If this is a taste of what San Diego Comic Con has in store for me, I’d best head back home right now.

Akemi and I were up at 6:00 a.m. this morning so that we could get to the airport well in advance of our fight’s departure.

As it turned, out well WELL in advance as our flight – like most flights today- was delayed.  In our case, by an hour and a half.

Finally, at 11:00 a.m., we were finally able to board..

July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!

And then told it would be another hour and ten minutes before we could leave…

July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!

Since there are, amazingly, no direct flights from Vancouver to San Diego, I estimated that we would be arriving in San Francisco just in time to see our connecting flight leave.  But, as it turned out, this mass United Airlines inconvenience worked in our favor here as our connecting flight was ALSO delayed by 90 minutes.

We eventually made it to San Diego and, after checking in, we headed out to dinner – my knee still aching from the painful position I’d fallen asleep in enroute from SF, my left ear still throbbing from the pressure change.  And that’s when I received an email from ADT Security informing me that my house alarm had been tripped and would I like the police to investigate?

By the time the police, my dog sitter who’d been out for dinner, and Ivon (who kindly offered to swing by my place and investigate) had checked it out, it was thirty minutes later and I was nursing a full-blown headache.  As it turns out, it was a false alarm – but my headache was past caring.

Following a throughly mediocre meal, we returned to the hotel – where I discovered these in my nightstand…

July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!

Not a good sign.

Also, the in-room air conditioning starts up with a sound akin to a rusty hamster wheel.  Or a robot hyena.

Still, I should consider myself fortune.  Because of the flight delays, poor Jodelle isn’t get in until after midnight while Anthony will, no doubt tonight, be enjoying the amenities of San Francisco’s finest airport hotel.

BIG DAY tomorrow!  Press!  That autograph session!  And our panel!

Autograph sessions at the Dark Horse Comics booth (2615):

Thursday at 5 p.m.

Friday at 3 p.m.

Dark Matter panel, Thursday night from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. in Room 6BCF

with Melissa O’Neil, Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke, Executive Producers Jay Firestone and Vanessa Piazza, and yours truly.

Finally, here are a few teasers ahead of Friday night’s all-new episode of Dark Matter:

July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!



July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!


And previewing Episode #107’s clash of the androids:

July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con!  Finally!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Seven” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)


Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular paloosa!

25 thoughts on “July 8, 2015: San Diego Comic Con! Finally!

  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear Joe. I had wondered if you would drive to Seattle and leave from there, considering the smoke problem in Vancouver.

    Ivon’s a good man. Don’t worry, between he and the dog-sitter your dogs and house will be fine.

    By the way the Dark Matter hashtag for Twitter for Comic Con is #DarkMatterSDCC. Hopefully there will be live tweeting. I checked with the IGN schedule and it seems like streaming starts Friday so they won’t be streaming the panel.

    Hope you can relax and enjoy the experience. All the best.

    Cheers, Chev

  2. It’s because of things like you’ve experienced that we head out on Sunday before the convention. Fortunately, we’ve never experienced the level of insanity you’ve obviously had to deal with today, but now that you’re here, hopefully we fans can help soothe the previous 24 hours’ misfortunes. I know it’s going to be a hectic couple of days, but it will be a positive kind of hectic. At least that’s my wish for you and everyone taking the time to be with the fans.

    I’m also happy to learn your house didn’t get stolen. It’d suck to go back home to a home that’s not there. Here’s hoping you get some rest. If you’re still having a bad day tomorrow, feel free to punch me in the head if it’ll help. This is official, written permission to do so.

    Here’s to better days!

  3. Welcome to “COACH”!

    BTW, a little flight advise that I learned long ago about DEPARTING San Diego POST CC… *DON’T* even think about leaving the Sunday night or especially ANY time on the MONDAY!! Not unless you enjoy the thought of camping out at the Airport! It’s MUCH less hectic on Tuesday…

    And, be GRATEFUL that you’re travelling within the SAME Time Zone. All points EAST are usually plagued with nasty weather fronts at this time of year!

    oh, and try some *real* aspirin for the ear if it’s still blocked… I always take half of one about a half hour before landing to reduce the fluid pressure in the middle ear [and to kill some of the pain!]

