as a “kicked puppy” and wanted to give her a hug. Again.

    I liked that Three finally got some depth to his character, but that even his softer side is entirely consistent with his current, post-memory-erasure personality.

    I’m not sure how I feel about One and Three hooking up, but since both of them have been looking for love in all the wrong places up ‘ti now, it’s probably a good thing.

  9. Another excellent episode! Any ratings news yet? You would think after half of the season there would be some info about how the show is doing.

  10. I loved this episode. It’s definitely my favorite so far. Zoie killed it with the different accents. Anthony did a great job showing a different side to Three. I actually felt bad for him when he walked in and found that Sarah had died.

  11. Hi joe
    Sorry I haven’t been one the ball lately but between the pain and the happy pills (which don’t really work at relieving the pain) I am walking around as a half functioning zombie myself. I seem to be part of the small percentage of people who don’t cooperate with the political/medical system and go away 3 days after a knee replacement, with little pain. I have discovered nerves and pressure points in my entire left side, that keep singing to me in loud chorus at 2 in the morning every night, waking me up from my drugged sleep and forcing me to take more happy pills, just to get more sleep.

    However, the highlights of my current existence are a few sci fy shows, of which Dark Matter is one. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the understated acting and perfectly timed reaction of the android. Zoie Palmer shines every episode but she really nailed it this time. You have given the android feelings, making her more human in her confusion as she portrayed her emotions waking up. In fact, this whole episode showed the awakening of emotions amongst certain crew.

    I liked the comedy and totally expected one to show more confusion at the end by looking up at the crew and saying , “I’m pregnant” after his one night stand with the new android. But that would be too complicated and I like the uncomplicated way it finally did end.


  12. I wish there was a way of going back to edit… One and Android require capital letters, of course…

  13. That food look so good!

    rileyo: Candied Salted pecans, yum!

    Thanks for the Lulu update and I hope the vitamins give her a boost.

  14. One thing about Four that intrigues me since Episode One: he’s clearly Japanese, and in Japanese (as well as in Chinese), the word for “Four” (shi) is a homonym for the word for “death”. Was that intentional, and does Four acknowledge this?

  15. @Tim G

    There’s lot of ratings info about the show out there. I myself posted a fair bit recently on here about the Live+3/7 numbers as they’re quite good. But if you want a basic breakdown, the show is getting around 2 million viewers an episode when you look at the 7 day DVR viewing.

  16. Anyway it’s kinda crazy how quickly time passes. It’s hard to believe Dark Matters first season is almost over, with 6 episodes left to go. I myself would love to see your show renewed before the season finishes. 12 Monkeys was renewed a day before Episode 9 aired. I would love to see some good news for the Friday shows at some point, hopefully before the end of August 🙂

  17. I love to see Rob Coopers pizzas, they look so delicious!! and I always enjoy the episodes he writes,, yes its true I am a fan..

  18. Loved episode 7. Wendy was such a great character, extremely well acted. Zoie too was great, and hilarious with her subtle and not so subtle humor. Not a fan of the One/Two romance plot I’m afraid, perhaps it will grow on me though as it plays out. Three has been on the biggest journey for me, he was my least favourite character for the first couple of episodes, but since the space station ep he has grown to the point of being joint favourite character, along with the Android. Great work all around. Keeping fingers crossed tightly for season 2! 🙂

  19. Enjoyed the periscope video. I happened to read an article on the Web discussing 10 shows that ended before their time (sorry, SGU was not on the list). They did write about Twin Peaks and after the mysterious death revealed the second season a let down. Over the course of discussing the season you have mentioned “pealing back the onion” and revealing the secrets. With the desire to have a second season are you concerned about going too fast?

  20. I watched the episode again and enjoyed it as much if not more than the first time. I love the subtle humour as well as the crew learning that things go well if they support each other.

  21. I really like the back story into 3 and in the last two eps I have started to warm to him. When the android came out her zipper down and the accent, I was dying, totally awesome!.

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