    Anyhoo, have FUN!!

  4. Ugh. At least you’re here. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay. I’ll try to get to the panel tonight, but I have no idea what the line is going to be like. Unfortunately, with things as they are, it’s either the autograph session or the panel, and I’m sticking with the panel.

    In the meantime, welcome back to San Diego! 🙂

  5. Well, you and Akemi are off to a great start. Not. Nowhere to go but up? Hope the rest of your Comicon experience goes swimmingly.

    @paloosa I’m so sorry your mom is not well. It’s so difficult when our parents become ill and infirm. Really big [[hugs]] and you are in my thoughts.

    @JeffW I missed a few entries and haven’t gone back far enough to read your comments about your dog. Have you tried MSM for the arthritis? You can buy it in health food stores/online. Some vets actually know about it but you could buy capsules, open them up and put some of the crystals in your pup’s drinking water. It does help, although it seems to depend on the severity of the arthritis. Maybe. If nothing else your dog will have a shiny coat and just be generally healthier, as it repairs things at a cellular level. You and Barb can take it too, just because. You’ll all have shinier coats! I’ve been using it every day for a while now, as I have arthritis and I definitely feel better while taking it than when I don’t. It’s sulfur and we all need that.

    I see the product PBMom linked you to has MSM in it. 🙂

    My cat went in for his dental recently. He has very few teeth left in his mouth and he’s only seven. The painkiller they gave him made him so affectionate. He rubs his face against me, the wall, the treadmill, the furniture, his brother and sisters… It’s hilarious. He loves everybody! lol

    @Joe As my work week usually begins on Saturdays I haven’t looked forward to Friday nights this much in years. Thanks for giving me something positive to start my week. I love Dark Matter. :))

  6. @Ponytail So glad to hear your mom is going home. Great news!

    @Joe I keep forgetting to ask how bad is the air in Vancouver from the fires? It gets pretty smoky here from the fires in Northern Saskatchewan and we’re almost at the Montana border. There aren’t any forests within hundreds of miles. It’s like most of Western Canada is burning up. Could it rain please? No lightning!

  7. Well, your trip has nowhere to go up up, right? If airlines would invest in more servers, they wouldn’t have these massive outages. Just switch on the back up servers!!!!

    You can celebrate this weekend Das. Hope there’s wine and chocolate!

    Prayers going to you Paloosa!

  8. yes that system “enhancement” at 0430z went well. The people working in YVR are really great people. The Tower personnel were A1 yesterday. Despite the delay looks like the flight was more comfortable than others. Hope today’s events work well and balance out yesterday’s experience.

  9. I would never tempt fate by saying that the worst has to be over. Still, I hope things only improve now that you’re in SD. The main thing is to try to look forward and have fun!

    Speaking of houses, there’s been a significant bump in the road in the construction of mine. The builders arbitrarily went and made a major change to the front of the house foundation to accommodate how the house is built into the hill. That would be fine, except it completely changes the look of the house, and they didn’t bother telling me a) that the change would be necessary or b) that they just went ahead and did it. So, still trying to figure out how that’s going to affect everything.

    On the upside, I did see this first thing this morning out the living room window of the house I’m renting:


  10. Good luck with Comic con Joe, I really hope your show ends up renewed. That said, I think it would perhaps be better off on another day. Friday at 10pm just makes people DVR Dark Matter. It’d be nice to see at least half of those DVR viewers watch live.

  11. @I’m also happy to learn your house didn’t get stolen.

    Lol they did that on The Simpsons(House of Horror if memory serves). That would be kinda funny though.

  12. If it’s not one thing, it’s a bunch. My lovebird, Bart, seems to be very under the weather the last couple of days. She is very sleepy and lethargic, although she is still eating okay. I’ve grown concerned enough today that I’ve made a vet appointment for tomorrow. I really hope it’s nothing serious, but she is 14 which is starting to get up there in age for a lovebird. Keep us in your thoughts!

  13. sorry about the headache, but if the beginning of the trip is difficult then it can only get better from here…right?

    Amazingly enough, I did hear back from someone with the Salt Lack City-Con team. I fwd’d you her email. My fingers are crossed.

  14. So sorry your transport to SD was awful, you had Akemi for sweet company — the bright side! I’ve never been to the west coast and unless I drive or take a train, I won’t be seeing it. Boo. But I bet meeting the fans will cheer you right up — begone old headache!

    Really enjoyed the ep 5 sneak peek with Tabor (David) and yes, that short clip was surely no Rodney McKay. He will be lots of fun to watch! After viewing the trailer for ep 4 tomorrow night, am looking forward to seeing that too, although not a zombie fan.

    To everyone here dealing with difficulties, you are all in my prayers. Hang tough.


  15. Joe, I can’t wait to hear all about your awesome, headache free, robot hyena-less, youthful knees, perfect hearing, no hamsters, only lots of fans and great panel discussion day!!!

  16. @PBMom and glowyzoey:

    Sorry for the lack of response. After a Route 66 trip in late June, I took my daughter up to her co-op job in Portland Oregon, and then Tuesday night, I left to drive back to Chicagoland. I put close to 6,200 miles on a rental car in 17 days (I put on 2,100 miles in just the last 48 hours driving back to Chicagoland).

    Needless to say, I’m a little road-weary, but in addition to all the travel, the WiFi access was a little sparse, so I’m just getting back to somewhat normal tonight.

    Thanks for the suggestions for our dog Lucy. I’ll look into those products this weekend and let you know how it goes.

  17. I hate traveling, especially airlines these days. That’s not too bad of a delay considering all that was going on. My client was due to leave Houston to LaGuardia. She didn’t know about the delays so I texted her. She was traveling with a baby, too. Her flight was 2-1/2 hours delayed, putting her into LaGuardia at 4:45 p.m. right before rush-hour traffic started in NYC. Not only am I a pet sitter, but I’m a weather monitor and flight tracker for my clients. LOL.

    I’m glad everything went well at the house. As a pet sitter, I find that house alarms are my nemesis. I make people go through a trial run with me at their meeting where I’m getting all their information, so we can see any oddities, like if I press the wrong button, etc. Before I did this, I was at someone’s house for 45 extra minutes because even the alarm company couldn’t figure out why the “instant on” was happening when I put in my code. We agreed that I would just not put in my code for leaving and just press stay or away depending on if the dog was let out to roam the house or in the enclosure. And you would think all alarms are the same? No! Even the ones that look the same– they are all different. Then combine that with the alarm pad being at the opposite end of the house (and some of these houses around here are HUGE), combine that with dogs or cats that like to escape and you have what I consider “mission difficult” although the mission impossible music can accompany the dance every time I’m over because it does in my head.

    I hope you enjoyed today (Thursday). Guess it is now Friday here and I’m headed to bed. I have an insane weekend coming up. Looking forward to your report and the reports of almost everyone who might be writing something up.

    @Gforce Adore that picture.

    @Glowyzoey 🙂 Sometimes my clients take my advice and sometimes not. And sometimes I learn something from my clients that I can take to my other clients, as it was in this case. I love my job. It is so rewarding (most of the time). The only time it’s not is when my clients move to another area or their pets have passed away.

  18. Hi Joe, I’ve been a (semi)-loyal reader for years now, but never posted. I just got home from your panel tonight. I’ve seen many panels throughout the yrs and the Dark Matter one tonight was one of the best! You all were interesting, funny, and appreciative of the fans. I loved it! (I was the one in the scooter in the second row, who asked about the dogs, and somehow totally cut you out of that picture with Roger.) Oops, lol. I hope to see you again tomorrow at the autograph session. I would love to chat with you.

    In case I don’t see you tomorrow, I want to tell you that after all these years reading your blog and sharing your life in print, I feel as though you’re family. Even though I never post, I know more about your life and feelings than I do my own family. When each of your dogs passed away, so did a little of me. I’d grown to love them as my own and grieved with you. I’m a real dog-lover so I see them as family members.

    So, basically I’m saying thank-you for sharing your life, family and love through the years with us, even we lurkers. You touch more people than you even think, considering the number of folks like me who don’t post. (BTW, I did stop reading for awhile, but came back because I actually missed you.) Crazy, isn’t it? lol


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